The Brains and the Fighter (private)

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  1. The Brains (open)

    Name : Dashia Stark
    Age : 28
    Parents : enchantress and Tony Stark
    Head of security in the School
    -Much smarter then the father she has and ace with Norse myths
    -Amazing at advanced technical design and making of things
    -Understands how many things come to be and understands simple things
    She has a good hold over elemental magic, fire, metal, light and Darkness as well.
    She can bring things she create to life (limited to an hour)
    - She can't fight without her suite like a pro but know a lot of fighting but isn't the best
    -She is unable to understand things from other worlds and how they do things
    -Her magic drains her enegery


    Careful, go lucky, sweet and docile but if you ever mess with her friends or her suite your in for the most nasty surpise of a life time because she can be a ball of fire that burns your very soul with fear. She is the only person of the school that doesn't belive that everyones power has a dark side because she once had it and it didn't come through to her.

    Other creations

    Her Suite
    Statue outside of school she made (can bring it to life for five minutes)



    Dashia walked through the world of school she had a good hold on she was Responseable for all the kids safty that came here as well as helping them our as a tutor. She smiles as she walked through the halls and came to the court yeard where the wind blew happily across the sky and now she needed was the new guybto arrive. Hearing the Arrival car she walked out to the large front of the school. she laughed watching as kids ran past her but all look at her with great respect for what she did for them as well as Jarvis but he often stayed in the security station in the middle of the school no students ever got in unless Dashia allowed them into it. She smiles walking over to the man and held out a hand.

    "welcome to Virgnia's school for the Hero's, You are the son of black widow and dare devil I know of you thats for sure. Well anyway to show you around the place. Please fallow me, you may call me head of Security Agent Dashia. Over see all the students safty in the school. Now lets show you to the main building and dorms" she smiles as she turned and walked that way slowly a smile on her face. her footsteps light and swift footed , the famous Dashia stark said to be the best of tech and math when it came to the school main school classes.
  2. Alexander sat on the bus as it slowly drove to the new school he was supposed to visit, the bus shook slightly as it hit a bump here and there making him wake up just before they arrived. He rubbed his eyes once and was now looking out the window of the bus, the place looked fairly large but he was sure in himself that he would cope with school quite well although anything with numbers made him shudder. The bus came to a stop outside of the school and the students on the bus including himself slowly climbed off it... Alexander looked around his typical mask still on his face and covering much of it while below he wore a hoodie that had it's hood over his head, large army pants and oakley combat boots, on his hand he had mechanix tactical gloves which made it quite clear that he was prepared for any situation if something would arise. As he was looking around he was approached by a girl, at first he didn't recognize the girl but then as he took another careful look established that it was Starks daughter, his mother and Stark worked together some time ago but he still didn't trust that man, he was too loose "I have yet to step through the school gates but you know my parents and I believe you know my name as well." he chuckled softly at her as she took no time to stop and talk with him "Alright, lead the way Security Agent Dashia." he said with a chuckle to his voice and continued after the girl.
  3. Dashia just smiles and nodded slowly as she walked through the lrage parking lot smiling to herself and walked into the main school eneterance and stopped "Alright infront of us here is Main enterance. The large glass pannel you see that raises up a few floors is the Security Tower, Head of commincations J.A.R.V.I.S is up there now to make sure nothing is wrong with the school. Also to the left is the Main office, then the left is the Detention center. But lets get you to the main stream classes you shall take first year here" walked around and showed him to where each class was and walked down into the basement the heat of the mechanic's class was intense but not burning "this is mechanics class. I speicalize in the class and will be a aid at times or teach" smiles as she then leads him toward the gym. She couldn't help but smile to herself.
  4. He was continuing to be impressed by the building itself, although he cared not much for such things it was a truly impressive thing. He looked at her as she talked and explained to him where everything is "Mechanics class? Oh, no..." he said with a chuckle to his voice knowing that he would be miserable with that subject "I know so little about any classes with numbers its not even funny. I wish I could just skip those things, they are not doing my any good anyway." he said as he continued his chuckle then turned to her, he then followed along as she took him to the gym... the gym was fairly large he must admit and it was a thing he was good at... He didn't excel to much at normal sports but combat sports and martial arts were his thing "How nice a place where I can excel at." he said chuckling at the girl.
  5. "hopefully you don't kill anyone here as the school has no tolorance for hurting others to a dangerous extent." she said boredly eyes looking at the kids play today Hero and Villian Simulation "I always liked that game alot of fun and makes you work together as a team, strange things will happen each time you play it and its never the same thing. But Gym and powers class 101 is the ONLY classes powers are allowed in. Any other class you receive a detention without if ands or buts. " She smiles slightly and her eyes looked at him "But i am sure you will not get into any trouble what so ever" muses jokingly then took him to the dorms to the guy dorms "the guys and girls stay in different dorms if a girl is ever in a guys dorm you leave that door open" mutters and chuckled "no guy goes into my dorm and i like it that way too much tech for them to understand" muses and took the guy to the thrird floor and to his room "and this is the room they said you would be in."
  6. He nodded slightly at her under his mask a smirk had formed, he wasn't going to hurt anyone unless attacked first then he would have no problem bashing their skulls in the wall he thought while he looked at the girl through his mask, the smirk had now vanished and a grin had taken it's place as the thoughts of 'hurting' someone were brought up. He nodded at her again that was bit easier since he didn't have no special power except from what he learned throughout his life and a few gene things he had taken from his mother and father "Understood, I don't think I will encounter that kind of problem anytime soon." he said as another grin had formed on his face. He looked at her and smiled "Aww, no mixed dorms? That's too bad." he said with a chuckled as he then saw the woman moving again and followed after her. As she led him to his room he smiled and tossed his duffle bag on the bed "Alright, I guess it's alright." he said smiling under his mask.
  7. "Good to hear now. Get settled in and your first class is math in about twenty minutes" said slowly as she said and streached and looked back at him "also school doesn't allow masks to be used unless in Powers class or Gym so you will have to take it off while in school" said slowly and turning walked off back to the main building a smile on her face eyes closed gently.
  8. Shit... thought Alexander I hate numbers as he heard the girl mention math first class, he then looked around before looking back at her "Sorry but the masks stays, I would abide by school rules but I am not taking my mask off." he said as a glare formed on his face, he didn't care about the mask rule he wasn't taking it off no matter what. He watched her as she left and then closed the door behind her, he pulled out a phone from his pocket and with a few simple presses he was ringing to someone "It's me, I arrived at the school. I will want my items sorted during the incoming week, I don't want to be left without them so I would advise you to take care of it before anything else. I will see you then. Bye." he said and with a simple press he ended the call and put his phone back in his pocket. He looked around and tossed his bag in a closet he then took a notepad he had and a pen and began walking to class, as he arrived there he saw not many students were gathered must be still early he thought as he sat down in the back of the class and placed his notepad in-front of him along with the pen waiting for the teacher to arrive.
  9. The teacher came in and without starting and making sure they understood a thing it was time to take a test to see where everyone was. The test would last an hour and then the bell rang and tests where turned in. The teacher scored them then called up Dashia and the girl nodded from the next class the man had mechanics. She taught and she waited for everyone to come in as she sat on her desk and her eyes looked at everything.
  10. He looked at the teacher with a dumb look on his face, as much as he tried to answer the questions he failed miserably... he managed to get a few right but a few was just not enough. He walked out of the class shaking his head "What a dumb class, first time here already a test." he said as he then walked to the net class, as he walked in the mechanics class he noticed the girl that was showing him around previously was teaching this class, how interesting but expected of Stark's daughter. He sat down and tossed the notepad and pan on the table, banging his mask against the desk and waiting for the teacher to start teaching.
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