The Beginning Sanctum

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  1. I'm just now back into getting into RP so I might be a tad bit bad at it but I wanted to do this story that i randomly came up with
    The only pre-made characters are Adam and Eve other then that we can just hoof it on other characters
    The story is basically this

    There are two people trapped in a isolated room their names being Adam and Eve. Between them is only a door separating their small rooms. They have never seen any others like them in their life just them alone in this place but, they always have a feeling they're not alone that they're being watched. Whenever one gets hurt or breaks a bone anything of the sorts they wake up the next day fully healed. There would always be food already made for them and freshly washed clothes. Everything layed out for them every single day. They thought nothing of it until recently when they thought of breaking out of this isolated world and see what lye's beyond the walls

    I should note I don't have the best grammar or punctuation as I never did pay attention much in those classes xD
    This is also my first time doing my own roleplay so I may have described it best so if you want to ask any questions I an answer it
    Obvioulsy by the names its gonna involve Christianity for the religion kinda like a dark side to it besides them eating a bad apple xD
    I'm really hoping to do this as I really like the idea but maybe it's just me xD