The Black Dungeon

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  1. Welcome to The Black Dungeon!
    You may not know it yet, but you've just been picked as the perfect candidate to participate in a new 'study'.


    You got a letter from the town postman. He was instructed to leave it with you, and only you. You open the letter, hoping it's from a relative or friend.

    The letter reads:

    'Hello, fellow newcomer. I'm writing you to inquire about a study that our technology is doing. We're not sure if you'd like to, but it's worth a pence or two. If you are interested in the study, follow the instructions to the small building. Thank you.


    Turn left on Levyway and enter alley. Knock three times on the wooden door and wait. Then proceed to knock twice more, while whistling a small tune. Wait for the door to open.


    Alright, guys. The plan I have with this roleplay is to have a set amount of people make a Victorian-esque character. Your character will receive a note from an anonymous person (See letter above). Once you successfully get into the 'black dungeon' for the 'test', your character will realize that something is very wrong.

    Your character is then herded into a cell, deep in the dungeon. There are four odd, yet remarkable people that inhabit the building. Three of them are free to move around; One is locked up in one of the cells, and at night can be heard whispering to all the characters.

    Yes, you just realized you have been trapped in an awful scheme and the only way out is to follow orders. If you successfully do as you're told and see the horrors of the building. Two of the people who have imprisoned you are vampires. Two are not. Though they intend to eat you for their dinner, they will ultimately offer freedom for the right price. Will you, in turn, trade your friend for your life? Will you kill someone to have freedom?

    CS Sheet:

    (Picture here. Must only be picture.)
    Brief History:
    Brief personality:

    Characters I will personally play:

    I will be playing the four inhabitants of the building. Don't worry, I will not make the vampires OP. I'll hint at who the characters are, but no one will have a clear answer as to who they are. :)


    Sammie Adams
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Brief History:

    Sammie is quite odd, and not much is known about him. He has a 'fondness' of blood, and is often seen dancing with a skeleton. He keeps his hair long and prefers it that way; His partner doesn't even know much about him, though he seems to go his own way.

    Brief Personality:
    Sammie is a witty, soft-hearted person with a lust for control. He is meticulous in many things and is a sucker for poetry.



    Serena Blakely

    Age: Uknown
    Sex: Female

    Brief History:

    Serena grew up dominant and in control. Her dominance grew out of hand after a while, forcing her to find a 'mate' to be with. She picked Sammie. Though he seemed odd and out of control at times, Serena quickly snapped a leash on him, and they have been inseparable ever since.

    Brief Personality:

    Serena is witty, charming, and vicious. When you first meet her, she seems like a sweet woman that will rescue you. The next minute, though, she's evil and conniving. She tends to smack people around, though she will stop after a while and try to apologize. She feels as if she can't control these things.

    (I'll post the other 2 after I get more interest)

    Thanks for looking! Hope to find some people willing to 'play'!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.