The Blood Pact/The Slayer Games

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  1. A pact made in blood, sealed by fate. Two people, two monsters, one of shifter blood, one of vampire blood, promised the other the eternal peace both clans so desperately craved. Yet, the hundreds of years of planned peace collapsed, as the pact decended into myth and legend. With the assassination of the vampire leader brought upon a war, one with no clear ending in sight. The population of both races were cut into fourths within the first day of battle.

    Now, two days after the war began, the world as we know it is collapsing. It was hardly noticeable at first, a slight discoloration to the sky, the moon remaining set the entire night. But we know what is happening. Because of the pact, now broken due to the war, the magic sealing it is also breaking, and with it, our world.

    And today, this hour, minute, second, a vampire makes a pact, this time with a human, thinking that by vowing to never leave eachother, not until they save their world, that the bonding of vampire and shifter through their common prey would forever save the world. This in its entirity came about from an ancient ritual known as the Blood Pact.

    ~So, basically, this is an 'epic quest' roleplay, though there is room (and want) for romance somewhere in it. This can be FxM or FxF, where I would play the female in the former, and the submissive type in the latter. At my partner's discretion, there is a way for this to become a mature roleplay. I can post a variety of lengths, anywhere from one sentence to four good-sized paragraphs. I would like my partner to post upwards of two, with a minimum of a medium-sized paragraph. PM me or reply below!

    The Slayer Games--a sick institution where Supernaturals like you and me are captured by the fascist government group known as the Slayers. Originating as monster hunters, they soon gained control of the United States of America, bringing about a world-wide reform in the way things were run. The Society spread its fingers into nearly every first-world country, ranging from Russia to England to Brazil. Everywhere except Poland and Australia had subcumbed to the Slayers' control.

    Supernaturals everywhere were being targeted. For the simplest things, from murder to things as simple as owning proprety, even being alive. The Games, occuring every Sunday, are supposed to be a secret, but every Supernatural knows about them, and fears them to the greatest extent.

    And tonight, you have been caught. It doesn't matter what race you are, you might even be human, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but what matters is that you have been caught by the Slayers. And on Sunday, the games will begin, and the bloodbath begins.

    The Games are a final test for the Slayer Society's new recruits, a way to find out whether those who they have trained are up to it or not. Those who survive are accepted into the society. Those who don't...well, they wouldn't be much use to the SS anyways, right?

    You are a level-headed, calm male Supernatural, captured for whatever reason. I am a 6-week old female vampire, caught for who knows why. You are placed into the same cell as she as a "pre-game test," only a few days before the games are due to begin. Their story begins as they are captured.

    I want to play the female in this, which will only be a FxM. You can be any paranormal creature under the sun, as long as it has accessable weaknesses. No ghosts or gods or angels or crap like that, okay? Again, PM me or reply below! I did do this twice before, where my partner would just disappear, so I want to take it farther than it had gone. It also has the potential for romance, but it has to be natural. Obviously, during the games, they wouldn't be making out, it isn't the Hunger Games...
  2. Interested in the supernaturals one!
  3. Great ^^ Do you have any questions about the plot, and would you like a character sheet?
  4. Yeah I would kinda like to know wherethe plot wuld end up. Like what's our main goal and so on. And for the character sheet ill only make one ifyou want me to :D
  5. Originally, the objective would be to escape. Once, and if, the objective is completed, it could be that the two are running from the SS, they are trying to bring the happenings there into the light, to make humanity revolt, to get to a place where the SS doesn't control, or we could make it up from there, and yes, I would appreciate a character sheet ^^
  6. Sounds great!
  7. Okay ^^ I'll send you a character sheet once I get yours ^^
  8. Would you like me to post it here?
  9. Just Pm'ing it would be fine ^^
  10. Sure :D I'll do it in the morning though because I'm on my phone at the moment.