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  1. Life is a strange thing, tangling things up and tossing them out in such messes that people can't help but be left sitting in a confused daze most of the time. After the blights, certainly the fates couldn't toss anything more at the world of the living. Ah, but that is wishful thinking, isn't it?

    The Breach was sealed, granted not easily. No one believed it could be done but it was...for a price. Haven was lost in an unseen attack, leaving the Inquisition without a home. Broken but not without faith, they were left in the frozen mountains to try and figure out their next move. Thankfully Solas, an Elven apostate that had taken to helping the great cause of the Inquisition, Knew of a place where they could gather themselves again, safer and stronger than ever before.



    The faithful came in droves once the Inquisition arrived, bringing with them their skills and their beliefs for a better world. The Herald had more than proved herself for having closed the Breach and allowed the safe retreat of her people. Even so much as coming back from the covered ruins of Haven on her own through the harshest of storms. Such gallant stories of her seemed to spread for miles and at such speeds that not even the inner circle could be prepared for what was to follow in the days to come...And certainly not what was to arrive.

    A couple weeks after the arrival at Skyhold, where most were settled in at this point and the repairs on the broken innards of the fortress were underway, A sight like no other was seen approaching the fortress slowly and steadily. Brightest part of the day and in plain sight a figure like no other was marching their way through the rough inclines of the snow covered peaks to the grand gates, easily being seen by the soldiers keeping watch. This being was enough of a sight that one soldier ran all the way to Commander Cullen, informing him of the person to which the man quickly went right to the Inquisitor...

    "Inquisitor, It seems there is something you need to see at the gates." Cullen said strongly as he approached the leader of their ever growing group. "I would recommend bringing along some other's as well, I can't be too certain what we are about to encounter but...There is apparently a Qunari approaching the gates.
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    If Evelyn had to be honest, she never played a huge role before in her life; being the "Inquisitor" was quite nerve-wrecking. The title itself was important something Evelyn certainly did not want, and if she could, she would give this position away in the spot. She was only a simple Dalish, and yes, she'll admit; she did dream of seeing outside of her tiny world. But this? This was something incredibly terrifying.

    She fidgeted, trying to not pace around as it would usually be her habit when she's feeling edgy. What if I fail everyone and lead to their downfall? What if Skyhold becomes ruined like Haven? What if I disappoint people under my leadership...?

    Questions played with her disturbing thoughts, the what-if's seeming to be endless. She chewed on her lips, quivering at the imaginary sight of destruction. If Corypheus beat the best of her and everyone else again, then surely, humanity will be lost...

    "Inquisitor?" She nearly gasped when a concerned voice snapped out from her train of thoughts. Josephine frowned, the quill movement paused for a moment. "Are you all right?" The Antivan accent laced along with her sentence, soothing Evelyn's pounding heart. Josephine was one of the few who was gentle with the elf's lack of knowledge about politics, unlike Cassandra; who made a rather brute first impression. She still intimidated Evelyn, even now.

    "Ah, yes..." Evelyn folded a loose strand behind her ears, forcing a small, tight grin. "I'm just a little shaken up from what happened at Haven."

    Josephine offered an apologetic smile, but the warmth from her voice was gone. "I can say the same," She was hesitant to go on, "...We lost many good people."

    There was a trace of loneliness Evelyn couldn't lay a finger on when Josephine finished. She was about to say something when Cullen suddenly approached the small group. Cassandra, who was with Josephine and Evelyn, was occupied with a trainee, but she cast a curious glance when the commander arrived.

    "Inquisitor, it seems there is something you need to see at the gates." He said, sternly. "I would recommend bringing along some other's as well, I can't be too certain what we are about to encounter but...there is apparently a Qunari approaching the gates."

    She gulped, not liking the sound of this. But Evelyn couldn't just refuse.

    "Very well then."


    Cullen and Cassandra escorted Evelyn to the gates, and it was no lie; there was indeed, a Qunari waiting for her to come. There was a low murmur among the crowds, everyone both gazing at the newcomer and the Inquisitor equally. She felt her knees failing on her but she kept walking anyway, straightening her posture in turn to make her look confident.

    Evelyn walked towards the Qunari and stopped when they're at a reasonable distance. "You've come a long way here," She said, in attempt of sounding casual. She folded her hands behind her back. "What business do you have?--Do you wish to help the Inquisition?"

  3. The figure had arrived in Skyhold rather simply, no threatening stance or even a motion towards anyone in the open area before the main building. It did certainly put many on edge though to see such a tall figure of unknown intent and origin. The only person of the same general height was Iron Bull and he had also taken to watching from the higher level near the tavern with his crew. It seemed the word of the sudden appearance of a Qunari had caught his attention enough to pull him from his tankard and chair in the dim lights of the bar. No one could really seen the figure in question though, wrapped up tight in a thick looking fur like cloak and a low hanging hood. It seemed two holes had been cut for the horns to slip through as those stood proudly in view. A thick and heavy scarf covered the beings face though keeping their identity in question very hidden.

    The murmuring of the crowd seemed to grow as the Inquisitor approached the nameless Qunari, making the being look down at her, even though their face was completely dark and hidden from view. The questions posed made the figure tilt it's head, silent for a good moment before reaching up with a gloved hand to tug down the scarf.

    "What else would I be doing here?" Came a rather smooth and almost amused voice, the tone only slightly deeper than the female elf.

    It was then the figure reached up with their hand and tugged back the hood, showing a sight that not many ever got to see...

    A qunari, and a woman at that! It certainly caused a bit of an uproar in the crowds as she looked down at the elf, reaching up and tugging off her travel cloak to reveal a very...well endowed form. Tall, strongly build and dressed in Fereldan style she stood out even more than Iron Bull did on the Storm Coast. Her long white locks bounded in their two pony tails as the two large axes on either of her hips clanked a bit as she shifted her weight to one leg. Giving a small smile she put one hand on her hip while the other held her cloak and scarf.

    "Certainly the Inquisition isn't getting picky about who they recruit...I mean, I've heard you've gathered quite the rag tag group, apostates, templars, nobility...Besides, from the stories that seems to be floating around, it sounds like you lot can use all the help you can get." She retorted simply, keeping a confident air about her, as if their was a growing crowd surrounding her and murmuring under their breath.
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