The boy princess

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  1. I'm not 100% sure how this plot will go. I want it to be dark- always- but at the same time I want a romance. I dunno bro.

    So I was reading a manga called the boy princess where a princess is arranged to be married but runs off with a stable hand two days before she is supposed to leave. The eldest prince decides to send his youngest brother- the runt- disguised as the princess. He is to try and fool the prince of the kingdom so that the marriage and following treaty ensue.

    I love this. I want to have the neighboring Prince be gay. A little feisty. A warrior of sorts. But he is a closet gay and as next in line to the throne many thibgs are on the line for him. He hates that he has to marry a woman... Whom he can never truly he intimate with.

    Not sure which I would play. Just wanted to see if there was interest
  2. This sounds pretty good actually
  3. Which character would you want to play?
  4. I would love to be the prince who got send in.
  5. Sweet pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.