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  1. I suppose I should've done this first, hehehe. I'm so unfamaliar with this site that it hurts, but still! I'll carry on.

    Now, I've already posted the OOC thread; so I'm just gonna copy and paste it here...for more exposure.

    The Idea: Well, this is my time to say somethin'. I want this to go smoothly, so smoothly it's like throwing melted butter on glass. To ensure such a thing happens, I'd like to clearly explain my intentions and certain facets of this world. I'm often guilty of just leaving things to speculation, but I won't; not this time! Gonna provide some info, right quick.

    Key Terms (open)

    Prophet's Portent:

    The nexus of alleyways that leads to the Blacklight Night. People of all walks of life end up here, due to their desires. While there are those who come willingly, chasing the rumors circulating around Holly City, most who arrive here are Wayward Souls. There are a variety of 'guides' appointed to stand watch over certain entrances. It falls to these guides to determine a path for these Wayward Ones. Each alley leads to a different location in the Blacklight Night, though levels of access vary depending on the strength of an individual's soul.

    Blacklight Night:

    A world parallel to our own, twisted and distorted through a scratched lens of wild fantasy. Indigo light bleeds down from behind a shattered moon that perpetually dominates the night sky. Crimson stars form impossible, shifting arrangements above the crown of a strange city. Buildings sway and creak, constantly, though their architechture and appearance greatly vary. A single, massive tower dominates the center of the town; surrounded by a labrynth of smaller buildings and countless alleyways.

    It is here that those with desire will find themselves. However, their journey will be riddled with danger and woe. For the Blacklight Night is not a peaceful place. Throughout the city roam the festering desires of those who have tread its streets before.

    It's on everyone's lips around Holly City, whispered in hushed tones in small circles. Reckless kids and whimsical adults have given a certain amount of popularity to the bizarre concept.


    A manifestation of one's perfect idea of themselves and what they think they should be. Sometimes called a 'Mask' within the Blacklight Night, a Vestige is a culmination of one's denial and dreams; combined to create a manifestation of the Soul's most desired traits. This manifestation is often lavish and wild, embodying specific concepts. A Vestige, when called, encases the Soul's body; forming around them like armor.

    As a person grows and changes, so too does their Vestige change. Those who have the ability to make known their Vestige are often of great interest to the guides of Prophet's Portent.

    The Forlorn:

    Those that crumble under the weight of their own desires, driven solely by the bestial hunger for their respective vices. Once, the Forlorn were souls who entered the Blacklight Night to seek their dreams. Their Vestige has become warped and twisted, consuming its summoner. The Forlorn vary greatly in power and abilities, but are becoming more common within the Blacklight Night. Withered faces or limbs of the summoner are often visible on the form of the Forlorn. Those consumed by their Vestige are fully aware of their surroundings, but unable to contend with the whims of their Vestige; forcing them to exist in a perpetual state of torturous subservience.

    Sleeping Beauty Sickness:

    While originally a few isolated incidents, what has come to be called the 'Sleeping Beauty Sickness' is becoming something of a epidemic within Holly City. The afflicted fall into a deep sleep, unable to be awakened by conventional means. Strangely, it seems, that once afflicted, a host body ceases to age or require sustenance. Studies of the phenomena have yielded no solid results and offer only muddled theories as to the cause.

    Snow White:

    Street name for an increasingly popular recreational drug in Holly City. It is uncertain where it comes from, or who produces it, but people don't seem terribly concerned so long as they can acquire the pristine powder. The drug is extremely potent, providing a lucid, articulate high while instilling a sense of extreme euphoria in the user. The reason for its popularity is the high risk factor for addiction, as well as the seeming absence of the potential to build a tolerance; providing the same, extreme high on every usage.

    [Prince Charming is the name of the modified version of this drug taken by certain Vestige users within the Blacklight Night. This version contains the stolen essence of victims and provides a temporary increase in abilities]

    Holly City:

    Your city. The city you live in. It has a population of roughly three hundred thousand people and a wide variety of architectural influences. Holly City sits on the edge of the of the sea and is a rather popular tourist destination. To the east are the beaches and upscale lodging for seasonal visitors, as well as myriad attractions including a large amusement park. The western section of the city is home to businesses and cramped apartments, along with scattered cafes, bakeries and other such various shops. Between the two is a relatively peaceful, if heavily trafficked area that contains several important buildings; such as the high school, hospital, library and other such arbitrary places that serve a necessary function.

    Grimoire of the Seven:

    Split into sevenths, this tome once held power beyond comprehension. While its origin and true name remain a secret, it would seem that certain residents of Holly City possess pages of this scattered tome. The pages grant an Auspice, or divine power, to their wielder; though the pages must be carried to activate their effect. Aside from granting an Auspice, it seems the pages attract their other parts; drawing their wielders together in an intricate knot of fate. The Grimoire seeks to assemble its self, for an unknown purpose.

    A) Things are never as they seem. The universe is composed of data. The ability to manipulate this data exists only within appointed Moderators and Anomalous entitites. Your characters will be entering an isolated Contained Shard of Corporeal Reality; this means, simply, that they are in an area created by the Moderators. You will be competing for the amusement of these god-like beings. This is OOC knowledge and your characters may never even learn of this fact.

    B) Your character will be able to assume a Vestige once the Grimoire is united. While they will not retain their Auspices, the Grimoire will be destroyed in the opening of a rift. Through this rift, your characters will enter a new world. This new world is where the game really begins. Your character will manifest as their Vestige, the heart's reflection of what your character most desires to be; an embodiment of their desires. A little more of this will be discussed below.

    ) Rules

    Standard Iwaku rules apply.
    2) I expect two paragraphs a post, minimum.
    3) Character Roles are first come first serve.
    4) No superfluous arguing.
    5) Have fun. ^^

    So! First thing is first! Character roles! I usually don't do this, but I thought it'd be good (for the theme and later plot relevance) to set out a few tites for your character; which will serve as a template, providing some personality quirks and a gender identity. The rest is up to you...aside from age, which should range from 15-18.

    Titles (open)
    I) Harbinger of Ill Fortune: You have experienced grief throughout your life, in intermittently scattered catastrophes. It seems everyone around you suffers some kind of misfortune, though you, yourself, are rather lucky; with all things considered. You're the new kid in town. You have one family member, of your choosing, remaining to you. Recently, you discovered the set of pages meant to be yours.

    Auspice: "Long Roads, Best Walked Alone." You are gifted with an impressive amount of physical endurance, when carrying your pieces of the Grimoire. While you still suffer from bruising and bleeding like others, you can withstand greater punishment than most people you know. Thankfully, this Auspice is perfectly suited to your personality and you have no trouble utilzing the pages; even if it is subconsciously.

    Weakness: You're cocky, headstrong and eager to prove yourself. While this doesn't make you necessarily brash, it does influence some of your actions in a negative light; making you somewhat hard to deal with for your companions. You are too curious.

    II) Kind-Hearted Conjurer of Illusory Emotions: You're very good at hiding how much everything affects you. As such, those around you tend to turn to you for an unbiased and unjudging ear. Their trust in you, while you feel is poorly placed, is solid and you return their confidence with your own; seeking validation through being useful to others, but you genuinely intend to do well for those around you. You've been in Holly City your whole life and know quite a few people. Your family possesses the second set of pages of the Grimoire.

    Auspice: "Maiden Of Iron, Pierced Within." Your Auspice is that of shielding. When active, you surround yourself and those nearby with an unbreakable weave of ethereal energies; effectively isolating you and those that can be encompassed from whatever dangers lurk outside of the barrier. The barrier fades after a time, leaving you drained of energy; despite this, you are capable of using this barrier twice in a row without succumbing to unconsciousness. You are well versed in the application of your Auspice, but each use leaves you with a new scar somewhere on your body.

    Weakness: You are easy to trust and accept things as they are, despite your tendency to bottle your emotions about the subject. Powerlessness, and a desire to change are feelings you often experience. Sometimes, you hesitate.

    III) Noble Lady of Distant Consideration: You are a thinker and ponderer, though some would label you a 'daydreamer'. You are rather quiet, but seem to grasp things more quickly than others; even in situations that defy logic, you seem to be able to dissect a confusing structure and discern the function of each part. You own the third set of pages and have learned to harness their power. It comes as no surprise that the Harbinger and Conjurer will find you, quickly, after their meeting. You are familiar with neither, but are aware of and expecting this encounter. You tend to conflict with the King.

    Auspice: "All The World, Unfurled." Things unfold naturally before you, be it a complex machine or the tenuous threads connecting seemingly unrelated events. Some people would label it intuition, but you've noticed the difference in your perceptive abilities while holding your pages of the Grimoire. While it would seem that this would be a perfect Auspice for you, there exists a struggle between your natural way of thinking and the ideas that surface while in possession of the pages; this creates some difficulty in using the pages, frequently.

    : You are slow to act on the information you discern, awaiting proof before putting forth you discoveries to others. You tend to doubt yourself and those around you, always considering the worst. After all, the future is an ever-shifting thing and you know that no event is set in stone.

    IV) Queen of Soft Smiles: You are a deeply caring individual, often sacrificing your own well being for that of others. You expect little, if nothing, of those you actively seek to assist. While wise, you are known to be overly protective and cautious. You possess the fourth set of pages and utilize their Auspice in the defense of others. You are often at odds with the King and Conjurer, due to differences in ideas and the Consort due to differing natures.

    : "The Only Gift I Can Give." While carrying the appropriate pages, your touch is that of softness and warmth; spreading from your fingertips comes a soothing aura that can knit flesh and reset broken bones. However, you share a brief momen of pain with those you seek to heal. Due to your nature, this Auspice comes easily to you and offers no resistance in its use.

    : You are easy to trust people, but often question their decisions. You have an obsession with protecting the people around you that can border on self destructive. While it is easy to express your emotions, it is also easy to get swept away in them.

    V) King of the Grim Countenance: You are strict and serious, understanding when action is needed. You defer to your own authority on most things and tend to make decisions completely on your own. Most people view you as 'tough' but there are few who understand how difficult it is for you to maintain composure. You are a member of the student council or captain of a sports team. You are familiar with, and are comfortable around the Conjurer and Noble, but are constantly at odds with the Harbinger. You were gifted the fifth set of pages by a strange mystic.

    Auspice: "The Maw Of A Furious Justice." You can sense that which is truly evil and so, too, can it sense you. While this is the latent ability of your Auspice, you find the true extent of its power is to instill within you a golden fury. When infuriated, you become considerably more dangerous; in terms of strength, speed and endurance. In the thrall of fury, you care little for your own safety and push yourself to your limits. This Auspice works well with your personality, but leaves you drained and nigh defenseless when it has taken its course.

    Weakness: You are proud and let pride influence your action. You are extremely stubborn and slow to change your ways. While strong, you constantly compare your strengths to the strengths of others and find yourself envious. You are difficult to work with.

    VI) Oracle of The Ways: It is difficult to argue with you, this is known by those around you. While socially rigid and expecting recompense for every action, you find yourself inclined toward benediction and understanding. You are an advocate of change for the better. The human mind fascinates you. The sixth set of pages have been in your possession since you were small and you have learned their Auspice well. Conflict between yourself and the Noble is common, due to differences in ideas.

    : "Beholden To Ebbs And Flows." Clairvoyance is a rare gift to recieve, but you have long become used to the overlapping of present and potential future. While this Auspice is largely unpredictable, you've managed to reign in its power; allowing you to accurately predict up to ten seconds in the future, when need be. When not focused, this ability runs rampant; creating visions of an uncertain time and place. You are extremely comfortable with this Auspice, but there is a conflict that creates the constant threat of being overwhelmed by your visions.

    : You can come off as pretentious or condescending, creating a rift between yourself and others. Understanding others is easier than understanding and accepting yourself. It is difficult for you to do anything without first having time to think. You use your Auspice as a crutch.

    VII) Charming Ophidian Consort: You do everything to benefit yourself. This makes you outwardly affectionate, but inwardly cold. You seek to remedy this, due to your natural discontentedness with the current situation. While you attempt to connect with others, you find yourself to be increasingly false with them; preferring a sweet facade to the venom of your true nature. You carry the last set of pages, but they have never revealed their Auspice to you. Upon your meeting with the Harbinger, your powers will awaken. You know of the King, Oracle and Conjurer and are familiar with the Harbinger.

    Auspice: "???"

    Weakness: You are vain and superficial, valuing only the power you hold over others. Inversely, you truly wish to connect with someone; despite your own barbs. You are chaotic and unpredictable. You cannot use your Auspice, yet.

    I'll put up a character sheet, once I have a couple of interested folk. After that, I'll add a roster and some more pertinent information. I haven't decided on the character I wanna play, either, so it might be interesting to see what roles people are interested in before I make that decision.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to visit the OOC!

    Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. ^^
    As a bonus, I'll leave you with this flavor intro.

    [Completely optional to read.]

    First Steps In The Nebulous Dreamscape (open)

    "Lifetimes roll by. One day atta time. Like jell-o through your fingers, ya know?"

    As that thought registers, the darkness is peeled away in bleeding waves. Light, vibrant and indigo crashes down on a cityscape ripped from a lunatic's dream. From behind the too-tall teetering buildings and the precarious creak they gave in swaying anarchy, a strange sky could be seen cradling a shattered moon. Red constellations shifted and moved slowly through the inky maw of night, dancing in a tenuous suspension around the jagged grin of pale, silver light. From around that broken orb came the indigo light, from a source somehow hidden in the long shadows cast by the fragments of white that lingered; suspended high above.

    "Hey, are you gonna stargaze all day or are ya comin' in?"

    It's a sharp question, far sharper than the tone belied. An eyebrow is cocked in response, a sorry gesture for the countless words caught in a dry throat. The querent's face was obscured, hidden beneath the voluminous hood of a ragged jacket. They turned, the fluid motion of their body sending small ripples through the fabric that hung about their face; a glimpse of silver eyes barely noticeable during their turn.

    "How did I get here," comes the weak response, confused and drained. A lifetime ago, the speaker could have recalled the name of this place far more quickly; but only now was the familiarity of the scene before them truly sinking in, "is this Graffiti Way?"

    The original querent shrugs by way of response, propping themselves against a brick wall with their elbow; fishing in one of their myriad pockets for a moment. "No," they offer, "not exactly. This here," they accent by nodding toward the open maw of darkness beside them, the obfuscation that seemed to linger between brick corners and shift as though pushed on by unseen hands, "is called Prophet's Portent. It's kind of a buffer between, uh," silence lingers for a long moment, the querent-turned-guide digging through their pockets again, "your world and ours. Ya know what I mean?"

    "No," it was as simple as that, this wayward soul had never heard of Prophet's Portent, "but...wait, you said 'not exactly'."

    The guide nods in response, a subtle motion between the twisting of their form to reach lower pockets. "Right, it's not exactly Graffiti Way. Ya might recognize the buildings and all, in a werid kinda way," the wayward one cast a brief, nervous glance about, "but that's just because this world is nestled pretty close to your own. Things in your world tend to get imitated around here, but in a more, uh, wazzthaword...grandiose way." Nodding to its self the guide produces a cigarette and golden lighter; striking a brief light into the dark alley.
    It was a silver-eyed girl, strands of red hair falling just to the sides of her slender face. For a brief moment, the wayward one tries to peer closer, but the flame dies away; leaving only the hazy lambency of her eyes to hover above the embering tobacco. The wayward one seems to remember themselves and turns their mind toward more pressing matters.

    "Who are you," the wayward soul asks with some hesitance, "and what-"

    "I'm Doe," the girl interrupts, holding forward a hand, "a pleasure to meet ya!"

    Slowly, the wayward one extends their hand. Doe is faster, clasping digits and shaking before the other is quite sure as to what has happened. An electric energy fills the air, casting mad shades of azure and blinding white against the indigo haze; small arcs between Doe and the wayward soul.

    "This place, the whole of it, ya know, is called the Blacklight Night. Since you're a first timer, lemme break down how things work before I send ya through; sound good? That goes for you guys, too!"

    The world comes into focus, through the wayward one's eyes. Where before had been but tall towers and the toothy grin of the moon, new details bled into the world. The wayward soul was not alone, but they were not themselves. They stood in a nexus of alleyways, each as adumbral as the last; symmetrical and arranged around the humanoid silhouettes. Turning eyes to themselves, it becomes apparent that they, too, have been bled of color; translucent and grey, they stared through whatever odd substance now composed their body.

    "You're all what we like to refer to as 'Wayward Souls', I know it's not that catchy or anythin' like that," the girl shifts from her position, finally releasing the wayward one's hand, taking smooth, gliding steps around the assembled group, "but it's what ya are. Ya ended up in the Blacklight Nightlife for your own reasons, I won't ask what they are, but, the problem is, ya won't remember your reason while you're here; at least not yet. Sounds arbitrary, I know, but a lotta stuff around here is governed by weird rules."

    Doe turned herself toward the Prophet's Portent, as though heeding an unseen clarion. For a long moment she stared as the wayward ones muttered amongst themselves in a nigh incoherent jumble of distraught whispering. With her back turned, she tossed aside the cigarette.

    "Alright, looks like first thing is first," her voice echoed off of the walls, or, perhaps, came drifting from the entrance of a different alley, laced with enthusiasm "I'm gonna ask you guys some questions before I let ya go on through. They might not make a whole lotta sense, but answer me as best ya can!"

    [Shout out to my dear friend, Oni for assisting me in the creation of this setting. I know he'll be seeing this, sometime soon. Also to all of you, for taking time to read all that. Thank you.]
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