The Bennett Family


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The Bennet family has long since been the talk of the neighborhood. Ever since they moved in, neighbors are always wary to attempt conversation. Worse than anything a television show could write for a reality series, the family has finally decided to crack down on all of their problems, and solve them in a month's time. The household of five will have to listen, compromise and work together to properly call themselves a family. The task won't be easy, there will be plenty of screaming, yelling, crying, and broken porcelain along the way. And perhaps an impromptu party or two. Whatever the case, the family has decided to set their differences aside to become a cohesive family unit.

November 25, 2012


One of the more older suburbias, Crest Hill is known for its prestigious neighbors and gorgeous lawns. The location is absolutely stunning, set between the steep Ridge Back Mountains and the legendary Lake Moonshine. The Bennett family home couldn't be in a more beautiful place! Why, just look at their home!


Character Template:

Relationship in the family (daughter, son, mother, father, family friend, housekeeper):

Roles Open:

Please note that there is already a daughter or son being played. Doesn't mean that you won't be able to play them, just an fyi. I'll take up the role of a parental figure if no one wants to do it.

Note: If you wish to join and weren't invited, feel free to give me a PM with your character template.
Name: Anne Lucas Bennett

Age: 18


Relationship in the family: Daughter

Total tomboy with an abrasive attitude, Anne tends to go by Lucas in a further attempt to distance herself from being really feminine. Untrusting and sometimes downright bitchy, she only has a select group of friends who share her attitude and are nice to one another in their own way. Otherwise, she can be uncooperative and condescending.

Occupation/Job: Student

Hobbies: Loves to learn new languages and is currently taking advanced German and French classes at her school. She likes to work with cars, repairing them and just examining them.
Name: Dorian Malcolm Bennett
Age: 20
Relationship in the family: Cousin
Personality: Introvert, feels awkward in some social situations, nervous, cares a lot about how he comes off as, occasionally quick-witted and funny, bit of a nerd though his appearance does not always give that away
Occupation/Job: Student/IT specialist
Hobbies: working/building computers, reading books, learning computer languages, majoring in Computer Sciences with a minor in Computer Engineering
Name: Jason Callahan
Age: 17
Relationship in the family: Friend of the family
Personality: Jason is soft spoken, really only opening up to his bandmates. Around Darcy's family, he is quiet and tends to stare a great deal. This is a great contrast to his singing, which is entusiastic, to say the least. He has a very active appetite, and when he's practicing with the guys, he's often raiding their kitchens for whatever food isn't hidden away or too frozen to eat.
Occupation/Job: Student
Hobbies: Video games, band practice, eating.
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