The Bad Mommy

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  1. Andrea cried, she always cried when her mother hit her, she was a bad mommy.
    Mommy drunk, she drunk her days away, after Daddy left she was always drinking.
    Daddy gave Andrea his eyes, and his smile, Mommy hated that smile.
    Mommy hit Andrea all the time, for the smallest things.

    Andrea cried louder than normal, she didn't stop when Mommy shouted, she hurt real bad this time.
    Mommy had broken Andrea's back, hitting her too hard with the stick, Andrea died in hospital.
    Mommy was locked away, she was sad now, she realised how mean she'd been, and she said sorry.
    Andrea didn't care, Mommy had killed Daddy, and now she'd killed Andrea too.

    Mommy had crashed her car, and killed Daddy.
    Daddy and Andrea were together now.
    Daddy's face was full of glass and metal now, and Andrea's back was all crooked.
    They were mad at Mommy for being so cruel.

    Mommy woke up when they snuck up on her.
    She looked at them with horror.
    She was trapped in her cell.
    The guards didn't even hear her scream.

    "Did you hear the story about the Bad Mommy?"
    "Yeah, they say she haunts bad parents, her body all cut and bruised"
    "They say she uses a stick to beat the bad parents"
    "They say she was killed by her own cruelty"
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