The Babadook

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  1. [​IMG]
    If it's in a word

    Or in a look
    You can't get rid
    Of the Babadook

    Hello, lovelies. Just wondering if someone's up for a horror RP. Down to the plot, I still haven't got everything figured out yet, but there'll be a group of people (in a group RP, no shit) and they'll go for somewhere for a week. It can be a lake house, a cabin in the woods, a hotel in a snowy mountain, even places which are not isolate, but they have to stay together. They could be a family taking vacations, a group of friends doing an intervention for some other friend, anything really, but a dramatic situation would be preferred since this is psychological-horror RP.

    The main goal would be to survive and/or kill the monster, which will that one up there, the Babadook (not original creation from me). Since the story will follow the characters for a week, a set of events is to be triggered each day. Ex: DAY 1 - Random scary thing happens. Pretty much it, everyday things will be getting worse, and so the events will be more critical. Once all the events are triggered, the day will pass and we'll go on to the next. Clues about how to defeat or/and survive the monster will be spread across the house/place/location.

    So, anyone up for it?​
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  2. I'm curious and might be up to try this. And a hotel sounds like a fun map. I dig large floorplans.
    I think The Grand Budapest and The Shining are at the forefront of my mind for that one.
  3. this looks so cool, haven't done a horror RP in a while. It would be cool to go somewhere that hasn't been a typical cliche for horror movies
  4. Seems great for me. Hotels do have that isolation fever on them. We just need the reunion motive now.

    That's what I'll be trying to do, getting the characters to fear for their sanities instead of bloodbaths and all that.
  5. I definitely second mind-screws. :D
  6. are we still doing this @The Gil
  7. We still need one more player to get the group filled :/ Invite someone if you can
  8. I'd be totally interested, just saying.
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  9. yay we got one more person! At first i had no idea what this was till my mothers boyfriend came over and showed us a movie called the Babadook lol i loved it!!!
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  10. As soon as I get in a PC, we'll get it rolling with the sign ups
  11. An idea (put in spoilers just to be safe);
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    since Mister Babadook is essentially trauma and depression not dealt with materialized, how about the setting is the group of friends reuniting after a horrible incident x amount of years prior? Like, for example one of the friends in the group passing away in a freak accident. While everyone tried to move on after the incident, no one has really come face to face with it. It would also be interesting to see what the character's personal relationship with the lost friend was, like for example person A was in love with the dead one, and person B secretly hated the dead person and now feels terrified about not feeling any grief, and how they're forced to deal with it when faced with Mister Babadook.[/spoilers]
  12. That's what I was planning, but I'm still trying to figure out what the "bonding event" will be exactly.
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