The Black Cat

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  1. Ever hear the old saying when a black cat crosses your path it's bad luck?

    Well let me tell you the Tale of Michael,Michael is an ordinary high school senior and like most teenagers is often oblivious to the world around him when engrosed on his IPhone.

    Micheal is crossing the street on his way home from school,completely engrossed in episodes of Resurrection on his phone that he's paying no attention to the signals of the crosswalk only looking away in order to pet a stray black cat that has rubbed up against his leg.

    Once the cat goes it's way he puts his headphones back in and resumes his episodes stepping out into the busy street.Safely crossing he jumps at a loud crash and pulling out his headphones turns to look.

    Seconds after he was safely across a car speeds down the street impacting with a little girl riding her bike across the street.Had he been a moment sooner that would have been him.As he opens the door to his house he sees the stray black cat watching him from beneath his Mom's car.

    Moral: Don't believe everything you hear
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