The Best Things - 2011 edition!

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  1. With all the wonderful threads relating to Christmas, New Years, etc, basically events that mark the end of 2011, I think it would be great to reflect on what has happened throughout the entire year~

    2011 for many has been not such a great year, I think. Finding a job is difficult, school is stressful, relationships are difficult to maintain.... Let's not forget that just getting by a single day is a challenge in itself.

    But one of my favorite sayings is: Don't cry because it's over, be thankful that it happened. (∩_∩) I think that every difficulty we encounter is an opportunity for us to grow wiser, become stronger, forge a better future for ourselves!!

    So let's try hard to think back on at least one good thing that happened! Post about it! They also say that smiles/laughter is contagious, and i do believe it is true (/^▽^)/
  2. I had a lot of good stuff happen this year. Self discovery, positive life style changes, monetary gain. I guess the best thing was traveling and meeting friends across the country. Also, Diana's cooking.
  3. Sylvir you should have told me you started an appreciate something from 2011 thread :o

    I think some of my favorite things from this year would have to be;

    Getting back into my hobby of drawing, even if it's still not as often as I used to. (hard to break away from my new routine and find time to draw)
    My birthday this year. The first in a long while where nothing particularly bad ruined the feeling of the whole day. Plus, the moon was orange that night and orange is my favorite color. It was a sign.
    Honestly? Talking together with Sylvir as often as we used to. It's nice doing that again.
    Spending a lot more time with friends in real life as well. I need to stop being such a shut in XD
  4. I went back to school in 2011 for a subject that is near and dear to my heart!

    I got to be in my favorite place in the US for the start of 2011 with good friends and lots of explosives on Oahu.

    I got to see my bestie and her familyclan and visit a part of the US I've never been to before.

    2011 was an awesome year of friends, travel and self discovery. I hope for ore in 2012!
  5. I started off the year in my very first house! :D

    I reconnected with my childhood best friend after losing touch for several years!

    I found out I am going to be an Auntie! <3

    I got to spend my birthday week with my present date bestie! >:D

    I finally got MARRIED! 8D

    I enjoyed and aaawesome vaycay with members of Iwaku!

    This was a pretty great year! XD
  6. I've always wanted to go on a road trip D: How was it? Did the price of gas make your wallet cry XD?

    P.S. Yay for someone cooking for you ^.^
  7. I prefer the 1999 edition, personally! ;)

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    Seriously, though...

    I appreciate the friends I made in 2011, some of whom are as near and dear to me as ones I made in the past years. I made some small but noteworthy strides towards some of my ultimate goals in 2011, too. Same as most others, too: Self discovery. You can never learn enough about who you are, nor do you ever know enough about who you are.

    2012 will be a year full of more self discovery, and hopefully I will finally achieve one of the goals I've put off for far too long.
  8. I've always loved road trips as well. And yes, gas prices have skyrocketed.
  9. - actually started school despite the difficulties.
    - fell in love, got rejected, and realized that true love is never actually painful, even when its not yours.