The best part of the Super Bowl

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  1. Is the commercials. Post your favorite from this year, or yesteryear (with date added for nostaglia value).


  2. Because they finally put someone from the GLBTQ community in a family setting!
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  3. Best part of the super bowl is NOT watching it at all, and playing Super mario world instead ^_^
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  4. The "America the Beautiful" Coke commercial was so wonderful.

    And the racist tears of people shouting "We speak English in this country!" taste so divine.
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  5. I'm with @October Knight - beers and chicken wings.

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  6. I believe the best part was not watching and tuning it to the League of Legends: Championship Series instead to see TSM win against C9! Much more exciting.
  8. well happy the hawks won but I do love the Budlight commercial with the animals playing football.
  9. More ads damn it!
  10. I wonder how many people aren't posting because they didn't watch the super bowl, but don't want to derail the thread. :P
  11. I kind of feel less of a nerd liking football to be honest. But another good part of the super bowl?

    The Seahawks won. Aw yeah.
  12. Post an ad!

  13. I. DID. NOT. WATCH. THE. SUPER. BOWL. I don't know what the ads were. I didn't see any of them. XD
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  14. Eh, the commercials are alright but for the past couple of years my favorite part of the Super Bowl (or any event, really) is watching the liveblogs as game goes on.

    Black tumblr and twitter are the best around Super Bowl season.
  15. @Scrap Iron I agree. Idk why its a controversy, it seems like this country wants to have something to complain about. "We aren't united, how can we unite the country!?"

    *Coca-Cola commercial plays*

    "That's too close home! Foreigners shouldn't sing America the beautiful!"

    Makes no sense.

  16. And I have to post this on behalf of my dad, who works for the HEB company:

  17. Get out of here if you're not going to add to someone's thread, you butts! ;__;

    I didn't watch the Superbowl either, cause I forgot all about it. O_O Not that I watch the superbowl, I MISSED PUPPYBOWL. ;__;

    But I always LOVE the commercials they put out and watch them afterwards. >:3

    I'mma share this one! Another feel good commercial!

  18. I didn't watch the Superbowl BUT I did see the Kittenbowl! It was ADORABLE! I just got to see the commercials last night though and I have to say they were really not that good this year -,-
    Sooo guess I have to go with one I liked from the past....

    It's from 2006
  19. The Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the horse was pretty adorable.
  20. Best part to me:
    Spending it with my Lion Man and his football buddy and football buddy's gf. And we played a board game called Arabian Nights before that.
    It was awesome.

    And my favorite commercial was the Budweiser puppy and horse one.
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