The Book of You

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    What would you name the autobiography of your life?
  2. The Half Filled Kettle.
  3. You Haven't Seen Anything Yet
  4. Dear Journal: My life and the Stories I lived
  5. How One Girl Tried and Failed Repeatedly Forever

    No, I'm kidding... sorta.
  6. Fatal Rendezvous.

  7. A Girl Named Murphy
  8. Blake Pepper: How Staying Positive Kept Me Alive
  9. Forever 14.

    And I don't really want to explain why beyond that being a pivotal age for me. t____t
  10. A Life at Random. I often used to blurt out topics of conversation only to get the response, "Well, that was random."
  11. The Words Unspoken: A journey of kicking stones and refusing to stop fighting.
  12. This Girl Went Nowhere and Did Nothing: A story of being ordinary
  13. Kaleidoscope
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  14. Sleeping around: The drunk 'Eddy Haskell'
  15. Inept Adept