The Battle for King of the Mamodo World

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  1. Hello it's Raven again. Not sure how many have noticed my new avatar pic and before that my new vid in signature. But it's all from the show Zatch Bell. I am here for I have an idea for an RP. First I wanted to see who might be interested before doing signups or even developing much of my own characters.

    Every 1000 years there is a battle in another world. This world is called the Mamodo world. There are many different types of creatures called the Mamodo who come to earth to fight for the throne of king. However there is only up to 100 Mamodo who join in this fight to be king. Some jut want to to prove they are all powerful, some for a evil pleasure, some to be a protector, or even to be kind. These are some of the past Mamodo's goals for king.

    Also a key thing you will need to know is that each Mamodo gets a book, that book allows them to be on Earth after a battle and if it burns they go back to the Mamodo world. Basically this won't happen if the battle is considered a tie by PM/OOC then was said so also in IC then perhaps because it was an agreed training battle. Then those cases the book probable would survive other than that it would mostly be by luck of a dice.
    This RP can go two ways, one we have it take place before the 1000 years where Zatch Bell and the other's of the show came fight to be King, during, or after.

    I myself prefer the idea of before or after and I'll explain my thoughts that is the same for all before going into much detail of just one.

    So to keep this a bit less bais most battles will be done with dice rolls as they heat up to more than say the first spell. Two you should't make the two characters auto-partners but look for an RPer that you feel fits your Mamodo's book. Which I know seems odd if we do Cannon so with this said find someone who seems to like the same team and decide who's who and it doesn't have to be the same person for say a possible second characters team. I understand some might just want to be the owner of a book or just the Mamodo trying to be king which is fine by me. Just might be harder to stay the whole time but I have ideas for this as well.

    Okay so I feel there is place for three ideas to get the RP started when the time comes as well. Which only depends on when this might can start so I won't worry you with that now.

    I wish to be aware of more than just 5 but at least 10 interest say about 20 or more if possible would be great because it is meant to be a possibility to be up to 100 Mamodo.

    Any questions please post here. Any interest also please post here. That's all I have to share on this for now.
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  2. And by start well School is coming to an end this year and the start of summer on the way for me. So planning for the RP if any interest can be before and the start of. And then if things go well soon after the start of Summer Sign Ups and OOC thread then the IC soon after that can be made.
  3. I'm interested! I have a Mamodo character i wrote forever ago that I've had no way to use...
    I have a couple suggestions, primarily being that we just do an AU instead of the battle before or after the one in the series, it's just simpler that way and we can easily reuse a few canon mamodo for bad guys here and there instead of making up almost every one of them (it takes a LOT of effort to properly come up with spells)
    Second, I highly doubt there'll be that much interest, let alone that many people actually sticking around for the rp, it'd be cool but I wouldn't count on it, sorry if I seem pessimistic

    lastly, Spell Nomenclature this will GREATLY help anyone who wants to make a mamodo character, huge list of all prefixes, suffixes, and everything else that goes into the incantation of a spell, I'd suggest making up your own root though to make it a bit more original though :3
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  4. Well I've never um been good at AU type anything bit for this Id be willing to try just might take on a CoGm then. But part of why I said to see interest here and questions was to get an idea what others thought anyways.

    Cause like I said I have at least 3 ideas to approach this.
  5. throwing in my interest
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  6. So I've heard from a friend they are also interested and they are on Iwaku they just don't feel like appearing up just yet. But that makes a possible 4 interest now if I cont myself.

    Still looking for a few others. Summer is also almost here for me so I will be active and be able to start up an OOC and Character Sign Ups soon after more interest.
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