The Black Motor

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    In the last 500 Years things really changed a lot, thanks to various new technologies. Cars can hover by now, the streets look like they are made of glass while they are as hard as diamonds, and it was never that easy to work with data thanks to holographic computers. People have changed as well though. There are a chosen few, maybe around 2% of Mankind, have developed special abilities. These days, they are referred to as X-Factor. It is not allowed to use these abilities during competitions, or to hurt others since they can be considered weapons and a way of cheating. Some even fear these people and wish them gone, but most people look up to them. Evolved humans who broke the barrier of a normal Human and became Espers.

    One of these Espers is Ryan Heartfire, a young hot head at the High School of Pilot Point, a City that originally started as nothing but a small airport. He is known for causing some trouble here and there, but most look at him as a good guy... with some screws loose. The doctors told him that he is an Esper, but he is a rare case. Not all Espers can willingly activate their powers whenever needed, and Ryan is one of these cases. Something about his X-Factor is strange though. Whenever it is activated, nothing happens. No hypnosis, no shockwaves, not even waves of energy come from him. Whatever his X-Factor is, it is unknown what it does.

    Another tiring school day was finally over, and Ryan made his way home. He lived alone in an apartment on the 3rd floor. It had a living room, bathroom with a tub, small kitchen, bedroom, and even a small balcony. He could afford this with ease since he worked for a weapon manufacturer. He was skilled with guns, even build himself his own special ones, and earned enough to not only pay his school costs, but also his apartment, food and some smaller luxuries.
    When he finally arrived at home, the first thing he wanted to do was to just sit back, hit the power button of the TV's remote, and relax, which is exactly what he did now.

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  2. Ryan was interrupted when a girl snuck in his open window, quickly closing it and the curtains before noticing him and quickly putting a hand over his mouth. The girl was wearing dress pants, a dress shirt, and a vest which told of what she did for a living. Her blue hair smelled slightly like violets as she stood close to the poor kid, tense. Shouting could be heard outside of the window, sounding almost like soldiers as they ran past the apartment. The girl didn't release the boy until after any sound of the yelling was completely gone. She stepped back, smoothing out her clothes as she adjusted her eye patch.

    Mysterious Girl (open)
    Nastya Goodman.PNG
  3. There were some weird things Ryan was used to. An occasional sound in the bushes, the feeling of being watched, people using weird powers. But what he was not expecting was for someone to come into his apartment trough the window, which was on the third floor. He waited somewhat patiently for the girl to move her hand away and waited until he heard no more steps from outside. He then wanted to bite her hand to get her away from him, but that was not necessary anymore.
    "So... What's up?"
    He wanted to hear her story first before he ether helped her, or threw her out again (through the window).
  4. The girl sighed. "Nothing much... Getting chased by assassins and mercenaries who want to kill me. Typical day for me." She ran a hand through her hair before holding a hand out. "My name is Nastya Goodman. Thank you for letting me hide in your apartment from the people who were chasing me." She gave him a small smile as she waited for him to shake her hand. She seemed like she wasn't used to smiling too much as her smile seemed very hard to maintain.
  5. Ryan took her hand and shook it without a second thought.
    "Technically you didn't leave ma a choice. You can rest here for a while, but try to keep me out of your trouble will you? I have enough to worry about."
    It was not like he didn't care for her problems. He just knew that if he would get himself involved into her business, he would have to leave school, and a lot of other things behind him.
  6. Nastya lost her smile and nodded, moving over to a table and setting up her small laptop on it. She carried the thing around everywhere and quickly started to work on her latest designs for the engine. She didn't say a word to the boy, knowing that if she did, he would most likely bite her head off. The faint tapping of computer keys started to melt into the normal sounds of the apartment.
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