The Beaty and the Dragon

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  1. Stephenie and her family got together to a picninc close to the black huge and misterious forest. Stephenie was only a child. she was about 8 years old and she loved to run around her parents and chase some butterflies. her long white hair was bended in two tails . her father played a bit with her woth the ball as her mother and their maid took a walk to talk a bit. Stephenie started to cough and her father picked her up and brought her to their blanket and laid her town giving her one of her pills. soon her father fell asleep and she got up and run into the forest. the wild life fascinated the 8 years child.she was touching the trees and running around loosing the path as she got deeper in the woods. suddenly she stopped and looked around . she started shivering a bit being afraid realising she is lost and started to cry loud and run even deeper in the forest
  2. Louis was asleep. In the deepest type of sleep, where everything around you is just black abyss, and all sounds sound like the crashing waves at the beach. He snorted abruptly, hearing something in the distance. It was a high-pitched scream. He got an instant headache. Louis dragged himself out of the giant pile of leaves he'd been lying in and flapped his wings broadly, sending the whole pile flying. His feet came up off the ground and he hovered above the forest. The scream sounded again. He flew towards it, his snout snarled, angry at whatever had just woken him up. His body was still heavy and numb from the nap. It hung in the air awkwardly, his legs dangling like a Raggedy Anne doll's. He found the source of the sound. He could see her up in the sky from a mile away, his eyes sharp and ready for action. He swooped down and opened his claws, ready to pick her up and tear her to shreds.
  3. Stephenie was still crying loud and running scratching her skin hard because of the low branches and bushes, making her pale skin rip and let the red warm blood slip out her wounds. she fell now as she stepped on something and her leg lost its stability making her fall on her stomach as she yelled loud and fell on the ground. she stood like that a while sobbing and slowly got on her knees wipping her tears and looking at her riped shirt and shorts. she felt a wird wind and looked up beeing the huge creature and froze in her place. as her eyes widened and heart started to beat a thousands times faster ready to get out her chest. she only could mumble ” papa... ” almost without moving her lips as she was staring at the the creature who was flying towards her
  4. Louis flew closer and closer to the girl. Closer. Closer. He squinted, about to dig his giant dagger-like claws into her face when he saw her age, and he forgot for a moment why he'd been angry. She couldn't have been more than 7 or 8. The family he'd once lived with had had a boy that age. He was evil to his parents, awful to relatives, but always he'd been nice to Louis, sneaking him scraps after dinner and sometimes sitting with him and talking to him... As if he were a person. The rest of the humans treated Louis like he was an extra. Like an unwanted add-on. The boy had seen more, though. Louis retracted his claws a bit, now not wanting to kill this creature, but to help it. He swooped down and picked her up by the armpits, cutting her skin a bit in the process. The air was growing colder, and the wind bit at his eyes as he flew speedily over the treetops.
  5. Stephenie almost fainted and the dragon flew close to her and her heart almost stopping as she covered her head with her little hands and whimpered loud , but the attack was late... and late.. soon she was picked up but the dragon scratched her skin making it bleed worst and making her whimper and starting to cry again . they were now so up in the air that she hugged the reature closing her eyes tght holding herself tight to the cold skin shivering hard because of the coldness and the fear
  6. Louis knew he couldn't keep the girl up in the air too long. It was way too cold for that. He had to find her guardian. He didn't know where that might be, though. He'd learned to speak a few human words when he'd lived with the family. But they didn't come out just right, and whenever he said his S's, a little bit of fire came out of his nose. He decided to try anyway. He cleared his throat loudly and began. "Where fam-uh-lee?" he asked slowly. His voice was very gruff, husky and raspy and very unclear. He slowed his flying down a bit to give the girl some audibility. The wind was loud and the swooshing sound his wings made when he flapped them didn't help. They dangled in the air like discolored clouds, the land below them so far down that the trees and greenery all looked to be one giant forest-colored blob.
  7. she was shivering hard because of the feer and when she heard him trying to talk she froze in her place without beig sure what to do now. she just pointed down to outside the forest in silence ”papa..” she muttered and started to sob again as her whote tails were blowed in the air and theyre bends broke and her hair was blewding spreading her scent evewywhere
  8. He looked to where the girl had pointed to and turned abruptly. His tail swung around so fast that it hit him in the side, causing a light throbbing pain to swallow the left side of his stomach. The girls pigtails somehow came loose and white hair hit him in the snout, a few strands tickling his nostrils and causing him to feel the need to sneeze. He knew that he couldn't, though. One achoo! and that little girl's head would be covered in fire and burnt to a crisp. He never did learn how to control his flame ability. When he needed it, it wouldn't work and when he didn't need it, things were burnt to the ground. He decided to try not to think about the annoying itch in his nose and to just fly as fast as he could to where the girl had pointed. As he got closer he could see the vague shape of humans. His ears worked well. Better than a cat or dog's, he could hear a pen roll off of someone's work desk and onto the ground from 2 miles away. The people below were packing up their things. "You forgot the napkins, dear." he heard a woman say. She must've been the mother. "No, they're in the basket. You didn't check." a man replied. He must've been the father. Louis nose-dived downward, trying to gain speed, and landed ungracefully onto the ground in front of the family.
  9. Stephenie was almost crying becuse of the fear again as she was holding herself really tight onto the dragon and as they landed she almost fainted but as she saw her mom and dad she started to cry again wihout being ble to let go on the dragon her eyes full of tears and clothes messed up and full of her own blood. Her mother yelled and covered her mouth fast as her father stepped closer to the dragon . he seemed to know the dragong from somewhere and mumbled a silent ”Louis?”
  10. Louis let go of the little girl and backed away from the family, ready to be through with the mess and wanting to go back to sleep. The man said his name. He heard it. He squinted at his face, wanting to remember him. He did. He was a friend of his ex-family. A close friend. He couldn't stay. He couldn't stay and risk the man telling the family his whereabouts. They would find him and keep him again. And make him work. And treat him horribly. He jetted. He turned around and flew away, his wings moving as fast as they could and his feet kicking the air, trying to propel him faster. He didn't go back to the forest, he didn't go anywhere in the direction at all. He flew toward the sky until he couldn't see what was under him. Until the ground looked all one shade of tannish brown. He found a grouping of clouds, all very fluffy and big. He blew his fire, the biggest and reddest blaze he'd ever blow, and burnt them until they were solid. Every dragon knows the only way to solidify a cloud is to burn it. He stopped when they became blackish and gray, and he laid on the largest one, ready to forget the day.
  11. stephenie cralwed to her father shiverig and still bleedig looking up in the sky. she never knew that dragons really existed. she wanted to remember this forever but she fainted and in her fell she hit her head and since that day she lost her memory and forgot about Louis.

    -12 years later-

    Stephenie was studying medicine like her father. she didnt really enjoyed it but her father was happy with her. it was getting late and she needed a break from studying. she got out the house and started to walk to the forest enar their house n silence
  12. Louis sat quietly in his livingroom, lonely as hell and in need of some interaction. From a human, from a dragon, from a rodent, anything. He lived in an abandoned building on the Southern side of a small town, in a lowly populated area, all by himself, with no one to communicate with. He ate the squirrels and other small creatures he could catch. Except the mice. He enjoyed their company. But he hadn't seen a mouse in months. He was a little to big to fit in the doorway to his home, but he managed. He told himself that one day he'd make it larger. But he never got around to it. After an hour of doing nothing but staring out of the window and thinking, he decided to go out and look for company. He pushed himself out of the front door and flew downtown without looking back. He landed on a busy street. A car swerved around him. A few people screamed. A news team was on the scene in less than five minutes. He was broadcasted onto every television in the nation in less than a second. He became famous. They wanted to give him everything. And they did. After they thought they'd gifted him all he wanted, they asked if he was finally satisfied with life. Louis said, "I'll never be happy. I want to be human. As long as I'm a reptile, I'll be forever self-hating." And so the humans granted this final wish. He was a 25 year old man with the face of a college student. They'd done a brain transplant. Apparently a guy in Pittsburgh had wanted to be a dragon. They were switched into eachother's bodies, and Louis was elated.
  13. Stephenie was one of the best students in her class. that day everybody talked abut the dragon and what happened. the whole town was in a total mess , everybdy arund the dragon and what was his wish. for her, nothing was too inteleresting. she was focusing on her studies and her health wouldnt let her het too excited. she was the ill girl who was barely smiling and having fun, always inside her room and focused on her studies. her skin was so pale sometimes you had the impression you could see through her. her white long hair was so long till her waist and wavy. she was taking care of her appearence but her illness was too strong and even if she was tring to hide it she never could
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