The Battle Arena

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  1. Greeting and welcome to the Battle arena

    Inside there is many battle arenas to fight in and a bar to have a drink and wait for challengers

    1. Create your character here (More details below)
    2. All Drinks are free so help yourself. you'll be surprised what you find there
    3. One and One Battles only in turn to turn bases
    4. Both people must accept the challenge
    5. while in battle if no post within 3 days you forfeit the match
    6. Every 3 wins you level up. gain 3 points
    7. One Character per person
    8. Start at Lv1
    9. Your character won't die he will re spawn at the bar but it will hurt like you never experienced before. You definitely will need a drink afterwards.
    You have 25 points to spend

    LV: 1
    Hp (Health) 50+
    Att (attack) 0+
    Def (Defence) 0+
    Sp att (Special attack) 0+
    Sp def (Special Defence) 0+
    spd (Speed) 0+


    Highest speed attacks 1st

    Say your dodge move or getting whacked sentence (if applicable) then use your move

    then roll 6 dice

    If you roll 6 1s you messed up completely and miss your next attack
    If you roll 4 or more 1s you have missed him/her or s/he dodged
    If you roll 4 or more 6s opponent losses half of max hp
    If you roll 6 6s instant win

    If none of the above depending on your move if it was physical or magical
    add the 3 highest dice with your att/def and take away your opponents def/sp def What ever the answer your opponent will lose that much Hp. If the answer goes into minus oppenment loses 1hp instead.

    Any rule changes will be a 2 weeks in advance
    Please be honest with your stats when fighting pen and paper might come in handy I'll post my character later

    When finished Arena is open
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Horus
    Race: Ice Dragon
    LV: 1
    Hp (Health) 50+ 4
    Att (attack) 0+ 4
    Def (Defence) 0+ 4
    Sp att (Special attack) 0+ 4
    Sp def (Special Defence) 0+ 4
    spd (Speed) 0+ 5

    "Duuuuude, Horus here, going to have fun here. Come on give me a challenge,"