The Battle Of The Fallen

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Kitty Kat

Original poster
Hey so just wanted to see if this is an ok idea for a role play, if i get enough interest ill start right away :).

Basic Plot

A war as old as time its self, Chosen Angels Vs Fallen or Dark Angels. The Fallen angels have been sent to earth by Lucifer (aka the DEVIL! lol) to corrupt and harvest as many human souls as possiable, the Chosen Angels have been sent down from heaven to stop them and keep earth safe. But its not that simple Both angels can hide their wings and appear normal, the Fallen have released horrible beasts as their minions, and their are some special humans known as Seers who can see an angels true form even when they are hidden.

Who You Can Play

A Fallen Angel
Fallen angels are the slaves of Lucifer an eternal punishment for their mortal sins, but some choose to become these fearsome creatures most have only darkness in their souls. they look like normal humans when they choose it but in their natural form they have coal black wings and blood and pale skin. They feed on fear its what drives them, they suck it out of a persons soul causing great pain and sometimes even death. The Fallen can summon hells creatures to their will and command them to do their bidding.The Fallen are most powerful at night under a full moon. ((but nothings set in stone, you can be a fallen angel who is secretly good, or working for the Chosen or even a double agent.))

A Chosen Angel
Angels are the protectors of earth and the keepers of peace, they too appear normal but have pure white wings and, skin with a slight golden sheen and silver blood. The Chosen can bend the element of air to their will and they can also call upon animals to assist them, they are powerful but the dark angels drain them. They need to be around churches, crosses and holy water, it is when they are at their most powerful. ((once again get creative! you could be an evil spy, double agent, wishing to join the Fallen))

A Seer
Seers are humans who have the ability to see angel's true forms even when they are hidden, Their skills are highly regarded by both sides. They have been either hired or forced to expose angels true forms. ((will add more if anyones interested, you can be good, bad, neutral))

A Minion
You can be a summoned minion of the Fallen but you don't have to do as your told ;) PM me with character ideas. ((be good or bad its up to you))

Or just a normal human :)
Self-Explanatory :P

Anyone Interested?

I'll plug whatever gap is left after the nooblets have taken all the cool motorcycle-riding double-agent sarcastic play-by-my-own-rules stick-it-to-the-man roles.

I could fill the Archangel or Archdemon role if you need a snooty leader.
Sounds interesting....I've been itching for a darker angelic role for a while now, though it remains to be seen if I can get back in a regular posting habit :)
Asmodeus ~ great :) i need someone to be the leader of the fallen its yours if you want it

Myrnodyn ~ Hope you can join :)
Hmm, I assumed I'd have to play the loyalist leader, since everyone else would want to stick it to the man.

But okay...
Can we be demons if so then in the way of napoleon dynamite.....Heck yes I'm in
I'm interested in a Fallen Angel turned spy for the Chosen.
Asmodeus~ you can play whoever you want :)

Gilliad~ yes you can be demons

Celcius~ sounds good :)

OCC is under construction ill be busy today and tomorrow so it will be up first thing this Monday morning :)