The Beginning of the End

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  1. Dimaethor frowned as the elf left, wondering if her words were true. It was hard to believe, but he felt that he had to, if only to have some shred of hope that the elven woman had some kindness in her body. Closing his eyes, he sat against the couch which sat before the fireplace, sighing. After a brief while, he fell asleep, exhausted from all that had happened.

    When he awoke, sunlight was streaming in through the windows and the fire had burned down to embers. Blinking, he yawned, squinting against the sudden light. Stretching, he stood up, moving to the kitchen and filling a cup with water. Going to the remains of the fire, he tossed the water onto it, coughing as some rushed up, though most of it went up the chimney.

    Pulling the tunic back on, he fumbled with the buttons again before getting it done properly. Going to the bedroom he had claimed, he changed into cleaner clothes, deciding that it wouldn't do to be grimy his entire stay there.


    Failen let out a surprised shout as Talen laid him down and kissed him, but he quickly began returning it, loving the rough way he kissed him. It was his first, and he loved every moment of it. Reaching up, his hands were soon gripping the front of Talen's shirt, moaning softly. When the kiss ended, he was left wanting more, his breathing now heavy. Hearing how Talen begged for him, he nodded quickly, wanting the human on top of him with his entire being.

    Without a moment's thought, he was unbuttoning his tunic, tossing it to the foot of the bed. "Please...take me..." he breathed, a dark blush crossing his cheeks as he thought of the view Talen must have of his bare chest.
  2. ((I completely fogot her name))
    The elf took that chance to sink down to the floor in her room, staring at the walls with a sigh. What had just happened was more than strange, it was even more crazy then before. She had not the slightest idea what had just happened, and how it had in the first place. It was nice at first, but something had gone off. It was almost a spark, something strange. It was more then what she'd considered a great act of kindness: she didn't have words to descrive what she was able to feel. It was something more, yet not so. Strange to say the least.

    The elf would then wake up the next morning, thinking over it and deciding that it was no longer necessary to worry about. It was over, and done for that matter. There was little point in dwelling on such trival things now, unless they progressed any further. If they did, she'd be more careful, and much less open.

    As he was going upstairs, she was making her signature breakfast. She used many fruits and even fish, yet the small bit of meat she made, she would not partake in. IT was an elven custom she was going to uphold.


    Talen lost his nerve when he saw the other man's bare chest, and he stopped in mid-swipe. He was about to take his pants off when he heard what the other man had to say. He started to pant a bit more as he realized he was about to give up his virginity to another man. He didn't know if he was ready yet.

    "I-I don't think I'm ready to...I don't think I know...I'm still a..." He coudln't fnish one sentence and he kissed him again, running a hand through his hair, "A-are you...upset? I-if you want me to, I will..."
  3. Dimaethor soon smelled breakfast, and wandered downstair, deciding that his hunger trumped any awkwardness he might feel from the night before. Sitting at the table, he watched Demiel make the food, his hair tousled from the way he had slept. Running his hand through his golden hair, he asked, "What's for breakfast?"

    He folded his hands on the table, shivering for a moment. Without saying anything, he got up, going outside. Once there, he summoned his shadows, watching as they swirled around him, seeming to be much more energized than usual. An invisible wind ruffled his hair and clothes, his hands splayed out palms out.

    Dimaethor's eyes were closed, but he was entirely focused onhis shadows, which had begun rippling with dark purples and blues and greens as they swirled around him.


    Failen looked hurt as Talen told him that he didn't think he was ready to sleep with him. "Talen...I am, too. But...if you don't think you're ready, then alright...I won't force you into doing this." He sat up, getting his tunic from the floor and putting it on.

    "You know," he added softly, "You were the first man I've kissed. And it was nice..." He reached out, lacing his fingers with Talen's and pulling him in for another kiss.
  4. Demiel had expected this to happen, for she knew the allurance of power was one even she was strong to let go. Seh had her own wards on her, yet she was still carefully watching him. If he got out of hand, she had a spell that would blast him and his shadows into nothing until he woke up. She was wary, yet was not foolish enough to believe that she could simply stop him if she wanted to. She ahd heard taht a shadow user ahd to unload their powers somehow.

    "When you're quite done," she actually, for one, smiled and giggled in an undertone, "I have your breakfast ready." She laid it down, clearly in sight, and sat opposite, reading a book, of all things to do. She wasn't going to sit there and do nothing. She enjoyed reading and had read many novels.


    Talen looked at him and saw the hurt. He wasn't sure if he was ready, yet he knew how much it seemed that Failen cared, "I-it's just that I'm a virgin and'nt know yet. If you really want to, and I mean, if you crave me, I'd give it to you." He smiled, and let his body get pulled into another kiss.

    Kissing another man was starnge to him, yet he wasn't caring. All he cared for now were his lips, his gentle body, and how much he felt that he loved his friend. Even though he was taller, Talen was submissive and was letting Failen dictate his wordl for now.
  5. Dimaethor barely reacted as he heard Demiel, focusing on his shadows. Once he had them completely under his control, he commanded, Go. Take care of my family. With that, his shadows swelled up within him, and once the pressure was unbearable, they completely left him, ascending into the sky in the form of a large dark mass.

    When the ritual finished, Dimaethor fell to the ground, his body beginning to seize and thrash. When a wraith sent away his shadows, it caused a variety of symptoms, which was why Dimaethor had waited, but he couldn't stand not knowing that his children were safe.

    Whatever happened because of it was besides the point. All that mattered was his family.


    "I...I'm a virgin, too," Failen murmured once he had pulled away. "I crave you, but I will wait until you're ready. Promise.." He smiled softly, reaching up to brush his hair out of his eyes. "So, just tell me when you're ready, okay? Because I might lose it if you don't..."
  6. Demiel had been instructed to leave him alone, to let him do whatever he needed to without interfering with him. The way that she was told to do this varied, but she took this as not having any direct involvement with his own affaris. Inless he was going to die, she wasn't supposed to interfere. She was instructed to remain impassive, yet something snapped.

    "Dimaethor!" She cried, running outside and grabbing his body, hodlign it in her arms, "What's worng, why did you do that, what did you do?!" She looked at him and she lifted him up, dragging him into the bed he used and held him down, even tying one of his arms down so that he couldn't move, "Dimaethor, what the hell did you do?!?"

    She made sure he had food and water inside, and she laid rags all overh is body so he cooled down. She didn't want to do much else, so she laid down in the couch and she listened in case he did something. Truth be told, she wanted to also be sure she didn't do anythign else herself.


    Talen nodded to him, "Why not...we wait another week? Then we'll both crave each other so much it'll make us explode with desire! IF you can wiat that long that is!" He kissed his brow, looking down at his smaller, yet dominant friend. He smirked, "Are you doing to take that challenege?"
  7. When Dimaethor came to, he was tied to the bed and felt ice cold. Beginning to shiver, he pulled against the restraints, a panicky feeling filling him. At first, he didn't remember what happened or why he was tied up, but after a few seconds it came to him.

    "Demiel!" he shouted, reaching over to untie himself, but the elven knot was too intricate for him to get out by himself.


    "A week," he confirmed. "We'll just have to see if you can last that long." He smirked, sitting up. "Hungry? We can probably get something from the kitchens, since Oriske doesn't eat until eight." He smiled, leaning up to kiss Talen. "We might even be able to get some of the lord's tea, since he doesn't count. Come on," he said, taking Talen's hand and tugging on it playfully.
  8. Demiel had tied him when he was thrustign and nearly choking in the middle of the night, so she had to make sure he was okay. After she had heard him, the ropes had easily been tied to his wrists and ankles. She had tossed many blankets over him, but he must have cast them off. She sighed a bit more, knowing he had brought it on himself.

    "I'm here, Dimaethor." She slowly pet his arm unitl the jerking stopped, then the hand slid to the knot and pinched it, and it caeme loose enough for him to slide his hand out, "You were nearly dying last night when you started to shake. So I had to tie you down so you didn't hurt yourself." She also didn't entierly turst him yet, but he didn't need to know that yet. She did the other ankles and hands, muttering soothing words in elven and being gnetle with him, trying to make it clear that, between tehm, she wasn't the enemy.

    "Are you going to be okay?" She asked, making sure he was perfectly fine before finally releasing the knots altogether.


    "Shoudln't we take the 'lord' some tea first before we do that?" He mused, but did respodn to his summosn and followed. He was sure that he wanted to wait, but sometimes the way he reacted killed his determination. He did, still, however, smile and bounce along with him.
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