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  1. Sometimes the trails we are placed through prove to be too much for us to handle, but what if you choose to keep going, to not give up when the odds are stacked against you? Well, in this case, that would make you a survivor. In a world of mutants, there isn't much hope to go around, but if you can muster up the amount needed to make it through each day spiritually, great! But that is only one-fourth the battle because a mutant isn't going to care whether or not you hope you will make it through this nightmare of a life, all a mutant cares about is the kill and well you are the prey. So it's time to face it. It's kill or be killed.


    Life was never an easy thing for Jocelyn. Losing her father at a young age was devastating enough, but then her mother and brother were slaughtered in front of her by a pack of hellhounds; things never seemed to let up for her. It was one sad event after the other, but eventually Jocelyn had enough and worked to become the cold scavenger leader that many see before them. She knew that the only way to survive in this world would be to face the horrors that lurked in world and kill them. However, Jocelyn couldn't help but think about what life would be like if things were different. If she still had her family, if the apocalypse never took place. What era would she have been born into?

    Jocelyn's feet ached as they marched on the hard dry ground. Step by step, she heard the crunching of the earth beneath her boot. Death Valley was no easy task to complete and this was her eight time crossing, second on foot. Being the leader of a scavenger unit kept one extremely busy, and well Jocelyn never really saw such a thing as down time. She was thankfully for that. Down time wouldn't have prepared her to live outside of the city walls. To sleep in the cold while creatures walked about ready to tear to pieces at a moments notice. To lead the people she loved like brother and sister to safety... or what she prayed was safety, but no one ever knew what they were getting their hands into now a days.
    The Community, as many of the scavengers called it, was nearing and the mood of the group seemed to lighten. It had been a while since anyone in the group had came to the community and even then it wasn't like you could do much with it. Everything was locked and the tools and effort it took into opening it would draw more attention your way than wanted. Now there was no option but to break into the community. However, getting to the gate, Jocelyn noticed the gate was slightly open. "Huh?" She mumbled. It wasn't normal for the gates to be open at all.

    Jocelyn's right hand slightly hovered over her gun for a quick withdraw from its holster if a mutant, or unfriendly humans, laid inside. "Stay on guard." She called to the rest of the ground as she pushed the gate slowly open with her other hand.

    Location: The front gate of the Community.


    Being the new girl some where was never an easy task. You had to earn new peoples trust, make new friends, learn the system, and know who to stay clear of at all cost. Adia was that new girl. Born in the wild, raised by a man that barely spoke English, and fought for her right to be alive. Adia was in fact different than most to everyone else she ever met. She never had a stable home. She slept in almost every tree imaginable or the dry crusty ground of Death Valley. Adia was the true survivor which was why she chose to stay with the group. They were just now beginning their journey to surviving without a home where as this was her everyday. If she could help in any way she was going to.
    Walking a little bit behind the others, Adia watched their surroundings. There had been too many attacks within the last few days not to. She knew that Jocelyn and Oscar were somewhere in the front of the pack and well it wasn't like she was going to really do anything productive by being near them. She sighed as she looked to her left. The vast desert land had a unique beauty to it. It wasn't your standard beauty like a waterfall or sunset it was something different. Looking out at the horizon, she noticed a red tint to it. "Hmm." He hummed. Adia remembered Beady telling her that if red set on the horizon as the sun was high in the sky than bad news was sure to come your way, this made Adia even more alert to her surroundings.
    As the group neared the Community that Jocelyn had conversed with her about, she smiled a bit. She could totally go for a break right about now. She needed to dress her wound from a previous battle and possibly get some sleep in before night fell. Adia was always a night owl...and liked to stay up during the day, so it really depended on when she felt her body needed to the sleep. Sleeping in time like this was never really the best option to have.
    When Adia figured it to be clear, she passed the group and walked up to Jocelyn. She put her hand in front of her. "Shh. Someone lives here." She warned, pointing down to the foot prints that were on the ground. They were faint and almost invisible, but Adia wasn't new to the game of tracking. Adia walked in the gate slowly as she followed Jocelyn. The community was pretty run down for the most part, but the walls were solid and few buildings stood tall. The most important building being the infirmary. Adia glanced around for a moment before standing up straight and walking towards the infirmary without worry. "Who ever was here is out at the moment!" She announced to the rest of the group.
    Once inside the infirmary, Adia found a chair to sit in, in the waiting room. Taking her satchel off, she dug into the side of it. Getting out some of her herbal made medicines, and some gauze wrap, she started to tend to the wound on her right side towards the front. Being bit by a baby screamer was fun, but she was grateful it wasn't a adult screamer. She wouldn't have walked away from that encounter if she had. Though she wasn't at all excited at putting an infant, even if it was a mutant, to sleep. It just felt wrong in a way. She rubbed the gel like ointment onto the wound as it stung a bit. Others filed into the room and took a seat. Adia put the gauze on along with some medical tap before putting her shirt back down. She then returned the supplies to her satchel.

    Location: Waiting room in Infirmary.


    Catastrophic was an understatement for how Joshua's week was going. Catastrophic was not the word that would fit how he truly felt about this past week. Though he did feel like he could make someone feel the way he felt by simply telling them that the devil was stalking them and wishing to watch them killed at any second he felt fit to take their souls to the depths of hell. But what could he do about it now? The only thing he could do about the situation was to fight for his life and the lives of those around him, especially Oscar. Oscar was one of the few Joshua was willing to put his life on the line for, seeing that he was Joshua's boyfriend.
    Idly following after the rest of the group as they entered the community, Joshua clued back into the reality his life was set in. He groaned in his mind as he watched people walk by him as he stood frozen in the middle of the street. He really wasn't injured, besides the head injury he obtained fighting off a hell hound earlier that morning, so he decided to take a look around the past for a little bit. Getting to know the ins and outs of the place they would be staying at was smarter than sitting in a room while someone looked at a wound that would heal after a weeks time. He nodded to Jocelyn, silently letting her know what his plans were, before walking off in the opposite direction than the infirmary was located in. Besides he knew that Vi would be in the infirmary doing her whole "let me help you become better" thing. Vi and Joshua really weren't on the best terms seeing that he threw her into a stream the other day.
    Walking by some broke down houses, Joshua noticed one that looked pretty much in tact. The house was a lot bigger than most of the other ones. Maybe if it was well built the group could stay in it or even use it as a unofficial meeting spot for those godforsaken talks about survival. Getting to the door, Joshua tried the handle, but it was locked. "Great." He said, before walking around the wrap around porch to a window that looked at little easier to pry open than the other ones were. Joshua took out his pocket knife and wedged it between the seal of the window and the base. After wiggling the knife around for a few the window started to come open. Joshua then put the knife away and pushed open the window. "Yes." He mumbled his victory. It was occasionally good to celebrate the smaller things in life. he then crawled into the window. "Well I'll be damned." He said as he looked around the place. It was fully furnished and had a fire place in almost every room. Going through each room, he found five bedrooms, two bathrooms with water working, and of course two living rooms and a dining with a full sized kitchen that could cook food for a jail. "This is perfect." He said to himself as he silently rejoiced in his mind.

    Location: House down the block from the Infirmary.
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  2. [​IMG]

    |Location: Outside Of Gate-The Infirmary|Mood: Calm & Relaxed, For Once|Outfit: Look|

    Vi was getting tired and annoyed with going through the freaking Death Valley soo many times. She had seen others be killed and she had killed mutants, with Justice fighting right beside her the whole time. Justice was more loyal than most humans were to Vi, that dog was like her best friend in this fucked up world. She and the whole group, the ones that had survived the trip, were almost to some dead village or town, and Vi couldn't wait to get there. "Come on boy!" She ushered Justice with her towards the gate, glad that they finally were there. She stopped in her tracks when she heard Joce tell them to keep their guards up. She could hear Justice growl next to her. He was ready, as usual to rip a mutant to pieces. Vi took out her katana, not knowing if she should use her claw weapons or that, depending on what shot out towards them. She walked into the gate. "Really..." She noticed no one was around, and the new girl, Adia, confirmed it. She smirked in Jocelyn's direction. "Nice one Joce." She walked off towards the infirmary, flipping off Joshua in the process. Justice came right with her, not leaving her side. The dog was pretty big, if he stood on two legs... he would be taller than her just by a few inches. She noticed that Adia was fixing herself up, she was impressed with the newbie. "Nice work. I might have to have you as my assistant when I tend to these guys." She pointed towards three of the scavengers that had bad cuts on their legs from an encounter with a hell hound. Vi was with the three when it happened, if it wasn't for her cutting it's head off, no telling what would have happened to the trio.

    "Boys, come over here." She waved them over with her gloved hands. The first boy's cuts were the worst. Vi could see fresh flesh, luckily they were in a medical station of sorts, so she could tend to his wounds carefully. Vi took out a glass jar from her own bag and started spreading the blood red cream on the man's leg. She could tell that the boy wanted to scream in pain, he hid it well... but tears were forming in his eyes. Vi only gave a small chuckle. "You guys act soo manly on the battlefield, but you can't take a little sting." She shook her head, wrapping his leg up and sending him off. "Next!" Vi would be the one doing this most of the time, she was the "resident nurse" with this group. She was the one who knew most of the natural ways to make ointments and creams to keep an infection from growing into a virus or something like that. Vi learned all of this from her deceased mother when she was a kid. She learned how to fight from her father, and she learned how to stay safe from her mother. Everytime Vi thought of her parents she would feel tears start to form in her eyes, but this time Justice started to lick her face. "Justice! Come on." She smirked at the dog, and rubbed his head. Vi wiped her face from all the dog slobber, she could never seem to keep people or animals from messing up her make up.

    Most people in this situation would think Vi was shallow for caring about her looks, when people were being killed left and right... and if you told her that, you would be hitting the ground right after saying those words. The whole group knew that no matter how tough and badass Vi was, when it came to her looks and style, she was a total girly girl. She went into her bag to get her eyeliner, and than she started fixing her now messed up make up. "Thanks for that." She looked annoyed at Justice, who just lowered his head and laid into her lap as she sat down on the floor. While doing that, Vi looked at Adia. "So new girl... I mean Adia, what did you do before you met us? I mean, me and you never really talk at all. I respect that you are not a talkative person, I actually like that you aren't a talkative person." She sat her eyeliner back into her bag. "Since we actually have a moment to relax, let's chat." She moved Justice off her lap and sat in the chair next to Adia. Justice grunted but laid onto the floor.

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  3. Ryan Mach


    As a general rule Ryan was not one given to wild flights of paranoia or suspicion. In this case though as he entered with the rest of the group everything just felt wrong or off. They’d been to deserted cities and outposts before but this one just felt odd to Ryan. The gate was open but the rest of the place was locked up. It didn’t appear to him that there was a struggle with the mutants or that there was a struggle with another group. For a place this size there was no way that this all belonged to just one person.

    Ryan entered in slowly with his sawed-off shotgun ready to go at a moment’s notice as the others went on their way. His Grandfather Ken would tell him that the real story here isn’t what they were seeing it was what they weren’t seeing. Ryan shook his head and chuckled at how his Grandfather would tell him something most of the time. Ryan told him that he always sounded like he should be writing fortunes for Chinese fortune cookies. Ken smiled and replied, “Hey who doesn’t love a good fortune cookie?”

    Ryan closed his eyes and just stood in the middle of what best could be described as the main compound just a few yards in front of the main gate. He didn’t move or even acknowledge others around him at that time. He was shifting into, what the others called, “Detective Mode”. Once Ryan had gathered his thoughts he would then just start wondering around in an almost hypnotic state for about five minutes trying to get a read on a situation.

    After a few moments of gathering his thoughts and getting a feel for things Ryan opened his eyes and began just walking around. He studied the footprints that Adia had spotted and made a note. Along the way he made mental observations and each observation he made just added more questions. There was a part of him that was somewhat frustrated because it was situations like this his Grandfather would’ve solved everything in a matter of minutes, and sounded a lot like a Chinese fortune cookie too. That thought made Ryan chuckle as he walked onto the Guard Towers. He checked out a couple of them and didn’t see any evidence of shell casings, any footprints to indicate someone had been in there, or any blood indicating someone had been shot. Ryan’s next stop was the Supply Building. It was locked but from what he could see through the windows it was fairly well stocked up. Ryan saw enough to start making some conclusions.

    He approached Jocelyn and said, This is a perfect set-up. Too perfect if you ask me. First this place is too big for just one person there was a group here. Supplies and an infirmary tells me that. Second the footprints that Adia found are less than 24 hours old with all the wind and dust in this area they should be covered by now. Third from what I can see the Supply Building is fully stocked when they left it wasn’t planned out even the most basic of survival supplies are still here. Forth the Guard Towers are clean. No shell casings, no blood nothing. Fifth no evidence of a Mutant assault here. No carcasses, no droppings, no dead bodies, no damage. Whatever happened here these people wanted to leave and leave quickly. That’s not to say that they might be back at some point, but the front gate standing wide open, and not to mention unguarded is not a sign of a group who cares about who comes in here.

    Ryan looked around one more time and said, “We also need to consider the possibility that what happened here was human against human. That there were a group of marauders who kidnapped everyone and are getting ready to use them in the slave trade.” He looked at Jocelyn and said, “Like my Grandfather told me, ‘Beware of the wolves in flesh.’ Just something to consider.” Ryan nodded and smiled as he said, “Yeah I know he sounded like a Chinese fortune cookie.”

    Ryan went into the infirmary and sat down on a cot. He opened up a pouch which contained his “Kit.” It was what he called his diabetic testing kit. It didn’t have the regular test strips, needles, rubbing alcohol, or insulin, but his Grandfather taught him how to use certain leaves, roots, and plants to help him control it. Not to mention Vi and Adia made sure he was okay as well. Luckily there were plenty of people in the group that knew enough about dealing with medical issues that Ryan felt his diabetes wouldn’t kill him. After he tested his blood sugar and saw it was a little on the low side Ryan began nibbling on a root that would help elevate it.

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  4. Vann Carson, Maverick Colt, Gail Nolan

    Taylor Kinney - Vann Carson.jpg JUSTIN-PASSMORE-LOFFICIEL-HOMMES-CONCRETE-JUNGLE-SEPTEMBER-2015-4.jpg Susan-Coffey-Top-Wallpapers.jpg

    Death Valley; Rock in the Middle of nowhere (Lion King soundtrack :V)

    "Seriously?" Maverick cocked his eyebrow at the row of cards that Gail laid down on the rock. "Clearly a hand. Now HAND it over." She smirked deviously under the cloth that wrapped her face the way only her bright blue eyes could be seen. It was not a secret that her pale skin was being horrible exposed to the dust and sun as it was in the Death Valley. Maverick rubbed his beard in annoyance and wiped the sweat of his forehead with the old t-shirt that he kept thrown over his shoulders as a towel. "Bullshit! You are cheating...somehow...and that pun is stupid." But the truth was, he really sucked at playing card games at the temperatures like that. His ability to memorize row of cards in the game of Rummy was close to zero. Gail lifted her arm and chuckled. "You are such a sour looser. Hand it over." Maverick sighed and dropped his cards face down, reaching behind his back. "Knock yourself out." He smirked and threw her a bottle of drinkable water. "Make sure it lasts, I am all out." Gail nodded. "Will do, captain." She got up and stretched. The view from the rock they were settled on was anything but promising. Everywhere she looked, there was nothing but dessert. Long, scorching and lifeless. "So, smartass. Where to now?" Packing the rest of his stuff, Maverick laid down and leaned on his now full backpack, using it as a highly uncomfortable pillow. "Oh? Thought you loved it here. I was planing for three of us to maybe dig out a nice underground cave and live here like a bunch of hipsters." Gail grabbed a tiny pebble and threw it towards Maverick. It hit him in the temple and he jerked. "Hey! What was that for?" She calmly replied. "Get to digging, lazy hog."

    "I would rather save my strength for the way ahead." Vann Carson spoke as he approached and stood under the rock. Gail looked down as Vann climbed up. "Any news?" As he sat himself comfortably next to Maverick, he sighed. "Well. The good news it that we do not have a long way to go till we get to a fertile land again. That is if it didn't spread by the last time I was around here. Quite a long time ago if I may add." Gail shook her head. "I don't think so. That would be way too fast, according to mother nature." Vann nodded. "I suppose." Maverick peeked at him. "And the bad news?" Vann replied. "The bad news, we might have a company." Maverick sat up quickly. "Another group?" He wasn't a fan of group gatherings. The last time they ran onto one, it didn't really went well and he was more than hesitant to do it again. Vann shrugged briefly. "I am not quite sure. There is a bunch of diverse tracks of which some are highly disturbed by sand and dust. But if I had to guess, I would rather assume that it is exactly what we will be dealing with ahead of us." Gail nodded and tighten the wrap when warm wind blew more dust in her direction. Now she looked like a really strange ninja. "That or a bunch of body parts and really hungry mutants." Maverick chuckled. "Wow. Optimistic as usual." It was a sarcastic reference to her usually highly optimistic attitude. She replied mockingly. "Learned from the best." He shrugged. "You are welcome, toots."

    Vann proceeded. "Whatever or whoever it was, we need to head forward. Gather your stuff." He looked down at spread cards deck. "You were playing that silly game again? That isn't even fair. Those cards are too damaged to be considered valid anyway. No wonder Maverick wins every single time..." Maverick interrupted him gathering the cards. "Gail won this time." Vann looked at him, highly surprised. Ever since he met them, he witnessed no game where Maverick lost. Especially not the card games. "Is that so? Congratulations, miss Nolan." Gail started flexing her comically lightly toned biceps muscles. "I am the Lord of cards, the Red Queen, you may bow down peasants! I will steal all of your water!" She chuckled and jumped down, Vann chuckled and grabbed Maverick's row of cards that were still turned face down, flipping them face up to reveal the hand as well. He smirked. "You had a hand before she did, didn't you?" Leaning briefly to see if Gail was far away enough, Maverick mumbled. "You saw nothing, you heard nothing." With that, he grabbed cards and his backpack and climbed down the rock. Vann nodded to no one in particular and got up. Maverick Colt never ceased to amaze him.


    Approaching the Community walls

    "I have a feeling we are chasing ourselves some ghosts here, Vann." Vann looked around. "Don't let your guard down just yet." After hours of constant walking through the Death Valley, the finally reached it's edge and there was still no mutants nor humans to be found. "Can't complain. I am happier to handle as less idiots as possible." Maverick mumbled. "But it was nice to think something interesting might happen in this shit hole. I needed that." Before he could complain more, Gail let out a mild 'pssst' sound and two males turned to her. She signaled them to approach and lay low. "I found them." They joined her, laying on top of the dune, looking at the big walled facility in front of them. "Stay low. We need to make sure it is clear." She said ans she dropped her backpack, searching for something. Vann cleared his throat. "Easier said than done." He was referring to his hulky body. Being tall and muscular wasn't really going to help him to keep the low profile. Maverick used his opportunity. "Oh. That is OK. I am pretty sure you can come off as a rock...or a hippo." He yelped and swore when Gail reached and smacked him upside the head while looking through the binoculars she obtained not so long ago. They came in quite handy at this point. "Focus! Take a look." Maverick grabbed the binoculars and looked through. "Well great. Now what?" It was clear that the facility was already occupied. "What what?" Gail shrugged narrowing her eyes at him over the scarf. "We go there and say hello." Vann nodded. "If there is another group, we need to let them at least be aware of our presence. I do not want to get chased while being mistaken for a tank...again." Maverick rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Are. You. Fucking. KIDDING me?! You will just walk in there, not knowing their business here?" Gail shook her head. "No. We will test it out first. They do not know our business here either. We are on the same boat here, don't you think?" Maverick kept silent for the moment before he growled, cocking his guns. "I swear if I hear even ONE 'Jesus loves you' shit, I will greet them with a headshot each." Gail couldn't help but chuckle at the weird antics of the previous group that for some reason thought an atheistic and grumpy Maverick needed some Jesus in his life. Her mind deliberately skipped the image of the moment when they all died. She didn't wish to recall it.

    "I will go first. Through the main gate." Gail and Maverick glared at him. "Are you insane? What are you, a god damn Hulk's twin?" Vann proceeded calmly, ignoring Maverick's rant. "I said. I will go through the front door. You two will have my back. If you are able to climb that high, that is." Gail examined the high wall that surrounded the community and nodded. "Piece of cake, officer." Maverick agreed. During their not so famous times, they tended to do a lot of crazy crap and climbing that wall was nowhere near as crazy. "Fine. My condition still stands." They headed towards the community, covering the sides, and listening the sounds of people coming from within the walls. So far so good. There seemed to be no tension of any kind and they seemed quite peaceful, but as Gail and Maverck split out and reached the walls from the sides, they knew they will leave nothing to case. Anything could go wrong. And so they climbed slowly but steadily, laying as low as possible. As Vann approached the gate, they quietly observed from the top of the semi-decayed wall, ready to react if he was in any trouble. Completely covered Gail from one side with her crossbow and highly tense Maverick with his trustworthy gun on the other side. Vann entered the community. Making his presence known, holding a white piece of cloth in one of his hands as a sign of peaceful intentions. "Hello! I mean no harm! Is anyone here?" They were all aware that there was someone there alright, but giving them chance to announce themselves were much more sensible tactics.
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  5. cooltext146748045617572.png

    Adia was finishing bandaging her wound when she heard Vi's voice speak to her. Looking at the girl, and her hound, Adia chuckled. Had she really just say she might have Adia as an assistant to tending these guys wounds? However, Adia didn't feel like give the girl her resume on how well she was trained in first Adia, seeing that Adia had basically done it all. Child Birth, surgery, attending minor wounds or large ones, illnesses; Adia would have been a doctor if this whole apocalypse hadn't happened. Adia started to cleanse the blades of her weapon as Vi treating the weaklings' wounds. She hadn't really paid much attention to Vi's work seeing as she didn't feel like cutting herself on her weapon. The glaive had the sharpest blades their were and it barely took much effort to slice through a mutant. Adia was so caught up in her work that she had forgotten Vi was beside her. Looking up as she heard the female as about what she had done before she met with the group, Adia smiled. "Do you love the sound of your own voice?" Adia asked the girl, her Italian accent slightly shined through. Adia wasn't too good at making friends, in fact her skills were next to none if she was being honest; living in the woods alone would make your communication skills slightly horrible. "I lived alone in the wilderness before I met the unit." She said. "Lived in the wilderness my whole life, actually." She told the female. Vi's dog, Justice, looked up at Adia when she said wilderness. Even animals were scared to live in the wilderness now a days. Standing up, she looked at Vi. "I should probably go find Jocelyn. There is some supplies near by that can help make some more herbal remedies. So we're not using the supplies the people who live here found and collected." She said before walking off out of the infirmary.
    Being the lone wolf that she was, Adia walked up to Jocelyn, and Ryan, and told her that she would be leaving for some supplies here shortly; however, before Jocelyn could react, a male figure moved into the gate. Adia looked over to him and studied his body. He was too well put together to be someone without a group. So when he called out, Adia chuckled. "Then why have your male and female counterparts atop the wall aiming at us?" She asked him. Adia was way too skilled in knowing the shifts in nature. The breeze itself brought about new human smells, much more than the male before her could give off.

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    On many occasions since Jocelyn had become a leader of her own group of scavengers, she was amazed at the talents some of them possessed. She was still one of the youngest among them and yet she was their leader. Sometimes she didn't understand why someone older was not the one leading; however, Vi was older than Jocelyn and she knew that if Vi was to lead the group she would lead them into the depths of the underworld faster than anything. Maybe it was brains over years of age.
    Listening to what Ryan was talking about, Jocelyn nodded her head. "I see what you are saying." She said, acknowledging the information. Jocelyn looked around the grounds herself as he spoke. Something was just not right with this place. It was too perfect. Too safe to really be somewhere they can lay low for a while until fully rested and healed, or even stay for quite sometime. Jocelyn had to face it, there would never be a place as secure as the city was. "We can use that tower, the one at the church, as a watch tower. The bell would be perfect to alert everyone to a situation." She told him. Just before she could continue, she heard footsteps approaching her. Turning, she saw Adia. Adia had been a huge life saver the past week. Navigating and stopping some of the younger scavengers from eating poison berries left and right. "Hey there." Jocelyn said as the taller girl arrived. She listened to what Adia said. "Two hours, that's it. If you aren't back by then I will come looking for you myself. I don't need you die, though I doubt you would." She spoke honestly.
    Jocelyn was about to go back to speaking with Ryan, when she heard a man enter the community. She turned to face him. He looked slightly familiar. Judging by the outfit, he was a guard at the prison in the city once. They all seemed to dress in the same manor even off the clock. Hearing what Adia pointed out, Jocelyn eyed the man. "She has a point you know? To come in a say you mean us no harm while you point your hidden weapons at us doesn't prove to me that you are harmless." She called to the man. "Have your people lower their weapons and enter the camp where they can be seen." She said kindly. Jocelyn wasn't one to be so kind to someone with guns pointed at her, but with two of his people hiding out of eyesight, there was no way she was going to be able to kill them all if they were a threat to her unit. "You harm us, and we shall harm you. That is how it works around here. Show us that we have nothing to worry about and come out peacefully!" She called to the two hidden ones.
    Walking to the man that was in eye sight, she gave him a inviting smile. "I am Jocelyn McBeth. Head of this unit, you are welcome here." She assured him as she stuck out her hand to give him a hand shake.

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  6. Vann Carson, Maverick Colt, Gail Nolan

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The gate

    Conversation: @Autumn_Burns_Red > Jocelyn Mcbeth & Adia Lyinn

    Both positively surprised and tense for getting an answer to his call, Vann lowered his arms as two females responded and approached him. One of the females chuckled and asked him. "Then why have your male and female counterparts atop the wall aiming at us?" Vann couldn't help but smirk and nod. "I see. Impressive." Up on the walls, Gail and Maverick were too far to communicate, but close enough to cross their mutually confused glares. Gail shrugged at Maverick in confusion and Maverick replied with a simple and comical 'god damn it to hell' gesture. It was already obvious they were exposed, but they yet decided to wait for Vann's signal, rather than jumping to conclusions. Vann shrugged as his respond to the female. "You could just say it is a precaution measure. We had some nasty experience back there." He nodded towards the Death Valley. "Can you blame us?" He sustained from signaling anything to Gail and Maverick before he had a decent conversation with the second female that now approached. Whether he would tell them to stand down or to stay alert depended on that single female's reaction. Her walk gave out a strong and self-confident person and it was exactly the kind of person Vann wanted to see in a place like that. He had a feeling their group was quite large and the last thing he wanted to do was to be forced to turn against them and endanger either of his comrades.

    "She has a point you know? To come in a say you mean us no harm while you point your hidden weapons at us doesn't prove to me that you are harmless." Vann nodded. "Absolutely. Just like your approach doesn't necessarily tell me that you are willing to simply talk." Even though it was already obvious to him that they indeed meant no harm and only wished not to be harmed or forced to harm somebody, he pushed the limits till he would get a full confirmation. The female kept calm and collected. "Have your people lower their weapons and enter the camp where they can be seen." Vann smiled at her. It was a good and a smart answer that he expected to hear. She was careful enough not to simply figure, two people were easy to take down no matter their position. Maverick and Gail were a lot more capable than people would think. "You harm us, and we shall harm you. That is how it works around here. Show us that we have nothing to worry about and come out peacefully!" She yelled out, referring to Maverick and Gail and they looked at each other. Maverick shook his head lightly, signaling Gail to wait for Vann regardless of the invitation. She nodded in agreement.

    Sticking out his hand to Vann, the female introduced herself. "I am Jocelyn McBeth. Head of this unit, you are welcome here." As if it couldn't get any better, Vann was more than happy that he had a luck to get straight to the Head. Respectfully, he accepted her handshake and introduced back. "Vann. Vann Carson. Jail guard, as you might have already noticed." He referred to his now dirtied guard uniform that he altered to fit the hard conditions he found himself in. With a mild addition of pride, he added. "And a former senior scavenger." It was so great to be able to say it out loud because even though they said he shouldn't have been, he was so darn proud of his title. "Very nice to meet you." Breaking the handshake, he whistled loud enough to alert his eyes and ears on the wall before he exclaimed. "Clear! Come on down!" Only then did Maverick and Gail stood up and appeared on the wall, ascending down as swiftly as they climbed up. Their theft experience from the past served them really well in a situation requiring some swiftness and cat-like skills. "I apologize for our skeptical approach. For a small group like ours, it is quite necessary." Vann spoke as Maverick and Gail joined him. "The fellow here is named Maverick Colt. The girl is Gail Nolan. Both scavengers." Maverick replied with a simple and wordless salutation while Gail was more talkative taking off the scarf and revealing her face. "Well, at least it doesn't blow a hell's wind here. I appreciate it." Her face formed a bright smile. "Nice to meet you." Vann concluded. "And that is all there is to us. We brought no more with us and I am an honest man. We mean no honest harm either." Maverick added mockingly and in a grumpy way he always did. "As long as you do not want to baptize me in your church, that is." Gail smirked on the thought of it but simply replied. "What he meant to say is that it is really nice to meet you as well."

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    As Jocelyn spoke with the man, Adia kept her eyes on the bounders of the wall. Her best guess was that they hid close to the walls surface and behind something that would block her view from them, but where. She couldn't quite place the exact location to the hidden people. This slightly frustrated her. She was so swept up in the thought of finding them that she almost hadn't heard the man by the name of Vann say for them to come down. Adia watched them closely as they neared Vann. They looked a lot less civil than Vann, but who was Adia to judge she was more of a savage than anyone here. She just had a shower and her clothes exchanged for new ones before leaving the city, otherwise she would have dirt on her face and blood stained clothing. Thanks to Jocelyn, Adia had a new outfit and would use her old ones for emergency wraps. She always knew never to just throw away something you can reuse, and the clothes were washed with hot water eliminating any bacteria that once inhabited the threads.
    Looking past the group, she saw the sun sitting in the west. If she was to go and look for supplies, it needed to be now. Walking beside Jocelyn, she looked at each one of the new comers. Vann, Gail, and Maverick were their names. "I am Adia Lynn. You may all call me Adia." Lynn was Adia's last name, but it was so unique that most people thought it to be a second part of her first name and would call you Adia-Lynn, which slightly aggravated her. "I'm sorry I can not stay." She said, turning her attention to Jocelyn. "I need to go collect those herbs before night falls. Mutants are ten times more active close to desert country. I don't feel like being stuck out there for most of the night." She admitted. "It was nice to meet you all. I hope to see you soon." She said before walking off towards the gate. She knew by the time she would be getting back the sun would have already set and the gate should have been locked; however, she knew that Jocelyn would not lock it unless Adia was back safely, so Adia took things into her own hands. She went into the guard post and brought out a chain and a pad lock. She walked to the gate and wrapped it around twice, making sure that the gate would not be opened for anyone to get in, they would have to scale the wall. "What are you doing?" She heard Jocelyn ask her. "No one else needs to get in, I can always scale the wall when I come back. The safety of the group is more important than worrying about my return." She informed Jocelyn as she snapped the lock shut. She handed Jocelyn the key. "In case you guys need to get out of here." She said with a smile. She still noticed a hint of worry on Jocelyn's face. "Hey there, I'll be fine. Been living out here my whole life. You're in my world now and you can trust that I will be back alive." She said, before walking to a place in the wall. She backed up about twenty feet before running full force at the wall. She leaped at the last second and used one foot to propel her high enough to grab the edge and lift herself up. "If I do die out there, Jocelyn. Kick some mutant ass for me!" She said before dropping off to the other side. She then took off running into the woods, putting her bandanna around her mouth and disappeared into the forest cover.

    It was a good two miles out from the community when Adia finally stopped running. She had reached her destination. There was a small swamp with heavy fog rolling in. She noticed some mushrooms and other herbs growing beautifully around the area. "Perfect." She said. She then bent down and began to collect them into tiny bags and vials and placed them into her bag. As she did so, she heard a twig snap near by. Adia stopped all movement. She assessed the situation and looked for a place to hide. She closed her bag slowly and quietly put it on. If it was a swamp creature, she knew their hearing was impaired and that could add her. She quickly got up and sprinted to the tree. Adia hopped up and sat of the branch, listening to whatever was out there. She knew she was in danger at this point as she heard things scramble on the ground. What ever was out there, there sure was a lot of them. Adia took a hold of her compass necklace and silently hoped that whatever mutant was out there she would be able to take it down.
    Adia looked down to the ground, she could see something moving along the surface of the ground. Whatever it was, it was moving fast. She had to figure out what it was, so Adia took her pocket knife out and cut into her palm slightly. Blood oozed out of the open wound. Adia stuck her hand out as far as she could from the tree, allowing blood to fall from her hand and to the ground. Within seconds, many creatures swarmed around the tree. They looked like bunnies. Really, mutant bunnies? What had life come to that mutant bunnies were a creation? As Adia watched the ground more and more of them came in a swarm. "Great." Adia muttered under her breath. She was stuck here until the swarm dispersed or until she found a pattern in their behavior to be able to strike. Although, she realized that the "bunnies" were much more than meet the eye as they started to look like they were morphing. Adia couldn't believe her eyes. The small devils were morphing into a much larger beast. Adia studied it for a moment. It was about four foot in height and three in width. The damn thing was huge for its kind.
    The beast started to march around, almost like it was guarding something. Adia thought maybe this could be the moment to get away. There was no attacking the thing when she didn't know what it was capable off. However, she stayed frozen as a hell hound came into the swampy area looking for water. The fused mutant laid low in the fog bank as it watched its prey. The fuse stepped on twigs, alerting the hell hound to its presence. The hound looked up and scanned the area before deciding that it was safe to continue drinking the water. Just like that, the fuse pounced on the hound and bit into its side. The poor mutant howled in pain. The fuse backed off and began guarding the perimeter once again. Adia still watched the hound in horror. The sight of the bite was dissolving the skin, muscle, and tissue. It was almost as if it was acid.
    Adia reached into her bag as silent as she could and pulled out a pair of old binoculars. She brought them to her eyes and located the fuse's mouth with them. She looked at the fangs. There was a small liquid coming from them. Adia guessed that it was a corrosive acid that leaked from the tooth. This new mutant was something fierce and ready to kill at a moments notice.
    Adia returned the binoculars to her bag, and quietly put the bag on. If she was ever going to get out of this situation, she was going to need to make an attempt at escaping. But not on the ground level. She needed to use the trees as her cover.
    Getting onto her feet, Adia stood on the branch. She would have to do this whole thing without any gloves, which meant she hoped Vi wasn't too pissed off at her to help her heal her hands. Adia leaped from the thick branch and swung to the next tree. She luckily landed on another thick branch, her hands hurting completely as there were splinters stuck deep within them. There was no time to be a baby and say "ow" because the process needed to be repeated until she was far enough away to land on the ground and make a run for it.

    It took Adia way longer than she thought it would to return to the community, and even then she needed to take a break. The sun had set long ago, about two hours ago, meaning that she had been gone for quite awhile. Adia stood on the ground looking at the wall. She had to make a run in order to grab the wall and boost herself up over it, but her hands were in a bad condition and this could have damaged them even further. Adia sighed. This had to be done. Adia took a deep breath and ran at the wall. Once her hands grabbed a hold on the wall, she let out a small scream. Her hands hurt worse than her torso did. She hoped no one, or creature, heard her scream. Adia went to go off the other side, but she fell. She had pushed herself further than ever before and her body shook from the intense pain. She wasn't even sure if she could pick herself up and go find the rest of the group. She tried, but there was no use at this moment. Her body was refusing to move. She had just swung half a mile, and ran the rest. Not to mention the pack of screamers she had to kill to continue on her way back to the community. But she made a promise to Jocelyn to return and she was going to do so. Wasn't it enough to at least be in the community, but it was pitch black and no one would tell that she was there unless they heard her scream before. Judging by the infirmary's distance from her location and how well put together it was there was no way they would have heard unless they were outside.
    Adia tried again, this time being able to stand up, but she fell back to the ground. There was no use. Her torso wound was bleeding a lot and her hands hurt to high heaven. She had heat stroke and her head hurt from a migraine. God how she hoped Vi wasn't still pissed off at her. "
    Help." She called, but her voice was no louder than a whisper thanks to her dry throat. She repeated the plea before passing out.

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  8. [​IMG]

    |Location: The Infirmary-The Gate-The Wall-The Infirmary|Mood: Annoyed-Curious-Helpful|Outfit: Look|

    Vi snorted at the words the new girl said to her. What the fuck was her defect? She didn't know what this girl was so uptight about, it was a rare occasion seeing Vi be this nice... she should be grateful Vi wasn't being her usual "Queen Bitch" persona. Vi, instead of giving her usual smartass remark back, she just listened to the girl speak about her life before joining them. She watched as Justice stared at Adia, he didn't like the wilderness... who would in this time. She rubbed the big dog's head, to calm him down. She waved the girl off, as Adia left the infirmary. Vi looked at Justice. "That girl needs to learn how to speak to humans... I mean I can be a bitch, but damn!" She smirked and stood up. She was about to leave the infirmary, when she heard a new voice coming from near the gate. She could feel Justice tense up, he was alert more than ever now. She held his head, to make sure he wouldn't go out and attack the newcomer... not just yet that is. Vi walked out of the building, going into the shadows of the underside of it. She would sit there, just to see what would happen. If this guy... and his "secret" partners were to try anything, Vi would slash them to pieces. She was glad to see that they didn't seem to be there to harm the squad... or steal things, so she came out from the shadows.

    Vi got a closer look at the group. The one that caught her eyes, was the man with the nicer beard and the strong stance. He was big and bulky... nice. The only thing she didn't like about him... he was obviously a former damn jail guard, the lowest of the low, in Vi's mind. The other guy was leaner... and looked like some ex rocker who never hit it big. The girl, she had her face wrapped up. Vi just raised an eyebrow at her. "If Joce thinks you're all alright, I do too." She moved closer to them, with Justice right by her side. "If I sense a hint of deceit or betrayal, I will rip the both of you guys nuts off, and I will tear off your tits... Ninja Chick." She was about to walk away with Justice, but turned back around. "The names Vi. Remember it, respect it, and have a nice stay." Justice barked at the newcomers, and walked off with Vi.

    It had maybe been a few hours since the newcomers had "invaded" the squad, and the "former" new girl had left to get some new herbs. Vi was off on her own, walking around the community, looking for food and other resources. This place was stocked with a lot of good things, she wondered where the people were who live here, or who had lived here. She didn't know what was going on with them, as long as they didn't come back and try anything funny. While her and Justice walked around, she heard a faint cry for help. It was pitch black, but Vi had Justice with her, so he was her eyes, or more like her nose, since he would be able to smell out the different creatures and people around. "You hear that boy?" Justice barked. Vi was guided by the big black dog towards the wall that enclosed the community. She couldn't really tell what was in front of her, but it felt like a body. She could also feel a sticky but wet feeling on the body's shirt. "Adia?!" She had remembered that the girl had a horrible bite on her torso from a damn baby screamer, it had to be her. "Hold on." Vi knew she would have to be careful with the girl's body, not wanting to cause even more damage to her already messed up torso. She went to grab the now "knocked out" girl's hands, but felt that they were filled with splinters. "Fuck..." She needed to hold Adia up, but how the hell could she do that without touching the girl's hands or her torso. "Justice!" The dog came right next to her. "Lay down." As Justice laid on the ground, Vi slowly placed Adia on top of the big Great Dane. "Okay... come on, we have to get her to the infirmary... quickly." With Justice leading the way, Vi held onto Adia's side, the side that wasn't bleeding, and brought her into the infirmary. She started going to work on cleaning the wounds and putting HER creams and oils on Adia's torso and hands. "You are soo lucky I am not an evil bitch, just a bitch that will fuck you up if you ever talk me like that again."

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  9. Ryan Mach


    Ryan laid on one of the cots as he felt the part of the root he just ate work its magic on his blood sugar level. The sun shining through one of the windows might’ve bothered him in most cases, but since he was wearing his sunglasses and catching his breath Ryan didn’t care. His mind began to wonder back to the times when he and his Grandfather Ken were catching their breath usually just after a Mutant attack. His Grandfather Ken would usually tell him stories about his mother which Ryan always enjoyed. Mainly because his Grandfather Ken was a very disciplined and stern man, but in those moments of talking about Emma Ryan saw a caring and proud side to his Grandfather Ken. Those moments would make Ryan smile even on the darkest of times, because it would remind him that life still went on. Inspite of the Hell they were living in right now life was still worth living and fighting for. Those moments also taught Ryan the value of family and that family takes care of family above all else. Hence his fervent loyalty to the group he now called his family.

    As he was feeling a bit more like himself Ryan heard voices from outside. They didn’t sound hostile, Jocelyn didn’t give out any orders to repel them, she didn’t say any keywords that indicated she needed help, and there was almost a pleasant quality to them. Could it be the owners of this community came home? Or could it be others looking for a group to join with. Ryan took a deep breath and said, “Well I wonder who wandered into our little oasis? Only one way to go find out. Time to go see who’s joining us for dinner.”

    Ryan got to his feet and made his way outside to the gate where he saw Jocelyn talking with three people and Vi walking away with Justice. Just as he approached he heard the names of those in the group. The young lady named Gail removed a scarf and Ryan felt a jolt go through him. Ryan did his best to hide what was going through him, and he figured the best thing to do was to keep the conversation short. His biggest struggle was to keep from staring at Gail, because Maverick and Vann looked like they would have no problem beating Ryan to within an inch of his life. Ryan said, “Hi Ryan Mach welcome to the group.”

    Ryan wasn’t exactly feeling like he was on his “A” game at the moment, but he could attribute that to his blood sugar and no one would say a word. However he knew what was going on inside of him. Gail had eyes that were intoxicating to look at, and the whole scarf thing was just beyond words. Finally Ryan snapped back to reality and said to Jocelyn, “I got my blood sugar under control I’m gonna head on up to the Church Tower and take guard for a little bit.” He looked back at the Vann, Maverick, and Gail and said, “See ya around and again welcome to the group.”

    Ryan made his way to the top of the tower and settled in for some quiet time with his thoughts. He noticed several areas that could be shored up, but then his mind would wonder back to seeing Gail. Ryan could only imagine his Grandfather Ken shaking his head at him. He would probably say, “Get your head back in the game Ryan. You ain’t got time for that right now! Snap to!” Ryan began to look out towards the west and in the distance he noticed small clouds of dust forming in a very unsettling pattern. He couldn’t be sure yet, but he had a bad feeling that very soon the pleasant tone that was around them was going to disappear. Ryan wasn’t going to ring the bell he merely whistled loudly three times. Which usually meant that there was something out of the ordinary happening and to be ready. He pointed to the west and didn’t take his eyes off of the clouds as they began to move in a more organized direction towards them. Ryan said to himself, “Okay Granddad you wanted me to get my head back in the game. I think this might do it.”

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  10. Vann Carson, Maverick Colt, Gail Nolan

    Taylor Kinney - Vann Carson.jpg JUSTIN-PASSMORE-LOFFICIEL-HOMMES-CONCRETE-JUNGLE-SEPTEMBER-2015-4.jpg Susan-Coffey-Top-Wallpapers.jpg

    The other girl introduced herself as Adia, followed by a determinant "I'm sorry I can not stay." before she turned to the head of the group and explained the reason. Vann maintained his calm face even though the girl's mission came off as a surprise. It was wrong of him to judge someone's abilities by simply looking at them, but the former Scavenger in him couldn't help it. He did so with everyone he had ever met. "It was nice to meet you all. I hope to see you soon." Yes. Hope. Something that was almost too complicated to have those days. Vann nodded. "Ditto. Stay safe." He had no intention asking or interfering with the group's ways of doing things. The fact that no one from the group offered to tag along told him that the girl herself knew exactly what to do and how to do it, and even though it sounded ridiculous, the less people were out there, the less chance they would be noticed...and the less loss if they never came back. All three of them stood silently as they witnessed a brief conversation between Adia and Jocelyn that ended with a simple and calm "If I do die out there, Jocelyn. Kick some mutant ass for me!", before she disappeared into the forest. Gail thought a bit. " it safe to imply how what she did is completely unsafe?" For once, Maverick avoided the bad habit to reply shortly with 'yes' or 'no' and instead made a decent sentence. "The guts are real with this girl, I'll give her that." How much was he indeed impressed and intrigued by what the girl said before she ran out stayed inside of his mind. Becoming highly uncomfortable with the silence after his reply, Maverick exclaimed suddenly. "Welp! It was nice knowing her indeed. Who's for a drink or two?" Vann glared at him, scolding. He was aware it was one of Maverick's really inappropriate sarcastic jokes, but it was indeed no time nor place for it. At least, Vann still didn't have enough time to get used to them while Gail didn't even flinch. She was more than used to it.

    A somewhat calm atmosphere was suddenly broken by a girl that marched in their field of vision, seemingly really pissed. For a moment, Vann was certain, she was going to react to Maverick's joke the hard way. He wouldn't complain. He would do the same. But instead, the girl stopped by Jocelyn's side and spoke in loud and somewhat bossy tone. "If Joce thinks you're all alright, I do too." Then she frowned and approached closer, somewhat threatening which was completely uncalled for...kind of. "If I sense a hint of deceit or betrayal, I will rip the both of you guys nuts off, and I will tear off your tits... Ninja Chick." Then she simply walked away, formally introducing herself as Vi. And just as Vann predicted, it was what ticked Maverick off. It was something he learned the hard way, back in jail. He had no pardon nor will to sustain his protest. He jumped as if he was bitten by a tick. "Hey! What the fuck is your problem to talk to us like that?! How about I rip your shit off you fu..." Grabbing him by the back of his already torn shirt that ripped more in the process, Vann pulled him back when he proceeded to walk towards the girl. "Stop making a scene or I will be forced to shut your mouth for good." Maverick turned aggressively towards Vann, but before he replied, he figured. It was a play. Trying to maintain a good picture, Vann presented a firm hand in maintaining order. Made sense. He doubted Vann was please or indifferent about the female's words. "Fine. You brute." The two males were so into their act, that they noticed the male that approached only when he spoke. “Hi Ryan Mach welcome to the group.”

    Gail was the first one to offer him a warm smile. "Thank you. Good to be here. I do hope we get along." Even though he seemingly had nothing against their presence, they were all confused by his somewhat clumsy approach and fast and brief contact. Gail internally wondered if the guy was feeling alright. Her question was answered once she learned he was most likely a diabetic, judging by the way he was referring to it. She felt an instant respect towards the fact that he was a well functioning member of the group, regardless of his condition. “See ya around and again welcome to the group.” She nodded briefly and waved off. "See you around, yes." She was looking forward to knowing all those individuals better. Well...maybe she would only be careful around Vi. She seemed highly easy to annoy. But that was fine. Knowing Maverick for a while, it became a standard thing for her to cope with, and it didn't surprise her at all. Maverick with curves and PMS. Yes. There was no doubt she could handle it.

    As the sun set down and it got gradually darker, it was nice to, for a change, be surrounded by people with the same purpose. The fire they made was comfy and somewhat offered a feeling of security. The conversation they lead was relaxing. Vann laughed at Gail's joke as Maverick huffed and puffed, shirtless, holding a torn shirt in his hands. "Well perfect. You really had to ruin it?" Gail cocked her eyebrow. "Oh come on. To be fair, it wasn't brand new when you put it on to begin with." It was true and he stopped complaining. Instead, he tried to figure out the way to recycle it. It was something he couldn't help doing. Anything that could be used again, he used it and rarely anything went to waste. They had no luxury to waste things. Creativity gets a long way. He quickly grabbed the cigarette from his saggy pants and lit it, briefly demanding a knife that Gail handed him. "And what the hell are you doing?" Maverick smirked, holding the cigarette against the corner of his mouth and slicing the old shirt in long thin stripes. The tattoo of dragon wings went up and down in the light of fire when he moved his arms, almost as they were actually functional and not just well tattooed. "You never know when it might come in handy." He demonstrated the purpose of a long braided thing he made with the shirt's stripes. It was a strongly connected rope-like climbing aid for trees that had no branches and similar surfaces. Vann let out a satisfied laughter.

    "Whatever else you will come up with." Maverick chuckled. "Just watch me." The longer they were stuck together, the more they reminded Gail of two really dominant and aggressive brothers, constantly annoying each other, but at the same time, respecting one another with no doubt about it. It was nice to have people like that around her to keep her minds off things and keep her on the move. Even when there would be some negativity involved, it was still a positive thing in it's own twisted way. "Which reminds me!" Gail spoke, putting the hand into her backpack and taking out the bottle of water, offering it back to Maverick. "I believe this is yours." He stopped with the craft and looked at her mildly confused. "I thought I told you you can keep it." Gail winked. "IF I win. But I did not and the good thing I didn't need it either." She was aware of the fact that he gave her his last water source. Maverick narrowed his eyes at Vann, but Vann simply shook his head. "Wasn't me." Gail sighed, putting the bottle in front of him. "Come on now. You know me for so long. You really believe I bought the story about finally winning against you? Please." Maverick smiled briefly before he replied. "Suit yourself. I ain't offering twice."

    Further away. they could hear gates of the community opening with a loud screech and closing as loudly again. Vi passed quickly by them, leading her gigantic dog that carried a girl that went out few hours before. She made it out alive, though she was in a bad shape. "What the hell happened?" Vann frowned. "Easy. Going out alone happened." Maverick replied, continuing with his crafty work. "I am impressed she even got back." As Vi disappeared into the infirmary building, Gail stood up. "Uh. I better go and see if they need anything. " As she hurried towards the infirmary, Maverick shouted jokingly. "Watch your tits." Vann smirked but cleared his throat at the inconvenience. Gail peeked into the infirmary and entered carefully, finding two girls and a dog in one of the rooms. "Hey." She announced her presence. "What happened?" She entered the room and referred to Vi. "Need any help?"


    Three loud whistles echoed through the community and Vann lifted his head instantly. "I assume that would be Ryan's whistle." The nature of the whistle told him it wasn't just a happy-go-lucky kind of whistling. He got up. "Stay here." Maverick frowned. "OK, mom! Will you spank me if I do not give up on cigarettes as well?" He asked mockingly as he lit another cigarette. Vann didn't react and Maverick leaned back on one of the crates, enjoying that tiny moment of solitude, staring at the fire. Vann headed straight to the Church Tower and looked up. "Hey!" He shouted to Ryan, insisting on not being left in the dark. He had to know the signals they were using. "What was that whistle? Everything alright?"

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    Jocelyn watched as Adia scaled the wall and chuckled. "If I do die out there, Jocelyn. Kick some mutant ass for me!" Adia told her. Jocelyn smiled. "Will do, Adia." She called out before turning and walking towards the infirmary. "Come on in. Far warning, there may be someone coming home that won't really like our presence here." She said to the new comers, Maverick, Gail, and Vann. "And do me a favor, ignore Vi when she is on one." She said joking with the girl. Jocelyn looked at Vi and smiled. "I take it those boys are fixed up if you are out here." She said as she walked into the infirmary.

    Jocelyn had spent the last three hours or so making sure that her unit was alright and their was a safe spot to stay in other than the infirmary. Luckily for her, Joshua had located a house between the infirmary and the church. The less space they took up the better. Jocelyn was currently inside the infirmary addressing her own wounds, nothing major only a few bumps and scrapes on her arms. Jocelyn was one to wait until others were taken care of before she was taken care of herself. Wrapping a bit of gaze on her scraps, she taped them down after cleaning them. She didn't look horrible, she just looked like she survived hell.
    It wasn't until Jocelyn heard a few of the younger boys talking about Vi bringing in a girl. "Adia." Jocelyn said before running from one of the infirmary rooms. Jocelyn exited the hospital with tremendous speed, pushing past the slow pokes that seemed not to care who Vi brought in. Jocelyn crossed the yard until she got to Vi. "What happened?" Jocelyn asked knowing that she would not have an answer from either Vi or Adia seeing as Adia was knocked out and Vi was on a path to help her. Just as she walked by Vi, she heard one of the newcomers speak. "Easy. Going out alone happened." The called Maverick spoke. Just that sentence pissed Jocelyn off. Jocelyn looked right at the male as if she was possessed by some demon. "Look here smart ass! You don't have the slightest clue who that girl is, you got me?" She growled as she closed the distance between her and Maverick. "If you were even half the person Adia is, you would know that whatever happened out there would have killed a man like you. She is not your average girl, in fact she is someone even I look up to and that's a lot coming from a Senior Scavenger." Her voice thundered to him. She was not in the mood to take anyone's shit at this moment. "And the next time you disrespect her by underestimating her, I will throw your ass outside these gates and have you spend a night alone out there with only a gun and your clothes to protect you." She said.
    It was after her rant that she heard Ryan whistle again. What was he calling for? Jocelyn needed to get away from the idiot named Maverick for at least a second. Jocelyn ran off towards the church and straight to the top of the tower. As she entered the bell tower, she saw Ryan looking down at Vann. "What is it, Ryan? What's going on?" She asked the male.

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  12. ~Amber~
    Amber had spent a long time out in the forest, alone, and pretty hungry. A small abandoned town she called home was more than enough space for her, especially since no one was around. She had spent most of her day out trying to find food, having found only enough to last her a few days. "Ahh, I'll have to try and find more before tomorrow. Otherwise....." She said, her voice trailing off as she heard something in the distance. These woods were usually quite empty, as she had seen over the past few days, so the voices didn't seem like just a few animals running around in the brush. And as she walked towards her village, the voices grew louder. A lot of what she heard was arguing, tough to make out all at once, but one voice rang loud and clear from the bell tower.

    Thinking on her feet, Amber slid against the wall of the nearest building she could find, which was a small hut near the edge of town. Taking out her pistols, she gripped them tightly in her now sweating palms. From the sounds of it, there was at the least one female amongst the crowd, maybe more. There was at the least two males, but again, she couldn't be too sure. Sneaking around the best she could, Amber tried to get a better look on the situation unfolding, though the constantly moving bodies and voices were distracting. She could see movement in the infirmary, so there was someone there, but who, she wasn't sure. Slowly slinking towards the edge of the building, Amber peeked her head around it, trying to keep hidden as she looked around the camp
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  13. Ryan Mach


    Ryan could hear the group gathering below him at the base of the tower. He didn’t pay too much attention to them, because the disturbance out in the distance had his attention. Whatever it was Ryan knew one thing for certain, and that was it wasn’t a natural disturbance like a dust storm or the wind just blowing through. No what was making this dust kick up was not nature made.

    Ryan said, “About a mile and a half two miles that way we got something kickin’ up a good amount of dust.” He lowered his arm but kept his focus on what he was seeing. He continued, “It’s easy to say that it’s the wind or a mild dust storm, but this is self-contained, and the pattern of the dust is vertical. If it was the wind or a dust storm it would be in a horizontal pattern. This is not from nature.” As Ryan studied the disturbance to try and see anything else he did notice something else that bothered him as he came down from the tower. He said, “And whatever it is it’s heading this way.

    Ryan bolted back to where he laid down his gear. He grabbed his sawed-off shotgun, his diabetic kit, and some water. He looked at Jocelyn and the others and said, “We ain’t gonna find out what it is by just standing here and waiting. I’m heading out to take a closer look anyone who wants to join me feel free, but all I ask is that you keep up with me.” With that Ryan was out of the compound working up a good jogging pace all the while singing in a low voice to himself “Reach out” by the 4 tops for a cadence. He couldn’t swear it but he thought he saw someone peeking around. She didn’t look like a threat and figured the others could deal with it, and besides if she was she would’ve taken out Ryan as he left. Once he reached a good hiding spot about two hundred yards to the disturbances left he ducked down behind some sage brush and a rock formation and waited.

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    Joshua, after being able to secure the house, had made his way to the infirmary. Upon entering he noticed the few goofballs called teammates messing around with some gear. "You know if you try really hard enough, I'll kill you." He told them as he walked through the halls of the infirmary. Normally Joshua wasn't one to enforce the rules, but he wasn't going to be the target of Jocelyn's rage when she found out the dumb-ass teens were messing with the gear. That was just something he refused to do, it really should be something everyone refused to do. He hadn't seen Oscar since the trip over here seeing that they were separated during a fight with a mutant, and Joshua was immediately placed on shelter duty as they walked through the gate. Joshua was wondering where Oscar had gone to. Searching rooms throughout the infirmary, Joshua hadn't realized that there was a new form at the end of a hallway, looking towards the others, until he was thirteen feet from it. He stopped. Joshua may not listen at times, but he does observe and this figure was acting suspicious. It wasn't one of his own. Slowly pulling out his hand-gun, he approached with caution. Joshua couldn't be too sure if this was friend or foe. Upon reaching three feet behind her, still silent as the night, Joshua pointed the gun at her head. He wasn't going to pull the trigger unless absolutely necessary. He wasn't a man to take a life when it wasn't needed. "Turn around slowly." He told her. He wanted to know somethings, like who she was, if she was apart of the group that was originally here, if she was going to try and kill everyone. "Who are you?" He asked in a calm non-threatening voice. "I won't hurt you unless you give me a reason to." He mentioned, removing the gun from her head and taking a step back. He still had the deadly weapon facing her, but it was no longer in her face.

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