The Battle for the Blue Realm: Eastwood

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Characters for the Eastwood Blue Realm Roleplay and the OOC for @LogicfromLogic and @DJae Writer Chick.


Onvi (On-v) Redwood
Ageless, born in the Bronze Age
Gender Identity
Cisgender Male
Sexual Orientation
Marital Status
Married to Eeran (pronounced Ear-ran)
Eeran Redwood (wife)
Lannie Redwood (daughter)

Occupation and Position
Warrior, Tactician
Blue Dragon
Position on the War
He's completely on the side of the ancient dragons as well as the benefit of his own tribe. Without kind and fair leadership the lands will fall into chaos and ruin.

Hair Colour
Dark Brown
Hair Length and Style (includes beard)
He has short, curly hair on top with a beard that connects at the sideburns, stretching over his mouth. It is a thick beard but not long; enough to make him look like a try highlander.

He's got a long stretched out scar from his hip, across his stomach and up to his left pectoral from a duel as a child. He almost died in that fight, but won his title of warrior at the age of ten for surviving it.
He's got the Warrior's of Braith tattoo, which is a falcon with flames on it's wings on his back.



General Personality
Inner Personality
Best Traits
Worst Traits

Weapon of Choice
Hand to Hand

Childhood History
General History

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Description for the In Character

The Blue Realm once was a place of great beauty. The world was peaceful, ruled by dragons, inhabited by many creatures of what we humans would call myth. They lived in a peaceful state for many, many generations. Their last battle, well, rather war, was with the mortals for enslaving dragon kind and the brutal slaughter of many beings of the world. There was once a great battle for this land and their freedom; the humans were driven out of power and back to other lands. Since then, the land has been blessed with peace.

That was until the Reapers came. They were these evil creatures from an unknown land, no being had seen their likes. They tore through cities and towns, burning, killing, torturing and maiming. Eventually, the dragons reformed an army and attacked a settlement that belonged to the Reapers. The Reapers proved themselves to be powerful; it took twenty fully grown warriors to take just one down. None of those warriors survived the fight with just one Reaper. The army was slaughtered, their heads put on spikes as an example of the Reaper's power.

Not since the Age of Slavery had a dragon been killed without the use of iron. The realm fell into death, shadow, darkness. The day became a forever starless night, hope faded. But as the years passed, the citizens of the Blue Realm became weakened and beaten back, however, there were those who would always stand to oppose them. A war has begun, all corners of the world. From the Rangers of the Great East Woods to the Warriors of the Perth in the West, to the Northern Water Dragons to the Assassins of the Greater South, all gathered to fight those of whom tore the peace out of the land.
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