The Best Time of Day

When are you most active ?

  • Morning

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mid-day

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Afternoon

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Evening

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Overnight

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Never X3

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Sometimes, people have certain times of day when they do things better.

When they can be more focused and get things done faster.

Night owls, Early birds, Late sleepers, Loungers, etc.

Do you have a special time of day when you're at 100%?
I am definitely a night owl. c__c I get a lot more done in the middle of the night during those twilight hours than any other time.

Never been fond of midday. >:[
I use to have a job that had me out of bed by 3 am and at work by 5 am. Shit now... I work nights and love it. Im just not a morning person anymore. If I have to be up before 8 am Im not the nicest person to deal with..
I work best from 3pm-4pm, and from 7pm-3am. Hours 5pm-6pm are my lazy hours, and anything before three, I'm probably still waking up. I have trouble sleeping, so I turned it into productivity ._.
Evening, after dinner is when I am most productive. Afternoon I am decently productive but not as much as in the evening.
I like Evening/Late Night the best. I've just never been able to function in the mornings. Some are like "Ugh", some are more "Grrrrr...", then there's me who isn't above roaring like an angry bear in the morning.

Wow ! Looks like that's another thing Iwakuans have in common !

They all work best late in the day =]

And Weave just led me to my next question,

Before or After Dinner/Eating ?


I voted Midday XD

I'm somewhat of a morning/before lunch sort of person, but that's probably because I love working when there's sunlight streaming through my bedroom window. ^-^

And I go to school. So the time is probably drilled into my head XD
I am definitely a night owl. c__c I get a lot more done in the middle of the night during those twilight hours than any other time.

Never been fond of midday. >:[

What she said.

I can't do shit in the mornings. D:

And to answer the other question, I'm pretty oblivious to that, I have actual dinner like three out of the seven days of the week.
Ideally, for me, the day is for traveling about, marveling at nature, people-watching, library trips, and getting more sleep.

I prefer to get down to business when it's night/early morning and I'm well-rested.

Otherwise it's the mornings or afternoon. Noon itself is for eating, outing, or realizing that I haven't been efficient enough and that it's time to find my afternoon second wind. :P

And if I go to bed early and wake up too soon, the night is for writing and dancing!
I switch throughout the week. During the week I'm more of a morning person because of school. If I have rounds I'm out of bed at 5am.

But as far as artistic stuff... drawing especially, definitely night owl!
When it comes to work, I always hate it, but i force myself to be productive no matter the time.

However, I feel most in tune with the world around me during the hours of night when most are asleep.
About 10pm to early morning. Which is a pretty terrible time, considering I'm busy all day and really should be resting, but it's like the only free time I have to myself. And I guess after dinner. Seems like the SRS BZNSS artistic side of me doesn't wake up until I feel that first need for sleep, then I get this sudden burst of energy and it keeps me working until I finish. Pretty much the only way I ever finish any of my sculptures =\

Other than that, I kind of just flip the productivity switch when I have to. Don't need much to be motivated.

>_> When left on my own though I'm kind of a lounger. I'll pick at something all day off and on until I eventually get it done. Try not to stretch it out for more than a day though otherwise it just won't get done at all...
Slow to rise and slow to bed.



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