The broken are the most wicked.



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The b r o k e n are the most wicked.

They say that middle school is the worst, with kids going through puberty and their hormones are only just about to bloom. That certainly is true, though it isn't the worst. Not for Muse A. Middle school wasn't the greatest, and neither was High school. But College.. Oh how much College had changed Muse A. The parents were getting divorced, Muse A's heart was broken, and.. There was an accident, one particular little car crash that has caused the trouble for the already small enough family. The crash killed the youngest child, and injured Muse A severely. Accidents happen, they say. Things in life are meant to be. But Muse A thinks differently, knowing that if the crash had not killed the young child, and only he, everything wouldn't had turned out like the way it had become.

Everything was blamed on Muse A all up until he moved out and broke all contract with family and friends. Now with a simple life, and a past to haunt, everything seemed fine. All up until Muse B came in. Muse B is an apprentice, learning how things work at the Hospital. An apprentice to Muse A's physical therapist doctor. The first time the two saw each other, nothing seemed to happen. It was like any other meeting. The second time, something changed, something began to flutter in Muse A's stomach and it seemed to affect Muse B too. Everything turned upside down after the second meeting. Muse A was becoming obsessed, always eager to go his appointments and see the other- Talk to the other. That is, until Muse B finally has enough, and leaves. Muse B wasn't going to deal with some crazy, 'Crippled' person, no way. Something in his heart was telling him to stay, but Muse B just wasn't going to do it.

Muse A couldn't seem to handle the departure of the other. So he started looking for possible Hospitals the other would be, Muse A just knew that they couldn't be apart. They were fated to be together, and Muse B wasn't going to be able to stop that from happening. It was all until Muse A found out where the other went. Muse A was able to get a job there, even with his disability. The first day at the Hospital was easy, until night shift came around, which was the shift Muse B worked. Muse A was excited to finally see the other again, until seeing that Muse B had a partner- A make one at that. Oh how that made Muse A furious. Muse B was his.

He wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted. And that was Muse B.

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Hello! So here it is.. XD

I'm looking for-----
  1. Either a Dominant or Submissive- Preferably a switch?
  2. A paragraph or more within each post.
  3. Minimum grammar and spelling errors. Everyone makes them.
  4. At least a post a week, I'm a very slow replier myself so I understand if it takes my Partner a little bit to write up something.
  5. Someone who is willing to go back and forth giving out ideas and stuff.
  6. Character sheets are preferred.

So, that should be it. Bye bye <3​


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Are you still interested in a partner for this plot? Because I'm very interested!^^


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Are you still interested in a partner for this plot? Because I'm very interested!^^

Yes sir I am ~ ^^ Thank you for showing interest<3 If you wouldn't mind sending me a PM, we could begin to discuss whatever.. Well.. Whatever we need to discuss ^^;;
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