The Bodyguard and his Royalty

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  1. [​IMG]" Sebastian Tomas Herric come forward". The old man had called from his chambers and Bash had come forward as requested. " Sir". Sebastian bowed his head briefly before looking towards Talon the ex head knight of the house and his father. " It seems that the king and queen have a new task at hand that requires your hmmm.. expertise. Rumors have spread quickly that there is word for the young lady's head. We do not know exactly who wants her dead but whoever it wants to jeopardize not only the house but the kingdom as well. Sebastian eyed his father nodding his head. " I completely understand the situation and I will put my life on the line to protect the next queen of this kingdom.

    Talon seemed pleased by the response and walked over placing his hand on Sebastian's shoulder. " I couldn't have asked for a better son". Bash's lips quirked up into a half smile before he dismissed himself and left his father's chambers. There was guards everywhere and he felt their prying eyes on him. Word must of got out that he would be the lady's head guard to keep her safe. Now he had to view everyone as a possible assassin. The first attempt on her life was weak to test the waters. Someone had tried to shoot an arrow at her during the banquet but they missed and killed a innocent commoner.

    Sebastian entered the main hall adjusting his shirt as he stood next to his dear friend Patrick. " Any news on the lady Bash?".
    " Aye, they said that she's a little shaken up by the who assassination attempt and I am to watch over her until they find this person.".
    " Hmm well fine job the king gave you, you are one of the best and he trusts you with her life. Such a fine honor".
    Sebastian nodded his head in agreement. Ever since he was a boy the king had his eye on him, giving him extra sparring lessons and let him roam around the castle with his daughter. " My friend I shall speak to you soon, I must meet with the lady". He headed down the hall and the up the stairs to the young lady's room where her servants were. He greeted them before knocking on her door. " M'lady it is me Sebastian".
  2. Liliana had been sitting there with her friends at the banquet having a good time. They laughed and smile enjoying themselves before a arrow came and hit a commoner on her other side. She screamed crying panicking and stood with everyone and was rushed to safety.

    Her father order the guards to look for the person and sent for someone to get Sebastian to be her protector. He wanted his daughter safe and knew Sebastian could. "Find out who tried to kill my daughter and bring them to me" he told a guard nearby.

    Her mother went to her room and had her lay down as lily was shaking scared. She lay on her bed a cold rag on her head tears falling and her mother left to get her some tea to calm her. Lily heard sensation and stood. Shakily she walk to the door and open it tears falling look at Sebastian, "please come in" she manage to whisper and let him in hug herself as she sat on her bed.
  3. Sebastian waited outside the door until he heard the door click and open. Lily's face was drenched in tears and he felt bad that she was so helpless to the situation. He bowed his in her presence before walking in and closing the door behind him. There were guards all on the floor and outside her room for double protection. He commended the king and queen for doing the necessary to keep Lily safe. He watched as she sat back down on her bed. Sebastian looked around the room walking over to the windows to make sure that they hadn't been tampered with then he walked into her bathroom and finally returned to the lady's presence.

    The task that was at hand would definitely be tricky. They were in a castle with many people and anyone of them could be the one trying to kill her. He wasn't even sure it was just one person. Sebastian clicked his tongue against his mouth before eyeing the princess. " M'lady I truly am sorry that such a thing would have to happen to you but i assure you I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, even at the cost of my own life". From the time he was little he knew that he would grow up having to do something big to help the royal family. He fought with will and no fear of death for if it happened he was content that he would die for his kingdom.

    Sebastian cleared his throat before handing Lily some tissues to wipe her face with. " If there is anything that you may need please feel free to ask". The only thing that he wanted to do now was find the person responsible for the attempt and deal with him himself. The only reason that he could think someone would want to kill the princess was because she was of age and then king was ready to have her married to a man of another kingdom named Silas. Whatever the reason was he would put an end to it at once.
  4. Lily watch him go and check the window. She sniffle and hug her knees felt little better knowing he is the one protecting her. She always trusted Sebastian and felt out of all the guards he was the one that would be perfect to protect her. She watch him return to her presence and listen to him speak.

    "Thank you. Call me lily please. I'm sure I don't look like a lady with my eyes red with tears and everything" she whisper looking at him. She took the tissues and wipe her eyes and look in his eyes. "Please don't risk your life for me. I wouldn't wish anyone to die on my behalf" she said softly

    "Who did this?" She ask stood and went to the window looking out. "It was suppose to be a banquet to hopefully find a guy that I could fall in love with so I can choose who to marry. Not have to be force to marry this other man. Who would do this try and kill me? I'm not mean, I care about people" she whisper softly tears fell upset
  5. Sebastian nodded his head. " Yes M'lady, er I mean Lily". It was still new to him calling her by her name. He has only called the princess by her name when they were younger and he didn't care much of who she was to the kingdom, to him at the time she was a kind girl that liked running around the castle with him and get into all sorts of trouble. Once the room was fully inspected there was a knock on the door and Sebastian walked over to answer it. " State your name and purpose". There was a brief pause before the person spoke. " It's Annabelle and Lola, Lily's friends we have come to check up on her and make sure she's okay". Sebastian opened the door letting the two girls in and then looked over at the lady. " I will take my leave, there are guards right outside just call out".

    After leaving the room Bash let the guards know to keep a listen out for the princess and then he headed outside to the sparring that was going on in the nearby field. Patrick was among some of the men that was sparring and he watched as he took a fellow sparring man down. The king who was guarded by his most trust men looked pleased at the match and Sebastian approached the king bowing his head in respect. " Your Lord, I have come to tell you that I am thankful that you would put me to such a task. I will do everything to protect your daughter and kill the assassin myself".

    The king nodded his head and smiled patting Sebastian's shoulder. " My son, I thank you, you have shown me true bravery over the years is nothing but commendable and I wouldn't have asked for a better solider Sebastian". He nodded and then smiled somewhat before walking over to Patrick. " Would you care to spar dear friend or are you afraid of loosing in front of our king. Patrick laughed aiming his sword. " No my friend it is you who shall loose".
  6. Lily back up on her bed scared as she heard someone knock. She watch Sebastian walk over glad she has him. She remember as a child they always had fun. She was glad he stayed here and is now her guard.

    Hearing it her friends she got up and hug them happy. "Lola Annabelle I'm so glad it you" she cried happy

    "So are we" they all sat on the bed. "You okay? Please know were here for you. We may not be guards but we will protect you" Annabelle said softly. "I know. I just it scary but I'm glad Sebastian is here. He is the only one I trust to protect me" lily hug her knees sniffle. "He is cute well handsome I should say" Lola giggle softly.
    "How you feel about the arrange marriage?" Annabelle ask softly
    Lily sigh and got up. She walk to stand on balcony watching Sebastian and Patrick. "I don't like it. My heart belong to someone else. How can I marry someone I never met?" She ask softly sat on the chairs outside on balcony.
    Annabelle and Lola sat next to her.

    "You can't. Follow your heart fight your father. Your his only child he will listen" Annabelle said softly and lily put head on shoulder.
    "I hope so. My heart belong to one person I just don't think he feel the same" she whisper sadly watching Sebastian.
  7. Sebastian sparred with Patrick testing his skills that he had honed over the years. Patrick was only one year older than Sebastian and loved to rub that in every second that he got. Of course Bash one the spar hands down pleasing the king who was also pleased with Patrick as well. They both bowed and watched as the king and queen walked off and back into the castle to tend to other matters at hand. Talon was of nearby watching and keeping an eye out for strange activities.

    Bash lifted his head towards the princess room to see that she was looking down at him. He thought that Lily was very beautiful but she was the king's daughter and was supposed to be getting married within the next two to three weeks and there was no doubt that the king would try to push it so that the princess would be safe. The King was growing ill and his son was about to be crowned King. He smiled up at Lily briefly before heading back over to Patrick.

    " Well I say we parade the halls and find a few lovely faces to accompany us aye?". Sebastian chuckled as he followed Patrick back into the castle and off to catch two young woman who batted their lashes and followed Patrick as he made his way back to Sebastian. " Well shall we show these loveys a wonderful time?". Bash simply nodded not wanting to let his friend down and he needed to have some fun one in awhile but he knew it wouldn't be long because he would have to go off and check on Lily.
  8. Lily saw him see her and smile softly down at him. She went and lay on her bed talking with her friends.

    "I don't think bash would be good for you. He with Patrick hanging out wise and I hear they entertain women" Lola said softly. Lily nodded "I know I hear that to. I do like him I want to be with him but it obvious he doesn't care and goes off to be with other women like Patrick. " she said sadly. Tears fell hurt and scared just having a bad day. She close her eyes and fell asleep as Annabelle and Lola talk while stroking her hair.

    When Sebastian came to check Lola answer the door. "She is fine. So you go and entertain women? Not like I care but I know someone who is hurt by that and I think I pretty crappy of you to do that not only to the women but to a special girl who is trying to get you to notice her but instead you turn your head the other way" she said not happy with I'm hurting her bestfriend.
  9. Sebastian walked around the halls with Patrick as the two women followed laughing and talking. He listened to his friend ramble on about how many men he's slain and the heroic things that he did. Patrick was twenty-two , young and full of adventure. He let nothing stop him and lived for the thrill. Bash was twenty one and lived for the thrill as well he just didn't go around parading it with as many woman as possible. Looking up at the clock eventually Sebastian dismissed himself and then headed back up to Lily's room.

    When her friend Lola answered the door he have a light smile which quickly faded as she spoke."She is fine. So you go and entertain women? Not like I care but I know someone who is hurt by that and I think I pretty crappy of you to do that not only to the women but to a special girl who is trying to get you to notice her but instead you turn your head the other way". Sebastian raised his eyebrow and then sighed looking over her friend and towards Lily.

    He liked her a lot but he didn't want to defy the kings wishes and have her married. Of course he wanted to do everything he could to prevent it but he could only do so much. " Look can I talk to Lily, alone". Bash watched as her friends left and he walked over to Lily and sighed. " I know they were talking about you and I care about you a lot believe me. But for me to be with you I'd risk everything and your father the king would punish me and have you wed faster than lightning". Bash stroked her cheek gently before planting a slight kiss on her cheek.
  10. Lola and Annabelle left so he can talk to lily.

    Lily sat up seeing him and listen to his words. Tears fell she look down nodded. "I know. Im sorry for them their protective and want to see me happy and I'm not if I have to marry someone I don't like" she whisper

    She sniffle and look at him. "I wouldn't ask you to risk anything for me. I like you a lot and want to be with you but I know we can't. It sucks it stupid I have one wish to be with you and I can't. I hate it" she hug him needing him to hold her.

    She pull back wipe her eyes. "I'm sorry I should be strong and not like this. I know your suppose to protect me but tonight please don't stop me. To get my father to listen to how I feel I'm going to run away and leave a letter than unless I get to choose who I want to marry I won't come back till I'm able to. Don't stop me or change my mind it the only way he won't listen to me either way. I want to choose not have it be chosen for me" she said softly lookin at him hope he won't stop her.