The beginning to the end.



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Crimson red splattered against the walls of the room, a trail of hand-prints across the walls. Though no sound was made, there was nothing but –silence- in the home this took place in, however, in the darkness of the kitchen eyes-flickered red. The body fell to the ground helplessly; life was sucked from the woman’s body. Chiharu just stared at the bottom for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what happened unfortunately, the woman had invited her in under the assumption she wasn’t a –monster-, however, that was a mistake on her part. This would work as a warning for her brother hopefully, if he continued to search for her and get involved more with the world of supernatural – sooner or later, they’d meet one another as –enemies-, perhaps she was holding on a small portion of her humanity, even when her sire told her to turn it off.

Regret glimmered in her soaked eyes, she didn’t like taking life yet, this was the way of monsters though. She could not change what she was now. <b>“I hope you’re not having any regrets, my doll.”</b> A sinister voice came from the shadows then, <b>“She needed to die for a sign, don’t think too much on it.”</b> He’d reassure his pet and lay his hand onto her shoulder, while moving her back into the darkness of shadows, before both were completely gone from the sight of death.

On the other side of town – Sona was shopping with Tochiro in order to get more food for the week, it was after school and the sun was slowly setting over the tall city buildings. “Look! Look!” She’d giggle happily, while pointing to one of the toy machines. “Get me something, Tochiro-kun~!” She’d exclaim loudly, both of her hands slamming together in a clapping notion. The bags of items she bought lying beside her legs, her face pressing into the glass of the machine as she awaited Tochiro’s answer to her cheerful plea. She wanted to try and cheer him up some, since everything had been so pressuring on him.

They needed fun and relaxation, instead of constantly thinking of the world of darkness and how to save his sister. Sona knew that she couldn’t keep him from thinking of her, it was bound to happen but perhaps she could let the female escape his mind a little. She couldn’t help but to feel a little jealous, the female was related though, so she knew it was just a family bond that held them together tightly, though none the less, the girl still plagued Tochiro’s mind. “How about it?!”


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Tochiro barely paid attention to anything around him. Although he seemed like he was enjoying himself, walking around peacefully and picking out the food for the week, his eyes gave away his inner turmoil. There was a part of him constantly analyzing the situation and continued to study what he could do to revert his sister back to humanity. She was with the monsters at the moment. How come he couldn't see all the signs, prevent the attack that turned her into such a monster? Tochiro closed his eyes as they walked, until he noticed that he couldn't hear Sona's footsteps. Tochiro stopped and turned his head towards the girl, arching a brow. "..Huh? You want one of those?" He asked, walking back to her and inspecting the game.

Did she really think they had time for all of this? He truly wanted to just go back home and continue his studies, but... the girl was so nice to him and they had quickly become friends. Relaxing every once and a while wouldn't hurt, right? Setting down his share of bags by hers, he stood in front of the toy machine and brought out a wallet. "Alright, Sona-chan. This'll just take a moment.." He inserted two quarters and put his hand on the game's controls.


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Tsuyoshi had kicked open the door, his eyes narrowed slightly. He walked inside..Darkness looming within, not a single light within was lit. He reached into his bag, pulling out a flashlight. He turned it on, peering around the room, using the light to the dark corners. He cautiously walked forward, frowning a bit. Something was wrong..This had to be where the murderers had been. He pressed himself against the wall, holding the handle of his blade, ready to draw. He opened the door slowly the light illuminating the kitchen, he saw the bloodstained walls, and he peered around the room, then stopped on the body. He slowly approached the body, his blade slowly being drawn..He shined the light on the corpse's neck. Bite marks. "...Vampires.." he muttered before slashing the head off of the corpse, and pulling a small vile of Blue looking liquid. he threw it onto the corpse and the corpse instantly caught aflame with Blue Fire. He looked around the room once more, his eyes narrowed. "..."