The Birth of Heroes

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    “You want to hear a story, you say? The tale about how the most unlikely of people ended up becoming the greatest heroes in the entire world? Well, for that, you see, I'd have to go back far in time. To the year 2013. To a city on the east coast of the United States. The city's name was Port City, and just like the rest of the world, Port City was sick, but Port City was worse than most other places. It had the lowest employment rate, highest gun-related violence and highest crime-rates in all of the U.S, which at the time were very high.

    All in all, people had lost hope in Port City. No one ever expected things to change, because how could they? The mobs had open warfare on the streets, the cops and the politicians were in their pocket, and anyone who spoke out against them ended up dead in a ditch. But then there came a small group of extraordinary people. They were all very young, none of them being older than 20. They were a rag-tag ground, a bunch of wildcards, in fact. But somehow, they would manage to make an impact on the city.

    They would go on to become the greatest heroes in the world, their lives were filled with drama and intrigue, they fought evil and they faced betrayal. The rose a city back from it's ashes all the while fighting both the law and the criminals. Like Robin Hood they were Outlaws, mavericks, in fact. When their story began, nobody knew what they'd achieve, neither did they. But that didn't stop them.

    They had many names, but the one that will echo in eternity is the one they called themselves.
    They were The Vanguard, and they should never be forgotten.

    Now, you're certainly thinking to yourself 'How could any of this be?' Well, that's what I'm gonna tell you.”

    So, do you want to be part of how this all came to be? Well, then all you have to do is post "I'm interested" down below.
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  2. I'm Interested :P
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  3. What a shocker!
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  4. This does sound like it could be fun
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  5. Are we not doing this on the other site now?
  6. Ssshhhh.

    Widen my horizons.
  7. But I don't want to do the same RP simultaneously on two sites! ...I think.
  8. I didn't think we were running two of them? I thought we were choosing whichever one at more interest.
  9. You just want to run away from the person with power armor.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. This sounds sort of interesting for the most part
  12. "Sort of... for the most part" That's a pretty underwhelming way of expressing interest haha.

    Did you have concerns?
  13. Well it's still kind of vague, and although interesting, seems like there's question on whether it'll be played out here or not, so I wouldn't mind joining most likely if it was done here. Depending of course on what the limitations and expectations are ;)
  14. Hillan has informed me it will be officially hosted on Iwaku, not anywhere else.
  15. Cool.
    So any pointers on what it'll further contain, or what the limitations or expectations will be of the people involved?
  16. It'll be fairly similar to Absolute Potential in expectations and limitations, Hillan and I have RP'd together for like three years now so our styles are similar. That said, the story is going to be more linear with the players ushered into a team as opposed to wandering around Port City fighting crime.
  17. cool, and yeah I had a feeling it would be more a team thing than the other thread hehe.
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  18. Speaking of Absolute Potential, didn't you say you were going to try to mold it in a more linear direction? or was that just you spitballin'?
  19. I'd be interested in this.
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