The Battle of Two Worlds

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  1. In the medieval the supernaturals were feared. In later ages, they earned the respect they deserved and were finally considered citizens like others, but they were often discriminated. On June of 2003 a law was created, stating all supernaturals should be treated equally to humans. Several years later this all changed.

    This roleplay is all about a great conflict between mortals and supernaturals. There will be death, danger and anything there is on a normal war. Except there's supernaturals' powers which spice things up.
    It's set in a grand metropolis, presumably American.

    Race: (if it's some fancy race I might not know, link to wiki page, plox)
    Appearance :
    Personality :
  2. [​IMG]
    "A purrrrfect day for grand combat nya~, is it not, my comrade?"

    Name: Bayashi-san
    Race: A Calico Cat. This might change via something I planned.
    Age: He doesn't tell. He does not wish to tell. But he's probably an adult.
    Personality : Bayashi is an arrogant little kitty, having abused his powers for a bit when he first gained it, to have advantages over other stray cats. His grand speed and jumping made him harder to shoo compared to the usual, old cat. He is now less arrogant, and willing to help others, human or cat, a sign that he is evolving into a hero...
    Origin of Powers: Originally a regular, flea-infested stray cat, Bayashi lived his life on the streets after his previous owner died. However, one day, lightning struck upon the poor little kitty while he was standing on high ground, meowing. His DNA was mildly infused with the DNA of the fleas that lived on him, granting him the extreme jumping capabilities of fleas. The lightning that flowed through him granted him extreme speed, extreme agility and evolved his intelligence and speech to human levels.​
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  3. I'll join. I'll have my CS up in a bit
  4. Are multiple characters allowed?
  5. A cat that talks? Accepted.
    Accepted too
    Yep. Up to 3.
  6. [​IMG]
    "I'm a modern magician, and a modern magician never leaves home without her tools!"

    Name: Lucy Claude
    Race: Human with magic capabilities(Witch)
    Age: 14
    Personality: Lucy is quite a wild kid, always charging in wildly without a second thought. She is not one to care about safety and isn't into plans, preferring earlier beatdowns. Her personality might change based on her various transformations.​
  7. Accepted.
  8. Name: "You want to know my name? It's Silvia. Silvia Kritnuff. "
    Race: "I can't hide what I am. I'm half animal, half human."
    Age: "Even if I look like I'm in high school, I'm actually 21..."
    Appearance : [​IMG]
    Personality : "Im not shy but..." Silvia tends to be less talkative when she gets nervous. She acts more confident when she is sure of herself. She also like to talk about things that people are interested in. She tries not to get angry as her animal side starts to become more noticeable. (Will reveal in rp)
  9. So, how many people do we need to start? I can't wait to jump and ride.

    And die. Real hard.
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  10. Accepted
    To be honest, we already have enough. I'm hoping for 1-2 more people before we really start.
    And by really I mean shooting, murdering and stuff.
    Here's the IC
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  11. I can't wait to start! I will have my reply by tomorrow afternoon.
  12. - Name Lycus Gregory Jethwroth the third
    -Age 32 (looks to be 20)
    -Gender Male
    -Race: Lycan (Like from underworld but I've made my own changes. Here is the first of the two changes, when lycus is in human form he has wolf ears. The second change is that in, lycan form lycus is larger then the underworld lycans.
    changes aren't cool shoot me a pm also I was wondering what lore I should go with regarding a lycans weaknesses?)

    Appearance. Human form only hes alot more bulky.[​IMG]

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  13. Accepted I guess.
  14. Why only you guess was something not right?
  15. No, no... just a bit of troble reading your writing, but i guess I do understand what you meant.
  16. Sigh I'll edit what dont you understand?
  17. This.
  18. Look at it now also what about weakness is sliver acceptable?
  19. Ok, now that works. And silver seems to be a decent weakness. i mean, it is the weakness for werewolves (or at least in this rp) and lycans seem to be similar
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