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    The thumping in your chest echoes in your ear. Smoke burns your eyes and fills your lungs. It all happened so fast. The sound of helicopters soaring overhead and then suddenly explosions blowing apart homes to splinters. Everything feels so distant, as if you're not truly here... just a ghost. But you are here, you feel the soft soil between your toes and the heat from the fires. You hear the distant howl of the Alpha. He is calling you to your feet to fight. All around you bursts of light break through the blanket of smoke signaling muzzle flashes. You know the danger of what is coming but you can not move. You scream at your limbs in a fruitless effort to get them to move, but you are like a stone stuck in the mud. Muffled screams of rage are shadowed by the splintering squeal of oak trees breaking under their own weight. The woods surrounding your village is a wash of flame and embers. In the madness of war you find yourself lost and alone. What became of your friends and family you do not know. Through the smoke you see the break of dawn, a stream of light pouring over the mountains onto the valley below. You feel its warmth wash over you, and a strange peace takes you.

    Plot: This RP takes place in the wilderness of Alaska with fictional cities doted around the landscape. Alaska is no longer an isolated place. Vampires in an attempt to flush out their rivals have utilized their wealth and influence to replace the untouched wilderness with cities. Alaska is now prosperous and man has flocked here in droves. Anchorage has grown to be one of the most populated cities in the world. Of course there are still many places in Alaska that a pack of lycans can hide. For years lycans have built towns and colonies all over this country in an attempt to hide in plain sight. One such village was home to a pack a lycans, which was discovered by mankind. As a result of their differences the pack was attacked and the village reduced to ash. Now with that being said I'm sure you have gathered that some battle has taken place if you read my intro. That battle is what marks the begging of this RP. Depending to your character and race will change how he views the event. As a rogue lycan you may only see smoke rising in the distance and chooses to ignore it. A vampire may be watching the battle itself safely at a distance. A human soldier may have participated in the slaughter. However a member of the pack will start out as a survivor. The Pack was attacked by humans without warning, they began killing as many as they could and capturing those to weak to flee. My character will be one of these survivors and as will yours. Most of the pack will be young children and teenagers. All the warriors, elders, and high ranking werewolves were killed or taken. The pack is leaderless and driven from their home, what the pack does now will be decided in the IC. As for the Humans your goal will be to harass the Werewolves wherever you find them, and for the vampires to harass both sides.

    Werewolves/Lycans (open)

    Lycans: You will find some myths and legends have some basic truth at its core. Lycans are one such example. The identity of the first lycan is unknown, however it is known that all lycans share a common ancestor. Centuries ago a human was born with a mutated gene, a step in evolution that set him apart from the rest of mankind. This mutation was passed on through his descendents and so on and so forth. As a lycan you will posses increased healing, strength, and endurance. Possibly there greatest ability lies in their unmatched senses and instincts. Lycans are not dependent upon the moon to change and neither are they weak to silver. A lycan may have increased healing but cause enough trauma and they will die. Lycans will have two stages of transformation. The first stage is that of an ordinary wolf. This allows them to blend in with their canine cousins very well. The second and final stage of their transformation is a bipedal beast. While in this stage the Lycan's abilities are greatly increased. Most have the outright strength to match even the strongest of vampires.

    Human Form: This is the original form of all lycans. An unturned lycan loses much if his abilities and strength, yet can still easily lift twice his/her body weight. Lycans must be cautious for the rate at which they heal is greatly reduced while they are unturned.

    Wolf Form: Lycans can take on the form of a wolf. Although they are slightly larger and stronger then their canine cousins one can hardly tell the difference. While in this form the Lycan further increases his/her physical strength in conjunction with their healing ability.

    Lycan Form: Lycans shifts into a savage bipedal creature larger and faster then the previous form. A Lycan in this form is at the peak of his abilities. Most prefer to remain in this form for as long as possible only shifting back into a human when the need arises. They are swift and agile seeing most attacks before they even happen.

    Please Note: If you choose to play as a werewolf/lycan then feel free to play as a rouge wolf or be apart of the pack. A rogue wolf however will be seen as an outsider to the others and thus will not be trusted. The path a rogue walks is a lonely one indeed.

    Vampires (open)

    Vampire: For as long as there have been werewolves so too has there been vampires. Perhaps centuries ago the first vampire and lycan were once siblings, but no one can say for sure. Some believe the first vampire was once a mortal man who dabbled in dark secrets and whispered to demons in order to gain immortality. All Vampires posses immortality and are led by the Elders. These Elders have lived longer then any of those that came before them, save for the First who would see them only as infants. The longer a vampire lives the more he feeds and thus the stronger he becomes. When a vampire feeds on a victim but allows them to live the victim will then turn into a vampire given enough time. Vampires can not give birth and so this is the only way they can spread, however the Elders have limited the number of vampires that can exist in the world at one time. The Elders have lived long lives and gathered wealth and power around them. Vampires have influenced mankind since the bronze age and are responsible for much of the worlds suffering. A vampire can posses two forms, but only the oldest and strongest of them gain a second form. The second form a vampire can take on is that of a large winged creature similar to a bat. A newly turned vampire must live for centuries and feed on tens of thousands of mortals in order to gain this power. Note that vampires are spread throughout the world and nearly all of them belong to a coven, and the coven is governed by a single Elder. One of these covens reside in Alaska. If you create a character that is a vampire then you will have to belong to a coven. Belmont Estate is the only coven residing in Alaska at the moment. Lord Belmont built his estate on Chinook island and with it moved his coven there to make it their primary feeding ground.​

    Humans (open)

    Humans: Humanity by far outnumbers the two other races but only a small number know of their existence. These few have devoted themselves to protecting the rest of humanity from the evil that can be brought about by anything that is not. Throughout the centuries they have safe guarded and guided mankind. Skip through a history book and their deeds will be there hidden behind great men, secret orders, and wars fought for justice and freedom. Over the years their name has changed but their goal has not. They have taken the name Seekers for the constantly seek a brighter future were the supernatural no longer exists. Seekers are privately funded by the worlds superpowers and thus have the very best equipment money can buy. The Seekers have three branches within their order, research and development, infantry, and specialists.

    Research and Development: Those who belong to this branch hardly ever see field work and are often times locked away behind lab doors. Currently they have gone through great efforts to study the biology of vampires and lycans. The most promising specimens are sent to labs to be torn apart by curious minds. This is for the greater good of course, as they say you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. Their goal is to somehow take the strengths of their supernatural rivals and implement it as a weapon to be used by their specialists. Due to their efforts they have started to create genetically engineered lycans strictly tailored to hunt down their counterparts. The vampire virus has been altered slightly to be administered to their infantry. Those that survive this treatment gain a large boost in physical strength and speed without a thirst for blood.

    Infantry: This branch is the back bone of the Seekers military might. Men and women are chosen from the best mercenaries and soldiers to join the ranks of the elites. Because of the foes they must face, these men and women must be fearless and heartless. In order for them to become what the Seekers demand applicants undergo rigorous training. Those that make it through this screening process are told the truth and given proof as evidence. They believe that they are above the laws of man and must do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of mankind, even if that means slaughtering innocent people who know too much. Some of these soldiers become test subjects themselves to further advances within the R&D branch.

    Specialist: Specialists are recruited from the infantry division and are experienced killers. The identity of these men and women are kept strictly confidential even amongst themselves. Each Specialist has a unique set of armor and helmet that completely covers the face. They are given a unique codename and number in order for them to communicate amongst each other. A specialist is a survivor from the R&D branch and posses an array of skills and abilities. Each specialist is unique and different from one another, some posses heightened senses, others super human strength. The basic fact is that a single specialist can stand toe to toe with a werewolf and survive. Due to the extremely low survivability rate of applicants experimented on by the R&D the exact number of Specialist is unknown, except by the three leaders of each branch.

    Character Sheets (open)

    Werewolves/Lycans (open)




    Appearance: (Please provide three pictures of your three forms, if you can not find a picture please leave a description.)


    Human Appearance:

    Wolf Appearance:

    Lycan Appearance:

    Bio/History: (Give a brief summary of why you're in Alaska if you choose to play as a rogue wolf)

    Abilities And Skills: (What type of skills does your character bring to the game, does he fight, is she a healer, or is he a carpenter, etc)


    Vampire (open)






    History: (If you're character is old as dirt keep is simple, no need to right a book here)




    Human (open)




    Appearance: (As a specialist you have the right to keep your sex and appearance discrete, Although you must have a picture of your armor or at the least a description.)


    Rank: (Standard US Army ranks, if you don't know them you can easily google it. Note Basic Infantry characters must have a rank below that of a Major. Specialists must have a rank between that of a Major to Brigadier General.)


    Equipment: (List all the weapons and gear you plan to use, be precise if you can)


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  2. Vampire

    Name: Delynnaria Delano

    Age: 24 (Appears 17)


    Gender: Female

    History: Born to a wealthy upper class family she enjoyed the great splendors of life throughout her young years. Growing up in a musical family she was taught how to play nearly all string instruments and took a firm liking to the Electric and Bass guitars. Her parents seeing her great interest found her a teacher and to their surprise she took to the instruments like none of the others she tried. Her teacher was Joe Satriani himself and she studied under him for several years learning to play all walks of guitars. She has prowess in the seven and 12 string guitars and began to form her own band in middle school. Around this same time she began to get into the sport of Lacrosse and soccer and played both through middle school but stuck to soccer when reaching High School. Her love of music and mortal beauty brought the males in her school close to her and though she never gave into any of them she kept them close as friends. It was through this musical path that she attracted the attention of the vampires that roamed in the forests near her town. She became well known in high school to all those within the area and her name was always filled with tales of her beauty and skill with music. At the end of her junior year she and a group of friends decided to go camping in the Alaskan Wilderness in an attempt to find the fabled 'Qiqirn'. Instead of the 'Qiqirn' the majority of the group found death and she.... Undeath.

    Abilities: Mastery of all string instruments. Fleet footed (Very fast on her feet). Can cause a Guitar to play like it is connected to an Amplifier. Knowledge of Martial Arts. Quick Thinker. Uncommon Compassion. Trained in first aid. Skilled Tracker and Hunter.

    Powers: Control of the Vibrations caused by her music, either it be by tapping, singing or even her playing an instrument. Through this control she can cause things to vibrate in sync with themselves and crumbled. The ability to use the vibrations to stun, Paralyze or even kill those she feels threaten her. Shields can be erected in front of herself or others to protect them but is limited by the distance the noise can be heard. Control over Currently Minor forms of electricity. She is experimenting and finding more ways to increase its power.

    Other: She is young compared to many of the vampires and its Naive to many of the things told to her. She has not fully accepted the fact that she was transformed and even holds resentment against the vampires she runs into. She holds great compassion for humans and the so called 'Enemy' of her 'People', the Werewolves. These differences have angered many a vampire but she has survived thanks to the power she controls from her transformation.