The Battle Between Darkness and Light (APPLICATION/OOC THREAD)

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    There is these allignments you can follow

    Pure good
    It never wants to destroy anything or kill anything simply do the right thing

    Chaotic good
    A chaotic good is someone who will do ANYTHING to do what it thinks it is right same if it kills lots and lots of innocents

    Pure Evil

    Pure evil is a evil genius allignment its torture people mentaly,physical etc

    Chaotic Evil
    It is a "Watch the world burn" and "Destroy everything in sight" kind of evil, it makes all people suffer slowly and watches it,Kill anything that bothers it and it can destroy entire cities and all those things just for it's own pleasure

    Character application:
    Powers(Max is 5)(Optional):
    Faction(Depends on your allignment):
    Curse(If any):
    Blessing(if any):
    Power Rank(1-10):
    Fame Rank(1-10):
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  2. I would like to join but what kind of species can you be?
  3. Your alignments aren't exactly accurate. It's lawful good, chaotic good, lawful evil, and chaotic evil. Chaotic and lawful have to do with your social alignment. I.E. following the rules and morals of the masses. Here this might help. n.n
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