The Betrayed Want Revenge

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  1. Welcome to the reality, my name is Elena Camilo and I have come to you in your dreams to send a dire message to you; hoping that you believe the words I must speak.

    What a beautiful yet complicated life you've had and the fight in you seems like an always burning fire in your chest. Little do you know that fire in your chest is more than just a fire. Its a gift given to only 10 young men and women with a certain fight in them. Each gift is different but your souls are each connected to each other, together you're invincible and alone you are the most vulnerable. Despite your differences each of you are dependent on one another for survival, with a mysterious enemy constantly trying to capture all of you. Some of you have probably met or passed by one another before but because instinct will guide you, you'll all have a true meeting. A chance to speak, communicate and charge yourselves with the energy each of you can charge through one another by mere presence.

    Despite all the beauty and slight danger, you must know that trusting anyone but your fellow Betrayed or Worshippers could bring you down to parish. Sadly your journey only truly starts with a push... and the first push is your first example of how cautious you must be with your heart. Even the closest can turn their backs on you for the right price.

    The devil can be very tempting and dangerous.

    Which is exactly why I need your help. My daughter, one your own, has been betrayed and captured by the enemy we like to call The Alliance. A group of men and women hell bent on ridding the world of its only light at a second chance. Before the real hell starts. The Alliance is just a stepping stone for you young ladies and gentlemen, especially for the nightmares that will come to haunt you.

    If you somehow manage to accept your fate at possibly becoming the bright flame that leads the world, as well as save my daughter, you will each be given the new gifts overtime. Choose to deny my daughter her life and the mortals their guiding light, your gift will be ripped from your very soul and given to another who is more capable.

    There are things that must be done, innocent people to save and evil people to defeat.

    So... good luck.

    I have nothing else I can give away for this is a journey only you can take.


    The Plot:

    Okay so pretty much 10 young women and men who were each given a gift by a mysterious woman, who just so happens to have a daughter that was also given her gift. Each of them have one special ability that works well with the others, or somehow balances each other out. They're being chased by people that go by The Alliance, who have a connection to the mysterious woman. What the Betrayed [or gifted, whatever] think they want from them is their DNA and to experiment on them but The Alliance want the Betrayed in order to bring the mysterious woman down to her knees. By using her own chosen warriors against her and then killing them all off. The reason the Betrayed have been chosen is to be the flame that guides humans in their life. Because not only is The Alliance after the Betrayed, they're also kidnapping young kids from around the world.

    After they find this out they are determined to help save children who have the DNA that could be used for the dangerous experiments The Alliance has planned for them. On this journey your character will develop both mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Though the journey will be funded by Elena Camilo through her daughter, staying in luxury hotels and such isn't an option unless you want to be caught [your characters will have to figure this out on their own]. All characters will have to endure a lot of shit together, maybe even have to go a few days without a shower or clean clothes. I plan on having our characters guided in and out of situations that puts them in deeper shit but also brings them closer together despite their differences, thoughts and abilities.

    Ideas from everyone would be lovely!!

    Extra info:

    x I will edit this sometime tonight >.<
    x The Alliance is a group you guys barely have info on at the moment but you do learn they want to capture all of the Betrayed... alive.
    x The Betrayed are gifted mortals who heal faster then normal, is faster/stronger and has stronger senses
    x Betrayed Worshippers are mortals who have been gifted by Elena in only strength, speed and senses in order for them to be able to help the Betrayed in their battle. They are usually raised with the knowledge of the Betrayed from the very beginning. Which means they're trained and prepared.
    x The locations will be both real and unreal places.
    x Eh, I'll think of more later

    Anyone interested? Questions?​
  2. I would be willing to do a female. ^^
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  3. Sounds interesting, I'm in!
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  4. Hey~hey^^!!

    This sounds fantastic! But Boo is cautiously interested....

    Kay so like how many RPers do you want to have before launching this? And do you need an equal number of ladies to men?
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