The Beautiful Island

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  1. Violet looked out at the sea, sighing quietly to herself.
    The island was calm and beautiful as always, but the people around her glared as they passed by.
    She never wanted to come here, and she wasn't welcome.
    She didn't fit in, and she didn't want to.

    The wind whispered things in her ears, and she turned to go back home.
    A new family was arriving.
    She'd better stay away this time- last time, things had gone horribly wrong.

    Now, it was time to wait.
  2. James wasn't as thrilled to move as he should've been. Changing his environment was simply unneeded at this time in his life. He stares at the ocean from a moving vans window, sitting in it, as its parked outside their new house. He remains in the car, not really wanting to get out yet.