The Battle Between Darkness and Light OOC

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  1. @The Dreamer.... @xxDarkest_Assassinxx @Galhalho

    I went ahead and made you guys an OOC thread. Please remember that any post that is not an In Character roleplay post should go in an OOC forum (this means posts that are ONLY character bios, and posts that are OOC chatter)



    There is these allignments you can follow

    Pure good
    It never wants to destroy anything Innocent

    Chaotic good
    A chaotic good is someone who will do ANYTHING to save the poeple nad other things same if it kills lots and lots of innocents

    Pure Evil

    Pure evil is a evil genius allignment its not "Watch the world burn" its torture people mentaly,physical etc

    Chaotic Evil
    It is a "Watch the world burn" and "Destroy everythign in sight" kind of evil, it makes all people suffer slowly and watches it for it's own pleasure

    Character application:
    Powers(Max is 3)(Optional):
    Faction(Depends on your allignment):
    Curse(If any):
    Blessing(if any):
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  2. xxDarkest_Assassinxx said:

    Character application:
    Name: Aragon Ventori
    Race: Fallen angel
    Age: 17
    Powers: telekinesis, flight, healing
    Alignment: The brotherhood of Light
    Faction: (not entirely sure how this works...)
    Curse: short temper
    Blessing: Help of the heavens
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. Galhalho said

    Sorry i jsut posted the allignment system but the Faction works like this: Evil= Legion of darkness Good=Brotherhood of light
    Ill give you an example with an actuall character of mine:

    Powers:Control darkness,Control Evil Forces,Control elements
    Allignment:Pure Evil
    Faction:Legion of Darkness
    Curse:The Essence shard of Ravhan
  4. xxDarkest_Assassinxx Said:

    Oh, well my person is good with the brotherhood of light
  5. The Dreamer... said

    [​IMG]Name: Dark
    Race: -.- Ill shock you Demon
    Age: -.- like I know what age I am. i gusses 16 if you look at me.
    Powers(Max is 3)(Optional):
    1.Speed. (all the time) I always had this.
    2.control shadows. (sometimes) I hate it when I need the most sometimes It wont work.
    3. reading minds (no control just read). (all the time) they won't shut up only if i shut them up
    Allignment: I'm pure good but I really don't care about whats going on people can go to heaven or hell if they wanted to. I just don't kill people that are Innocent. so i'm not that Cold. so yeah Pure Good. I guess.
    Faction(Depends on your allignment): um Brother hood of Light...... Real don't care
    Curse(If any): well No one likes me not even the devil himself. also i lost an eye. also I know what your curse is knowing me
    Blessing(if any): Nope. not that i know of
  6. Name: Egnora
    Race: Witch
    Age: 21
    Powers: control of objects, control of all of earths elements, Control of minds (Only works when someone opens their mind to her so you can choose wether or not she can control you)
    Alignment: Chaotic evil
    Faction: legion of darkness
    Curse: Vanity
    Belling: Beauty
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