INTEREST CHECK The Breaking Point

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  1. The concept of this rp is the United States government has pushed it's citizens to the breaking point, with it's people desperate and word of a resistence group spreading people begin to flock together in protest of the government. The streets become filled with rioters, congress is a mess as they try to find some way to control the masses, the president is moved to a secret bunker. With no other options martail law is declared, soldiers flood the streets, with protestors refusing to calm the soldiers begin to open fire. Months later martial law is still in effect, the streets are patroled by tanks and check points are set up on every other corner. With hope beginning to fade the government starts to impose new laws in order to prevent such a thing from happening again. Five years later United States citizens have been stripped of all but the most basic rights, martial law has been lifted and the check points gone. For the most part everything has returned to normal. With the anniversery of the revolution approaching whispers are exchanged of the rumored resistence group that never surfaced, some people still believe they are out their watching, preparing for another revolution exchanging information for the perfect time to strike...

    this is both an intrest check and working on refining the plot
  2. also I did say it was the United States government but this rp will not be historically accurate and will be an alternate world rp president are different some wars never happened this world is at a complete tangent from ours