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The Back Rooms of Julez' Interview Show

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hydronine, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Yeah, back here is where all the people go after or before their interviewed....

    It's a magical place.

    *Watches as two stage hands hold Asmo down and shoot him up with sarcasm and wit*

    .....You didn't see that.

    *Kitti streaks past, going over to Swifty, he gives her a pimpslap and tells her to go be nice and sweet to everyone or she gets "Nothing" tonight*

    ......You really didn't see that-

    *Diana walks past, smoking a joint and trying to rap, she gets into a rapping battle with Rory*

    ......Well, at least you-

    *Isabelle walks by, looking like a manly-man *GASP* and has Ryker on a leash, in nothing but a G-string*



    Great, now you know the truth.... FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

    *Paoru walks by, talking to Oro about how great of a brain surgeon that Pao-man is*

  2. "Then why did you bring it up?"
  3. ...Wait, what?!
  4. Shhhhhhhh! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! I must deal with you now....

    *Drags Grumpy aside and then after twenty minutes, comes back*

    That game of table tennis was simply riveting, Grumps....
  5. You say this is where the COOL kids hang out?

    >=( Hardly, as I was not here!

    But now I am.

    Carry on.
  6. *Makes out with Amp, as Julez is secretly a whore*
  7. Secretly?

    *noms on the free food*
  8. *peeks for a moment and returns to the audience area*

    I am not cool enough... ^_^;
  9. *Drags Meg back*

  10. *is dragged*

    Ok.... *sits quietly in one corner and watches everyone*
  11. *A random stripper drags Meg aside*
  12. *Top sits on a bean bag chair, discarding his ACU jacket to reveal a t-shirt depicting a Chinese dragon.*

    God, I love this job... Just as much fun as verbally and mentally abusing my fellow Minigunners.
  13. *Julez walks up to Top and grabs him by his ear*

    WHERE'S MY WHORE?! WHERE'S DEIMON?! Firezone said he's interested in having a "Fun" time..... And I want my money....

    Narrator: JULEZ, THE PIMPLET!
  14. Oh god, how did I get here?
  15. I only dislike "weak" female characters if there are too many of them in one series. Because all female characters don't need to be "strong". What are we measuring strength by? There are many different ways to measure how "strong" or "weak" a character is. I've seen a lot of hate directed at female characters, particularly from otome games because they're "weak", or can't fight.

    Now, male-dependent characters are a whole different story.

    Both lovesick and whiny can work for me, depending on what the rest of the character is like. I've seen lovesick female characters get hated on a lot, just because they're in love with a popular male character. I really do like lovesick, female characters. Although, that depends on what the rest of their personality is, and if they're well-written or not.

    I have a fondness for the "Breakfast Club" group trope. Ragtag teams of characters that don't really fit together always have a lot of potential. I especially like this trope when the characters are in a group with a certain goal. Maybe like a group of thieves or local superheroes, something. But they're in an urban setting and don't have any flashy headquarters. I especially enjoy having these characters like together and get to know each other.
  17. Did we get the order to man the harpoons without anyone telling me?
  18. (NOTE: Harpoon is the name for a type of cruise missile. A SLAM. Standoff Land Attack Missile.)

    *Deimon peeks in the room.*

    Is it safe?
  20. This seems more like TK and Ryker's playroom than backstage....
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