The Black Railgun(Mecha RP)

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  1. Okay, so the year is 2119 and Earth has completely changed(as is obvious in most such plots). Humanity has come to be ruled by a tyrant by the name of Lord Erik Knight, one of the richest, most influential people on Earth. Strangely enough, he brought with him a host of strange and new technology that he claims to have found on some other planet and reconstructed it here. Using this very strange metal, Arganium, Lord Erik created for himself a number of strange mechanical creatures which he called Tyrants. Furthermore, these mechanical creatures required pilots, Ryders to maneuver them. Each was created out of one of three basic Frames, the Armanoid, the Ravager and the Gunman each with their own battle specializations and talents. He recruited a select few to be the Ryders who made up Lord Erik's Inner Quadrants. Using them, he has established his rule all over the world.

    James Lyhall, one of Lord Erik's Inner Quadrants decided to defect after seeing the Lord's atrocities over the common man and so he smuggled across the world, half of the Lord's own Arganium in the dead of the night, unsuspecting as he was. He, along with his Tyrant, now Anti-Tyrant, decided to establish a rebel force against Lord Erik and it was then that James Lyhall, former Inner Quadrant and Ryder to a Tyrant became the Leader of AnTy.Some of the very first rebels who went on to become some of the best and most experienced.

    The year is 2140 and James Lyhall is now the Commander of the organisation that goes by the name of RYDE. The recruits are many and there is now an all out war waging across the world, only James has Erik in his sights. Along with AnTy, he decides to attack at the eye of the storm.

    This is where you enter. You are a member of AnTy and you can create your very own Mecha based on the three frames:

    Armanoid are the tanks loaded with mechanical clubs and impact weaponry. Additionally, their armor is highly resistive and they are high on endurance. As for speed, they lack that.

    Ravagers are the fast, the quick footed Mecha which are loaded on Movement Accelerators. Their weapons are basically blades and rattle guns. They lack endurance and armor.

    Gunman are high on cannons, handguns, rifles, mounted stuff and all kinds of ranged weaponry. Armor and speed vary.

    AI-Mechas are allowed.

    RPers will also spend substantial amount of time outside their Frames as much as inside for missions requiring collection of information, spying or otherwise.

    Looking for 5 RYDE Ryders and 5 Inner Quadrants. Might add more or less depending on interest.
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  2. The Ravager sounds fascinating indeed, consider me interested as one of the RYDE Ryders, sure as sure.
    The hardest part will be choosing my frame...
    Also I want to be a part of RYDE.
  4. This sounds amazing. You have my interest. I can be an Inner Quadrants, or a RYDE Ryders, whatever you need me to be.
  5. This does sound very interesting... I'm in! I'll be part of the Inner Quadrants with an Armanoid.
  6. Oh, I'd LOVE to do this! I'm interested in being on of the RYDE Ryders!
  7. A'right then. Let me put up a Reservation List for you guys.

    As a matter of fact, let me put up the RP itself now that I have so many people interested in it.^^
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  8. Would love to reserve a spot for the RYDE Ryders
  9. I'd be interested... Put me in whatever slot you need me in.
  10. I am interested as well.
  11. Cool.

    Well, what faction would you like to go for...?
  12. Well about that is their anyway I could be independent, an example would be a pilot who agrees with neither side completely but helps the side who's goals line up with his/hers at the time and if not RYDE would be my choice.
  13. You could be independent but that would require an unreasonable amount of side-story content for your character as your character won't be following agendas of either organisation.

    I personally wouldn't recommend being independent.
  14. It's your RP so it's your choice what side i'm on I can work the good or bad guy angle so you decide where you need me then.
  15. A'right cool. :)
  16. So...what side do you want me on?
  17. How about I put you in RYDE...? There's one last spot left.
  18. Hrm.... I'm interested, but I would want to be on the RYDE side..
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