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  1. There's two neighboring towns, and the humans of one have a treaty with the nekos of the other. If they each follow the rules of the town, then they would coexist peacefully... But what happens when a young neko is accused of stealing? Can she, with the help of a human friend, regain peace?

    Corsi walked along cautiously, her head turned down. She had been thrown out of her home because of a fire and now, hoping to find a job in the human town, felt scared. She'd never really had someone to trust or rely on since she never met her father and her mother died during her birth, and the people of her down didn't accept her because of this. She paused outside a fruit stand, gently picking up a small Apple. She stared at it a long moment and stuck it in one pocket, reaching in her other for money..
    "STOP RIGHT THERE, THIEF!" She heard loudly. She turned. "I wasn't-" before she could defend herself, the man struck her hard across the cheek with a fist. She dropped the apple as she fell to the ground, tears in her eyes and a little blood on her cheek where it split. "s-sir-" again, she was interrupted.
    "I'm reporting this to the authorities..." He smirked. "I've always hated your kind.. Now with a treaty violation, we can exterminate you!" He spit at her and turned, marching off. She felt like crying... What had just happened?! Her face hurt a lot as she slowly climbed to her feet. Turning, she started walking away from the scene, ignoring people's whispers. She rubbed her eyes, trying not to cry. By doing this, she didn't see a man walk in front of her... "I'm sorry!" She squeaked as she bumped into the man, almost knocking her back to the ground. She was fast, but strength was not her forte. "P-please.. Don't hurt me.." She whimpered, taking a step back, tears starting to stream down her face.
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  2. It was mid afternoon as Julian stepped out of his small house for a walk. He had just been fired from his new job and wanted to look around for a new one, which he hopped would be better than the last. With no college diploma he knew he wouldn't get far in a job, but one can hope. He started is walk lost in thought as he passed through the bustling streets of Jackson vile stopping every now and then to buy some food. One place caught his eye though he wondered why.

    It was an astrology shop. He did love astrology so, after a bit of mulling it over, he decided to go in. Just as he stepped forward though he felt someone bump into him. Turning around he found an albino neko behind him covered in dirt and with blood running down her cheek. She whimpered for him to not hurt her. Confused he said, "I'm not going to hurt you."

    He wanted to know who hurt her right then and there, so looking around he tried to find the culprit only to see a angry man stomping toward them. Looking down at the girl he noticed fear in her eye's as she looked upon the angry man. "Is he who hurt you?" Julian questioned.
  3. Corsi flipped around, taking a couple of steps away from the man. He'd followed her? She looked back up at the guy she'd bumped into and nodded weakly.

    Corsi squeaked, ducking away as the man tried to grab her. She hid behind the man she bumped into, praying he'd try and save her.. At least try... She'd always been told humans were bad people, that only the treaty kept them safe, but she wasn't so sure.

    "I'll have your head on the wall and the treaty in pieces!" The man growled. "Petty thief!"

    Corsi wondered if the treaty could actually be broken by thievery... She knew it was strict about rules.. She shook her head. "I D-didn't steal!" She pleaded softly.

    "Lies." The man glared. "Excuse me sir, I have to take her in." He said as he straightened, looking at the man Corsi had taken shelter behind.
  4. Julian watched as the angry man, who he now recognized as Jared the apple sales man, try to grab at the girl only for her to hide behind me. He watched them argue about her stealing and came to the conclusion that the girl was innocent. Julian was shocked with how this girl was being treated. Of course he wanted to help but he wasn't quite sure how. Then it came to him. "I'm sorry sir but, I can't allow that. She may have stolen but, she needs a fair trial before she can be confined." Julian reasoned with the man hoping that would be enough to convince him.
  5. The man's eyes narrowed. "A trial?" He growled. He was about to rebuke the idea when he realized the man was right. "Fine. I will report this to the authorities." He glared back at her. "And you will pay. One way or another." He turned and stalked off towards the police office.

    Corsi was shaking, mostly from fear. She took a step away from the young man who'd protected her. "S-sorry.." She squeaked, rubbing her eyes. She heard people behind her whispering and wrapped her arms tighter around her. She wore black jeans, tennis shoes, and a grey t-shirt. She had a red blanket that she held, almost like a jacket, and she pulled it over her head, looking down. "I-I'm sorry..." She felt like running, but couldn't get her feet to move.
  6. As Julian watched the man retreating back before turning to the small girl behind him. He was about to tell her everything was fine when he heard the whispers. Instantly Julian wanted to shout for them to stop but, knew the might scare the neko even more. Julian looked at the neko only for her to squeaked an apology and hid under her hood. "You did nothing wrong. I can tell you would never steal."

    Bending down to look her in the eyes he asked, "Would you like to stay with me?"
  7. Corsi stared at the man for a few minutes before slowly nodding her head. She felt like her chest was constricting and it was hard to breathe.. She was panicking! The thought only made it worse and she looked down, taking a few shallow breaths. "C-can we G-get.. G-get out o-of the st-streets?" She barely whispered, looking up at him as she took a slight step closer. He was the only one she could trust at the moment, and she hoped that in of itself wasn't a mistake.
  8. Julian looked at the girl in front of him. He couldn't help but feel pity for her. Possibly her first day around humans and it goes badly. The poor girl must be scared. Julian heard her whisper about getting out of the streets and realized people where still starring. Taking the girls hand I began to walk to my house. Taking the back way was easier as there weren't many people to scare the girl. Stopping in front of my house I quickly unlocked the door before ushering the girl inside. As I took a seat on one of the reclining chairs I asked, "If you don't mind me asking what's your name and how did you get into this mess?"
  9. Feeling him take her hand, Corsi followed close behind him, holding the blanket with one hand and his hand with the other. She kept her head down. When they reached his house, she hesitantly stepped in, looking around before her eyes followed him. After a moment, she sat down basically in the middle of the floor, hugging her knees and resting her head on them, looking around. "You can call me Corsi.." She said quietly. "I Uhm..." She looked down. How was she going to explain this? "I kinda got outcasted..." She mumbled, hugging her knees tighter. "But it wasn't really my fault.." She added quietly. She still felt shaky, hiding her face against her knees.
  10. Julian didn't quite know what to say. He only wondered why anyone would outcast there own kind. It was like a human casting there only child out into the woods, letting it survive on it's own. How cruel can someone be? "Why were you outcasted?" Julian asked.
  11. She fidgeted. "Uhm.. Well... My uh... My parents passed away.. And I kinda... I guess I made some people mad.. When I was little.. And people didn't like me and said I.. I was useless." Corsi rested her head on her knees, looking at the floor. "They didn't like me and wouldn't help me.. So I left.. I didn't know people here would be mean too.." She rubbed her eye, gasping, a little surprised as she realized her cheek was still bleeding a little from being hit. She gently touched it, assessing the damage. Seeing it was just bruised with a small split in the skin, she relaxed.
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