The Awakening

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  1. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Which element will you be?

    In a medieval time era, four teenagers of different power shall come together to save the world. But who knows? There might be a secret in stock. Nova, the Water elemental, is friends with the Earth elemental. Fire and Air elementals are the same. They all meet by fate. Wait and find out what the world has in store for your creative minds..

    1. When speaking, use ". (Ex: "Hey!")
    2. Be fair, don't try to act like you are a god and can't die, but add some plot twists to make sure you stay alive!
    3. Words like (Damn! Bastard! A$$!) Are allowed, but please do not use 'others' unless absolutely needed.
    4. Have fun! There's always something new to find!:angel:

    ~Main Characters~
    View attachment 91039 1. Nova, the Water elemental (Character taken;Female)
    View attachment 90992 2. Dmitri, the Earth elemental (Male)
    View attachment 90995 3.Kennith, the Fire elemental (Male)
    View attachment 91010 4. Aura, the Air elemental (Female)

    ~Other Needed Characters~
    View attachment 91011 1.The Unknown Leader (Enemy of all elements;Male)
    View attachment 91015 2. Numan, the Blood sorcerer (Enemy of Water;Male)
    View attachment 91034 3. Avani , the Stone sorceress (Enemy of Earth;Female)
    View attachment 91037 4. Blister, the Magma sorceress (Enemy of Fire;Female)
    View attachment 91038 5. Hurricane, the Storm sorcerer (Enemy of Air;Male)

    ~Random characters (That go along with the story)~
    1. Parents/Parent of the elementals.
    2. Royal family (King/Queen; Prince/Princess)
    3. Peasants, Craftsmen, Merchants, Guards
    4. Other people who would be found in a kingdom/village.
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  2. Name: Ithric Thompson
    Alias: Ith
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Job: Craftsman, Knight
    Extra Info: Refer to Charahub


    Name: Timpani Johnson
    Alias: Tip, Tippi, Dragon, Dragon Tamer
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Job: Blacksmith, has fire-based tricks to improve business. Usually includes setting her hand on fire(SAFELY) or breathing it(accompanied by smoke tricks directly after).
    Extra Info: Refer to Ith's Charahub. All information applies, except for personality, but she never really talks much, so no one knows for sure. Her prized possessions are her many unique and unchallenged swords hanging in her shop next to her brothers. She's able to forge any size, weight, or shape of blade required by her clients. She is the sister to Ithric. (( Different surnames as she took her mother's maiden name. ))

    Click here for Charahub!
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