The Art Of Monster Hunting [ DyingWillFlame X Skye Range X Vin ]

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Wedgwood is school for a victim who survived an attack they can't explain. Their lives are changed for the worse and they want nothing more than to get rid of the curse that ruined them at any cost. The Price : Become a Hunter and kill the Monster that cursed you.

  • Your character must have a curse.
- Cursed : An unfortunate "Human" tangled with a mythical creature or was at the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in being "cursed".

Mythical Creatures you can not use :

  1. Angels
  2. Demons
  3. Gods [ Of any kind }
  4. Genies
  • Must have a reason to want to get rid of curse.
  • Powers / Abilities must revolve around said curse.
  • If romantically involved with a character must not be " insta-love" but a drawn out to form a relationship in a timely matter.
  • Must be descriptive of surroundings and describing a new character.
  • Must write at least more than seven sentences unless your character is in a conversation with another, unconscious ect.
  • If you are adding to the story please make sure it makes sense. DO NOT add random scenes.
  • You can add pictures of weapons, pets if you can not describe them.

Chapter One

Three's a Crowed

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Skye Range

She clicked her tongue as she sighed, suppressing a shiver as the wind blew. She was getting extremely annoyed at the wait she was having to endure. It was freezing and the longer she waited the more she felt that irritating, yet slightly painful burn on her arm.

"Come on! I don't have all night..." she whispered to herself as she placed a glove covered hand over her other arm.

In order to distract herself from the increasing wind, she scanned her surroundings and noticed to other strangers waiting with her. Apart of her wanted to speak to them to maybe pass the time, but then she remembered something from her past that made quickly turn her head back to the gate, glaring at it.

If that damn student representative hurry out then I'm going to lose what little control I have.

Just as she finished the thought she noticed someone walking towards the gate.

"Finally..." she murmured softly as she heard the loud creaking of the gate to the school opening.


"I should've bought some earmuff" Of all the things that should be going through his mind that was what he was thinking for some reason. He's never been one to mind the cold, but his ears were always pretty sensitive. Even though his hair was so long that it covered his ears, (reaching down to his shoulder-blades) it didn't help.

He kept his hands inside the pockets of his black jacket with skull designs on the back and bottom as he stood there tapping his black boots when suddenly the gate doors opened and a girl walked out. While the gate was opening, he looked over to his side to see the other two beside him. He had wanted to say hi or something earlier, but he's never been the talkative type. That was probably one of the reasons why he was so lax about his...situation. It sucked but, it's not like his life would change all that much, no one would notice he was gone, no one would miss him. Hell he'd have probably enjoyed having this "curse" if the price wasn't so unbearably high.

"Greetings my name is Adelita."

He looked forward and saw a girl, same age as him (16) with long blonde hair that reached down to her knees. Her hair was in a ponytail, probably in an attempt to look professional, that's probably why she was also wearing those glasses, they weren't even real. Was she wearing them just to look smart? She was wearing an unusual pink and white striped jacket with white fur that outline on each hole on the jacket, except the zipper, which was zipped up. The unusual thing about it was that it was a cropped jacket, completely exposing her stomach. She also wore pink jeans with a white belt that had belt-buckle holes that went entirely around the belt. Even her shoes were pink and white.

He looked at this girl and his first thought was; "This girl...she's"

He blushed as he looked at her but immediately thought; "Oh damn it, shut up! There's probably going to be a lot of cute faces in here, don't start obsessing and get labeled a stalker...again. I mean hell, what are you going to do, talk to her? Please. Idiot."

"I will be your Student Representative. Please follow me."
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She was not what he expected.

Adelita did not seem bothered by the cold at all as her straw colored hair swayed back and forth as she walked. Milo nearly tripped over his own converse as his gaze rested on a massive statue of pure gold at least ten feet high and eight feet wide. Perfectly detailed of a man in his mid-thirties dressed in appeared to be an expensive looking suit. A panther sat behind him eyes focused down below and seemed to stare into his very soul.

"You spotted the founder," Adelita chirped as she stepped into his view of the massive panther head.

"Mr. Tepes is the man to thank and once we finish this tour you will meet him and Eton shortly. "

Eton. Weird name for a panther, Milo thought as Adelita seemed to glide up the steps without even taking a second glance. Being the last to enter the large double doors into the main hall the warmth took a good while to kick back in from the chilly winter air shut away behind them. Placing his suitcase next to him she continued to speak.

" Here at Wedgwood we all have one common goal. To-Be-Human once more,"

"How often do people like us actually get to turn back into a human?" she whispered.

Milo glanced to his left at the girl on his right for a few moments as her gloved hands rubbed her pale arms a few times as her startling gaze caught his attention before ripping away from his face.

"Very Slim, " Adelita paused for a few moments Milo guessed as she tired to figure out a way to word the answer but Milo knew the out come, He was prepared to take the risk at any cost. Running a hand through his thick chestnut curls he spoke the answer spread out before them.

"They don't want us to find them. Our unfortunate unhappiness is a game to those monsters. After all, we were just humans."
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Skye Range

"Becoming human again is a secondary goal to me..." Lillyanne spoke just above a whisper.

Yes, becoming human would be nice. She wouldn't have to ever worry about losing control of her..."power" and killing anyone ever again. She could walk into a store and not be looked at like she was come kind of freak. She could go anywhere in the world and destruction and death would not follow in her wake. She could then afford to get close to people and live a life she dreamed of when she was but a girl.

Lillyanne closed her blue eyes, pushing back tears, as her white as snow hair fell into her face. She took a breath and opened her eyes again, her eyes almost like ice as she caught the boys gaze. She quickly looked away and stared down Adelita.

"Lead me to my place of rest." she murmured softly as she let out a sigh. Sure, to most people who didn't know her she came off as rude and harsh. It was simply a defense mechanism. When she was a girl she had the brightest personality. She'd make friends with all the kids in the village. In fact, many of the adults would ask Lillyanne to babysit the younger children, and she'd be all to happy to do so.

Lillyanne finally looked at the giant castle that stood before her. It was certainly hard to see in the night, but some lights light up the cobble stone path that they currently walked along. Some lights along the walls of the castle showed off the seemingly old yet new walls which where obviously made of brick. I was hard to tell the color, but it seemed to be an old rustic color. She then glanced around her surroundings, obviously disinterested in the statue in front of her.

"The forest that surrounds this place...Is it safe?"she whispered softly, a sliver of fear showing in her blue eyes.


"Oh yes. The area is perfectly safe." Adelita responded as she lead the way "Here at Wedgewood the staff has gone out of their way to make sure that all the students here can train to control and use their powers in a safe, healthy environment. The school as well as the surrounding area are protected by several talismans, scattered all throughout the land to prevent monsters from wandering in and attacking the school. Any and all monsters that will be used in your training are fairly weak compared to the staff, and they're locked up tight. Plus if any staff member feels that a student is in any actual danger from a monster they will kill it without hesitation. Just because we were all cursed by monster, doesn't mean we should be treated like one."

Virran kept his hands in his pockets as he walked. Staring at this Adelita girl, so he wouldn't accidentally get distracted and take a wrong turn. Looking at her for so long he had finally noticed that her ponytail was held up by a white bow.

"Oh that's cute." Virran thought to himself when suddenly his stomach started to growl, it's been a while since he'd eaten.

"Where's the cafeteria?" Is what he wanted to ask, but he didn't want to bother her and interrupt her tour. He wasn't worried, he could manage.

Virran then looked over at the other two with him and thought to himself; "They're new here too. Maybe they'll ask. Oh my god I'm so stupid! Just shut up and listen to the girl. She's kind enough to show us around, so let her."

While he had yelled at himself in his head, he had forgotten to look away from the others and accidentally looked like he was staring at them for so long that one of them took notice and looked back at him. It was than that he realized he was staring and went back to looking straight ahead.

Virran thought to himself; "Damn it I did it again! If I keep staring at people I'm going to get kick out. Wait...can I get kicked out? Oh my god I'm gonna be the first one in the history of this school to get kicked out! DAMN IT MAN GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! You've got F**king super powers now and you can't even say "hi" to the person next to you. Geez!"


Ignore him.

Milo coached to himself as the uncomfortable gaze focused on the representative once more but his eyes glanced back at the girl with the stunning cotton colored hair to his left. It was obvious she didn't dye it to gain attention as her blue eyes shifted around the front of the massive building soaking in on the exterior design of the school building.

"Anyone hungry?"

Milo had completely forgotten about the Representative, her voice cut through his thoughts sharp and swiftly. He often wondered what was the purpose of showing just three students halfway into the third semester when anyone else would have just given them a class schedule and a map to fend for themselves. Extra credit maybe, he mumbled under his breath as his fingers brushed against the smooth surface of his comic hidden away in his front pockets as she stopped them.

Dark mahogany double doors greet them as the warm smell of fresh bread oozed through the creaks but Milo focused on the skillfully created artwork carved into the smooth surface of the wood. Picturing a great battle between a massive creature, it's head poking out from beneath the bottom of the doors, mouth in a sinister snarl as it's large paws reached out to swipe it's attackers. Two people backs were turned as they clawed their way upwards towards a cliff desperately trying to escape their own unfortunate demise. Milo closed his eyes as the warm tears began to tickle the bitter winter air among the surface, his hands began to shake as a memory began to surface......a horrific nightmare he tried so hard to forget.

"This is the dinning hall. Unfortunately it's not located inside the front building but a few strides away. Many of the teachers requested the location to be moved here," she paused and the memory was gone. Milo blinked a few times as the tears fell and focused on what Adelita was addressing before them as she pointed a manicured finger to a sign labeled: Mess Hall

"After all getting as much fresh air as we can will help body breath in more oxygen when most needed. Hunting can be Oh-So-Very-Tiring, don't you agree Adelly?"

Milo nearly jumped out of his skin when a clawed hand gripped him tightly on the shoulder as a pleasant peach scent drifted up his noise. Adelita expression quickly turned to one of annoyance but just as swiftly it was gone replaced by professionalism. In one swift motion he was by Milo's left side and already he could sense something off about this silent stranger as his unnatural emerald gaze focused on Milo's brown ones with an unhealthy level of interest. His straw colored hair matched Adelita both styled in a similar way, even their faces were uncanny familiar, the only difference was his high-cheek bones and the eyes that reminded him of a cat stalking it's pray. Anyone within the female species would have stopped and gaped at the young man dressed in a simple silk t-shirt and baggy sweats and no shoes on; with a lazy flick of his wrist he brushed his bangs out of his face.

"Allen, aren't you suppose to be in study hall?" Allen said nothing as a red apple was tossed in the air. In one swift motion he caught it, his left hand digging into it's flesh as his pale skin seemed to glow in the afternoon rays of light. "Worried about my grades baby sister?" he cooed, his thick Scottish accent sent a shiver down Milo's spin as Allen's grip tightened on Milo's shoulder. "I just wanted to see him for myself," his gaze seemed to burn into Milo's soul as a small smile formed on his lips then he finally loosened his grip. Taking a bite out of his apple he pointed to Milo, back now turned as he made his way down the gravel stone pathway towards the entrance. "Make sure he's assigned to my room, Adelita. You don't want to make the same mistake as last year now would you?"

Adelita face seemed to grow a shade paler as she glanced over at Milo before quickly recovering back to her normal self. She didn't wait for him to disappear around a thick bush of ferns as she opened the double doors into the lunch hall before smiling back at three students before her to ease the uncomfortable tension.

"Dinner is ready!"
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Skye Range

Lillyanne stared with her icy blue eyes at the stranger that had an uncomfortable amount of interest with the boy on her right.

None of my business. she thought with a soft shrug. Adelita had then turned back with a smile as she opened the doors to the mess hall. The smell of freshly baked bread and other foods filled the air. Lillyanne wasn't very hungry, but she figured she could eat something small.

Just as they got in line to get some food, the pain in her arm flared up. She winced slightly, but kept moving, only grabbing a loaf of bread to eat. To anyone paying attention to her face they would of seen the pain and fear mixed in her eyes as her arm continued to burn. She could feel the air around her begin small little blades as she tried so hard to calm herself down so as not to hurt anyone again.

With the greatest difficulty, she managed to sit at an empty table so she could easily avoid hurting to many people if things got to out of control.

Help...Me...Help me mother... she thought as she continued to try and calm herself down.

"Come on, come on...Just keep calm." Lillyanne murmured under her breath as the world started to spin.

Oh no...Not now! Just a little bit longer... The thoughts were rushing through her head as she tried so hard to keep herself together and calm.

After a few more minutes of fighting against herself, she finally passed out. Her world faded into blackness as she fell from her seat and onto the floor with a thud.


"Finally food. This girl's a mind reader." Varrin thought to himself as he sat down at the end corner of one of the long cafeteria tables with a plate of just a simple burger and fries. Varrin had seen plenty of other interesting things to eat that he had never seen before, and would like to try, but since this was his first day and he was starving, he had wanted to play it safe. Since he was starving, Varrin was the first in the group to get in line, and as such the first to get off and so he chose to sit at the corner of the emptiest table he could find. And so did Lilyanne.

Before Virran could start eating Adelita had stepped out of the line with her food and noticed both Virran and Lilyanne sitting by themselves at empty tables. "Um...don't you all want to sit together?" Adelita looked down, bitting her lower lip as she began feeling a little upset. But she then gives herself a light slap on the cheek and walked over to Virran asking; "You want to sit together? It'd be best if we all remained in a group."

Virran stared at Adelita, he was so used to eating alone, he had almost forgotten he was with a group. Virran then stood up with his tray, saying nothing, but Adelita assumed this meant yes and walked to the table where Lilyanne was sitting, and there the four of them sat. Virran was at the edge while Adelita sat next to him as the other two sat across from him.

Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 2.05.53 PM.png

And there Adelita had sat, acting as if nothing had happened, smiling and putting her hands together and saying; "Hope you all enjoy the food." Virran was definitely enjoying it, he was starving so it tasted extra good.

As Virran was eating he had noticed the white haired girl grasping at her arm and looking down. "What's up with her? Maybe I should ask? No if she wanted to share she would have. Stop being stupid."

After a few bites the other boy (Milo) had finally asked; "So what was that "Allen" guy talking about? What happened "last year"?"

Adelita was nervous about answering Milo and she really didn't do a good job at hiding it as she speedily responded; "Oh uh...nothing--it's nothing, don't mind him. My brother's just kinda weird is all, but uh...he--he's a good guy once you get to know him. Heh ha, ha ha ha, Haaauuuhh" Adelita looked down and a little upset.

Suddenly Lilyanne falls over out of her seat and passes out. Virran and Milo both jump out of their seats in shock.

"Woah! What happened!" Milo shouted

Adelita examined Lilyanne in an instant and immediately knew what was going on. "Oh no."

"What going on?!"

"It's fine! She's fine. We just got to get her to the infirmary is all. You two grab her legs, I'll grab her arms and make sure nothing "bad" happens."


"Just hurry. The nurse may deal with this kinda thing at least once a week but that doesn't mean we should take our time."

Virran and Milo did what they were told and Adelita lead the way to the infirmary.
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Milo could remember the last time he went into a nurses office and already the white walls did little to comfort his ease as Adelita talked to the nurse. Her expression plastered with worry as Milo tugged on his oversize hoodie, the silence grew thicker as he waited with the tall, lanky Gothic until the goth finally spoke.

" I wonder what's wrong with her,"

Milo blinked his attention turning to the goth guy next to him a bit of worry on his face as he focused on no one but Adelita. The Goth seemed nervous, unsettled as he shifted into his seat, long legs tapping to an unknown rhythm Milo couldn't hear.

"Repeat that," Milo asked feeling slightly guilty for ignore him the second he got distracted with a deadly looking small table with medical equipment slapped on top. After all, Milo was used to being ignored through out his whole life and he wasn't making it any better for this kid as the Goth spoke once more.

"I wonder what's wrong with her, I never expected to have to take someone to the nursed office on the first day of school."

Milo grinned, then chuckled as he added, " at least you weren't being shoulder groped by Adelita's brother. I know, I'm adorable but come it cool."

Goth boy laughed but covered his mouth when the nurse shot them an annoyed look, the tense in the room seemed to slow down as Milo pulled out his Doctor Strange comic book.


"Come again?"

" My names Milo Rakocevic," Milo extended a hand out. " Just call me Virran, Milo."

Both boys shook hands and with the conversation coming to a close Adelita made her presence know as she ran a hand through her long pony tail, her face frantic as she let out a breath. Clapping her hands together she placed a hand on her hip and pointed to Virran and spoke.

"Come with me, we need to collect the headmaster. Milo," her eyes focused on the tiny teen that could pass for a simple twelve year old and nodded her eyes focused on the sleeping form of the white haired girl.

"Stay here at her bead side. The Nurse went to get some medication. Once we come back and she wakes up everything will be situated." she looked worn out and Milo figured she wasn't expecting this day to be more complicated than normal. Without another word Milo made his way towards the girl and sat down as Virran let his suitcase next his own so they formed a line away from the nurse. Adelita patted him on the shoulder before walking out the front door with Virran treading close behind. He didn't get a chance to read before the nurse waled in with a black leather bag and a cigarette handing from his mouth and a glass of what looked to be scotch. His deer horns stuck out as he placed the wine down and ran a hand through his smooth twilight colored hair before scratching his stubble chin.

"I can't even have one day of piece with out some kid either passing out or worse," with an annoyed sigh he pulled out a needle before his stricking golden eyes focused on Milo.

"This is going to hurt your girlfriend more than it will hurt me,"

"She's not-"

"This should wake her up though or make it worse," he then shrugged and blew a puff of smoke in Milo's face with a lazy expression plastered on his rugged middle aged face.

"Here we go."
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Skye Range

Lillyanne could hear voices all around her, but she couldn't quite make out what they were saying. One was saying something bout 'it hurting him more than her', another tried to say something but was cut off mid sentence.

Not long after that she felt something slide into her arm, and it wasn't gentle. She felt like it was just shoved into her arm, which hurt tremendously. A few minutes later she felt a pounding in her head, which caused her to wake up screaming and swinging her fist wildly.

"Ow!" Lillyanne turned towards the voice and noticed the small teen from earlier. She blushed softly out of embarrsment as she held her head, looking away from him.

"I...Um...Sorry..." she murmured softly glancing over at him, just to see the damage done. "You might want to place some ice on that..." she said noticing a bruise beginning to form on his jaw.

"It's ok! At least you didn't attack my good side." he said pointing towards the side of his face that was unscathed. Lillyanne couldn't help but smile a little at what he said.

"Here. Now we know to stay away from her if this happens again." the nurse said with a shrug as he handed Milo some ice for his jaw. "Here's something for your head. Try not to pass out again huh?" the nurse handed her some pills and water.

"Yeah....I'll try." Lillyanne said sarcastically as she glared slightly at the nurse. It's not like she WANTED to pass out in front of a bunch of people she didn't know.

"By the way, I'm Lillyanne." she murmured softly, after taking the pills. She had turned her attention towards the teen while offering her hand out to him.

"Milo. Nice to meet you!" Milo said, smiling and taking Lillyannes' hand.

"Likewise." Lillyanne smiled a bit, laying back down, still not feeling 100%.

"Just lay here for a while until Adelita get's back. You should be ok by then." the nurse said plopping down in his desk chair.
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"Stupid. Stupid. I should have noticed it beforehand. I can't believe I messed up so badly." Adelita quietly mumbled to herself as she walked, trying to walk just far enough ahead of Virran that he couldn't hear her. "No. No." Adeltia lightly slapped both of her cheeks with her hands and said to herself; "It's fine. You can do this."

Meanwhile Virran walked behind her wondering; "Why is she walking so far ahead of me? Is she mad at me for laughing in the infirmary as well? Dang it even when I'm trying to be friendly I mess up."

"So!" Adelita spoke getting Virran's attention. "There's no need to worry. We're just going to get the headmaster and everything will be fine. Yup no worries Heh ha...ooh."

Adelita and Virran walked in silence for a moment, Adelita was biting the bottom of her lip and hugging her arms.

Virran had taken notice and thought to himself "She seems really upset. I really wish I could help her. Maybe I should say something. Oh please like what?" After much self debating Virran simply decided to keep quiet as they walk, scanning the area around him.

The two had wandered inside, where there were numerous stone pillars lined up down the middle of large hallways. Adelita and Virran walked alongside the wall and Virran continued to think to himself; "I should probably say something. Anything."

"Uh..." Virran started to try and say something but nothing came out. However Adelita had still heard his attempt; "Huh?" "Oh uh...nothing" He couldn't do it.

"Oh...ok. Oh no! I got so distracted I forgot to do my job. OK...ok well right now we are--ompf" Adelita had bumped into another teenager when turning the corner. Adelita shook her head and spoke out; "Oh...I'm so sorry I was...Oh no. Not you...not today."

"Aw...come on now. You're the one that bumped into me." The boy said with a smirk. He was the same age as Virran and Adelita wearing a dark colored vest, exposing his bare arms, with long wrist bands. He had Red hair, not orange but red, and numerous piercings on each ear. Just looking at him makes you want to punch him, cause you can tell he's done something to deserve it.

"Well I'm sorry. Now if you'll excuse me I have to--" Adelita tried to get rid of him but he grabbed her by the arm and said; "Oh come on now. What's the rush?" then whispered in her ear; "It's been a while."

Adelita frees her arm and shouts; "Get away from me! I don't want you near me!"

But he just looked at her and spoke back; "Really? Cause I remember a time when you couldn't bear to be apart from me."

"That was before I realized that you such a big...JERK!!!" Adelita shouted, making it obvious that she didn't want him around.

The boy grabbed Adelita's arm and grinned and he responds; "Oh Come on I know you've missed me."

Virran watched in shock and confusion. He was hesitant. This was a personal matter so he wasn't sure if he should involve himself. He definitely didn't want to start trouble on the first day.

Adelita tries to relase herself from him but the boys grip grows tighter as she responds; "If you honestly believe that than you don't know anything about me at all! Now let GO!!"

The boy pulls Adelita into the wall and looks directly into her face and says; "Oh yeah. I know you don't actually wear glasses." With those words the boy pulled the glasses off Adelita's face and Adelita shouted; "Give those back!"

"Why? You don't need 'em." He said as he looked her in the eyes and tossed the glasses behind him.

"They're cute and they make me look smart! You happy!?" Adelita Shouted

"Not just yet." He said as he kept Adelita pressed to the wall.

"What do you want? I'm in a hurry." Adelita closed her eyes as she struggled but was unable to free herself

The boy put his hand on her chin as he said; "Well than I guess I'll make this quick. You know what I want."

Adelita's eyes popped open the instant she realized what he meant. "No...No, NO!!! I'm not doing that anymore! NO!!!"

"Come on. Just one time, right here, and I'll leave." He whispered as he started to unzip her jacket.

"What!? No we're in public!" Adelita grabbed his arm and pulled it away from her jacket.

"What's wrong? Don't want the other students to hear the Class Rep moan."

"No! Stop!" A tear began to form in Adleita's eye.

Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 5.28.35 PM.jpg

"Come on. I know you love it."

Adelita punded his chest shouting; "No, I don't! I never liked it! I only did it cause you said it was driving you crazy when you couldn't do it. You said you hated doing it but not doing it would drive you insane!"

The boy grabbed her fighting arm and pinned it to the wall with the rest of her and responded; "Yeah, but now i can't get enough. I'm addicted. And you're my favorite. Probably because you were my first." He moved his face closer to hers and continues; "And now your jacket's gonna get all stained since you wouldn't take it off."

As the boy moved his face closer to hers, he began to go, a little lower, his lips moving towards her neck and he opens he mouth, suddenly his two sharp teeth began to grow much longer.

Adelita began to clench her fists, as she said; "I said..." but just as she was about to finish her sentence, boy's entire mouth gets covered by a hand before he could start what he was planning.

"She said no." Virran had seen enough, he didn't care what would happen next. He couldn't just watch anymore.

The boy looked at Virran with just his eyes then moved his head to face him. It wasn't until than that Virran removed his hand.

"This doesn't involve you." The boy said as he glared at Virran.

"You just licked my hand. I think I'm definitely involved now."

"You get one warning. I recommend you get back to your little class."

"And I recommend you BACK OFF!!!" Virran growls at him as his teeth all grow sharp and large.

"Oh please, a teeth changing growl? Is that supposed to scare me? What are you new?" The boy stared at Virran for a moment before realizing. "Oh my god, you are. HA HA HA!!! You're still doing that tour guide thing?"

I care about everyone here! I want to help all of them any way I can!"

"You're so stupid. This is why we broke up!"

"We broke up because you're not the person I fell in love with anymore."

"So naive." The boy releases Adelita then grabs Virran's face with one hand, squeezing his cheeks and telling him; "Listen Dorothy, You ain't in Kansas anymore. If you try to act all tough in here without being able to back it up, those scary looking teeth of yours will wind up going right down your throat." The boy throws Virran back, then turns around and says; "I don't even want your blood anymore. It's too sweet to have for dinner anyway." then walks away saying; "Maybe I'll come looking for you when it's time for dessert."

Virran watches as the boy walks away then steps over to Adelita and asks; "Are you ok?"

Adelita slide her back down the wall to the floor and starts to cry; "I'm so sorry."

"What?" Virran was confused. Why was she apologizing.

"I was supposed to be giving you guys a tour of the school. Not a tour of my personal life. First my brother shows up and acts like a wierdo, than I fail to notice an Lilyanne's curse affecting her, and now my ex shows up and start's being a jerk again. I'm a horrible Class Rep." Adelita curls up as she cries some more and finishes; "I just want to help everyone."

Virran looked to the side for a second, then looks at her and says; "Hey...look I know I haven't known you long seem're a good person to me...and...a great Class Rep." "You're just saying that. You don't know what kind of Class Rep I am."

"Um...ok I guess that's true. I don't really know anything about you. But...I do know one thing." "What?" "Um...those glasses...really did make you look smart."

Adelita looked up at Virran as he thought to himself; "Oh my god really? That's the best you could come up with? You are a dumbass."

"You really think so."

Virran looked surprised. did that actually help. "Oh...yeah...definitely. They give a real good first impression."

Adelita forms a slight smile as she replies; "Thanks. That was the intention. Heh ha." then lightly slaps both her cheeks at the same time, twice, and picks herself off the ground, zipping her jacket back up and saying in her usual peppy voice; "Alright! We got a headmaster to see! Lets go."

"Right." Virran answers with a slight smile as he picks up Adelita's glasses, only to see that the glass has been cracked. "Oh...sorry."

Adelita take the glasses and pushes out the glass as she tells Virran; "It's cool we both know they're fake now." then puts them back on her face.

Adelita then leads Virran to the headmasters office. The doors to it were large, and made of pure gold, just like the statue outside, with two large sculpted panther heads holding the door handles in their mouths.

Adelita grabs one of the door handles and lets herself in with Virran behind her and there they see him. The headmaster. He look just like the statue and there he was sitting in his chair petting an actual Panther, who seemed to enjoy it.


The headmaster looked at the student that had entered his office and reacts; "Ah Adelita. You're early. Where are the other two students?"
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Milo gave Lillyanne another glass of water, he glanced over a his Doctor Strange comic untouched for a few seconds before a cough snapped him back to the task at hand.

" Try not to drink so fast," the nurse said flatly as he flipped threw a magazine. Lillyanne handed Milo the chilly glasses and he rested neatly on the nightstand before sitting back in the leather chair. Neither of them said a word until finally Milo decided to break the ice between them some more.

"What's your mother like?" Milo was prepared for the surprise look on her face as her hand brushed a few loose strains out of her ash colored face. She licked her lips before placing her hand back on her lap and spoke.

"How did you-"

"You talk when your asleep er unconscious." A flush of pink spread across her face as Milo's stomach seemed to flutter at the sight. He was never the type to notice the opposite sex before. Hell, it was much easier focusing on a comic then another human being that would spend most of their time shopping.

"Oh...." she mumbled as she cleared her throat. "What would you like to know?"

"Is she the one that," Milo paused unsure if what he was going to ask was about to offend her.

" Curse me?" Milo blinked. "What?"

"You were about to ask if she cursed me right?" Lillyanne laughed, Milo liked her laugh, It reminded him of his own mothers laugh. Warm and inviting.

"No, she didn't." she answered and the conversation was cut short as Milo rolled up his sleeves.

"What happened to your right arm, it looks so painful. " Milo glanced at his right arm, the jagged teeth mark that did not heal quite like it was supposed to began to burn slightly. Already he could feel the uncomfortable pain in the pit of his stomach has he clenched his teeth, he could feel his forehead begin to ooze out sweat as the nurse glanced over with curiosity.

"Something big bit me," Milo breathed out as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He could feel Lillyanne touch, it was nice and cool and the throbbing pain began to subside.....almost.

"My mother helped me cope with my curse, she's the one that found this school." Milo nodded, "So, did my parents. Besides I don't want anything bad to happen to my baby sister with my condition not settled."

" A baby sister, I bet she's adorable." Lillyanne pressed and Milo began to rummage in his bag for his wallet to pull out a picture before an unfamiliar man voice rang out.

"I see your recovering slowly," It was a strange accent and rolled off the mans tongue as he entered the room, The clicking of his snake toed boots bounced off the walls his sharp hawk-like gaze focused on Lillyanne then Milo. Milo almost forgot to breathe. A large panther cotton white panther made it's way into the room, it's clawed feet scrapping on the tile as the nurse let out a high pitched yelp.

"You know I hate cats damn it,"

"She's already been feed Edwin, " he chuckled as the panther sniffed Milo bitten right hand before making it;s self comfortable on top of Lillyanne bed and began to purr loudly.

"Interesting, Eton's never been one to approach strangers. I see why Allen want's you personally.....Milo."

Adelita and Virran were last as the strange man pulled himself a chair and focused on Milo then turned to Lillyanne. Already, Milo felt a sudden uneasiness when his eyes bounced from him to Lillyanne and then back towards Virran.

"Lillyanne and Virran will be in the same dorms but Milo," he paused his long blond curls framing his long face as he snatched the untouched wine glass from the nurse and sniffed the top.

"Edwin, why don't you ever share your secret stash with me eh?"

"Get on with it, I don;t want that furry feline in my office for much longer!"

"Fine, Adelita.....Milo here was cursed by the same thing as your brothers. Since three years ago Allen was the only one cursed with that particular...old friend of mines he now has a-"

"Soul brother." Adelita whispered as the man who addressed her nodded then he pointed and Virran.

"You and," he paused nodded his head towards Lillyanne. "Are rare, almost besides for Milo and Allen of course. Your Curses are not from the norm and will be extremely difficult to track you....parent. Unfortunately I can't send you somewhere with your own kind considering......their are none, Milo was a surprise neither of us or Adelita expected but,"

"Allen knew what you are....." Adelita trailed off. "Headmaster,"

The headmaster held up his hand and stood up.

"Get them situated, Milo with Allen in the Dorm fourteen and these to in Dorm thirteen. I need to get number six, cleaned with new furniture for these two-" he paused and focused on Lillyanne.

"In the mean time....don't loose control. Until we can figure something out."

Swiftly, he drowned the wine and slapped it on the table before blowing a high pitched whistle, Milo flinched as the massive cat patted out of the chilly office. Nurse Edwin let out a sigh of relief before pour himself another glass of fine wine, without a second glance the headmaster headed toward the door but patted Virran on the shoulder and whispered something in his ear.

"I'll see you around children, Oh and welcome to Wedgwood."
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Skye Range

Great! So, my curse is rare, and it'll be hard to track down that bastard. Lillyanne a soft clicking sound with her tongue as she sighed. She watched as the headmaster left, the beautiful panther following close behind.

Lillyanne rubbed her left arm slightly as she sighed. She glanced towards the nurse, and then the rest of the room.

"Hey, nurse...Is there anything you can give me for my arm?" Lillyanne asked with a slight sigh.

"Hm? What's wrong?" Edwin arched an eye brow at Lillyanne when asked. Edwin then took notice of the arm that Lillyannne was rubbing, and put two and two together. "Does it hurt constantly?"

"Sometimes...It's not like I hurt it or anything...It burns constantly, but it get's really bad when my "power" is flaring up." she murmured just above a whisper so as only the nurse could hear.

"Hmmm. I can't really do anything for that. Best I can offer is an ointment to dull the pain, so it's easier to live with." Edwin said as he went about looking for the ointment to give Lillyanne.

"I'll take it." Lillyanne murmured softly as she switched her gaze from Edwin towards Virran.

"I'm Lillyanne." she said, her voice slightly colder than what she meant for it to be.

"Call me Virran." Virran answered as he looked at her. Lillyanne nodded a bit and offered her hand out to him, which Virran took with a slight nod.

Lillyanne smiled a bit at him, then turned her attention back to the nurse, whom had cleared his throat to gain her attention.

"Here's the ointment. You only have to place a little bit on the affected area. It should last a couple of days at most. When ever the pain goes from a dull stinging to the pain level it's at now, go ahead and apply more. It should work immediately." Edwin explained as he handed off the ointment to Lillyanne.

Lillyanne stood from the bed a bit shakily, but she was able to stand on her own two feed. She took a slow step forward to test her bearings, and smiled softly as she was able to walk without falling flat on her face.

After walking a little bit, she looked towards Adelita, pushing a strand of her white hair behind her ear, the slightly cold look in her eyes returning, without her even really noticing. "Are we ready to go?" Lillyanne asked tilting her head to the side a bit, watching her carefully. She knew she could trust this teen considering she didn't give off a bad vibe, but something felt a bit off about her and she couldn't place her finger on it.

It's probably nothing...I must be over reacting. I mean...I have a tendency to do that a lot. I guess I'm just used to being thrown to the side by everyone... Lillyanne sighed softly at her own thoughts.

"Right! I believe we're ready to head to your dorms!" Adelita said with a smile as she nodded her head towards Edwin, and turned to walk out the door.


Adelita led the group to the dormitory a building that looked kind of like a three story apartment complex, the walls lined with light brown bricks and a perfect line of windows on each floor.

Adelita leads the entire group up to a certain room then pulls out a key and gets ready to place it in the lock when suddenly she stops and says out loud to herself; "Oh, shouldn't be rude." Adelita then knocks on the doors and after a second an eerily familiar voice answers; "Come in!"

Adelita reinserts her key and opens the door, and there everyone saw Adelita's oder brother, Allen, laying on his back on the opposite end of the bed with his head dangling off the end, upside down reading "Bleach" volume 71. "Damn it Kubo, get your sh*t together."

Allen then turned his gaze towards the door to his room to see who had come in and upon seeing everyone he smiles, drops his manga, opens his arms wide, and excitedly shouts; "Adelly!" "I think I'm getting a little too old for that nickname." Adelita responded, blushing slightly.

"I've been waiting" Allen said as he grabs the edge of the bed and flips himself off it and on to his feet, then happily yells with his arms apart; "And you hooked me up like I asked. Come here." then starts walking towards the group.

Adelita shook her hand and closed her eyes. "Oh no it wasn't me it was the headmaster You don't need to hug--" Adelita had cut herself off when she realized Allen had walked right past her and started to hug Milo, who, due to his hight was being shoved right into his chest. "Oh. you meant him." she said, a small hint of jealousy in her voice.

Milo tried to resist and push himself away, but Allen was squeezing to tight as he told him, in a strangely terrifying voice, almost like a serial killer's; "You and I are going to be the best of friends." Milo stood quiet for a moment before finally answering, his voice slightly muffled from being pressed against Allen's chest; "I'm very uncomfortable right now."

Allen then lets Milo go then turns to Adelita and tells her; "Glad you listened to me." "It was actually the Headmaster. I didn't do much." Adelita responded looking to the side. Allen then lightly presses her checks together with both hands and says; "Aw yowre sho modest." as if talking to a baby, or a pet. Adelita started to blush as she talked back; "I'm not a kid anymore Allen." But Allen continued to talk to her like one as he responds; "Than why is your face still squishy?"

Adelita pushes Allen's hands away, blushing, and quickly says; "Ok, I have other people to escort right now so...ya know." "Ah right! And I have something to discus with my new best friend."

Allen starts pushing everyone else out of his room shout; "So you know the drill. Out out out!" then closes the door right behind them.

Virran and Lillyanne take a few steps forward when Lillyanne says outloud; "That guy gives me the creeps." "At least you don't have to room with him." Virran responded. Lillyanne looks back at the door and says; "True. Poor Milo." She then notices that Adelita hasn't stepped away from the door and nervously tells her; "Oh...No offense Adelita." "None taken. I know he doesn't give the greatest um...first impression" Lillyanne and Virran waited for a moment but Adelita still doesn't move. "Are we going?" "Uh...yeah."

Adelita blushed in embarrassment as she lightly knocked on the door without turning around. "What now?!" " hair's kinda caught in the door."

A few seconds later the door opens slightly and Adelita grabs it all from behind her. "Thank you." then the door closes behind her again.

Adelita then escorts Virran and Lillyanne to their room, this time unlocking the door without hesitation. This room looked just like the previous one, kinda like an upgraded motel room. two beds along the back wall, a window on the opposite wall of the door, and two separate closets right next to each other on the remaining wall. But no bathroom inside.

"Alright well bathrooms are down the hall. You each have your own closet and bed, and I will come by tomorrow morning at around 9:00 to escort you to your private orientation. Any questions?"

Virran turned to Adelita, as Lillyanne examined her new living space, and asked; "Um...yeah. Are you sure it's ok for...guys and share...the same room." Virran and never shared a room with anyone before, let alone a girl, he had mentally prepared himself for a roommate but this made him a little...uneasy. And at that moment Lillyanne wore a look of realization on her own face. She had gotten so distracted from all that had happened today that this was the first time she had actually thought about the fact that she would be rooming...with a boy.

"Oh yes we believe coed dorms are perfectly fine an exceptional to help friendships and teamwork. However if either of you are uncomfortable with this I could ask the headmaster to reassign you. It's just...we prefer it if the four of you were...close to each other." Adelita started to speaking in a whisper; "Making it easier to keep tabs on all of you." "What?" "Nothing. If you want I can talk to the headmaster and I'll try to get you reassigned tomorrow but until than, you're kinda going to have to spend the night together." Everyone in the room blushed when she said that. She definietly could have worded that better.

"Well I have to go. If you need me just call." and with that Adelita left the room, closing the door behind her.

Virran and Lillyanne remained quiet. Both a little too nervous to say anything due to how awkward the situation had become.

"Ok don't panic." Virran thiught to himself. He had never shared a room with anyone, let alone a girl. "It's fine. I mean come on, she's not that pretty is she?" And with that thought Virran, had started to examine Lillyanne for first time Virran see how attractive she was, which was a mistake. As she turned her head to look at him he frantically thought to himself; "OH, DAMN IT YES SHE IS!!! Oh crap, this isn't good. Now I'm gonna start acting weird and creepy again. And this time it'll be in close quarters."

"So..." Lillyanne spoke in an effort to break the silence, and the tension. "I know it's early but, I've had a long, exhausting I was thinking about...going to sleep." "Oh sure."

Virran and Lillyanne stare at each other for a moment before Lillyanne continued; "So, I should probably change into my sleeping clothes." "Sounds good." Virran responded looking at her like normal. "Yes...change my my room...which is this one."

Virran remained silent for a moment as Lillyanne stared at him before it finally clicked in his mind and he frantically shouted; "OH!!! RIGHT!!! Yes you should get changed...and...and...I will watch you. I WILL NOT WATCH YOU!!! NO!!! No I will not! Cause that would be wrong." Virran tried to fix it but the damage was already done and Lillyanne was uncomfortable.

Virran tried to make it better and said "OK you get changed...and I will turn around so I can't see you." Virran turns around with his back facing Lillyanne, who retorts; "Or you could leave the room for a minute." "OR I COULD LEAVE THE ROOM FOR A MINUTE!!!" And with that Virran left the room and closed the door behind him.

After a few minutes, once Lillyanne was almost finished, she begins to talkt to Virran through the door. "Again I'm sorry for wanting to go to sleep so early." "Oh it's fine." Virran answered. "C'mon, no its not I mean it's only SUNSET, you probably wanted to explore or something on the campus." Virran chuckled before answering; "Yeah... I guess it is only...SUNSET!!!" Virran looked out a window down the hall and confirmed that the sun was indeed setting. "Uh oh."

After Lillyanne finished she opens the door and says; "I don't want you to be stuck here cause of me. If you want you could just go on..." Lillyanne cut herself off when she looked down the hall and notice Virran was nowhere to be seen. "...without me."

"CRAP!!! CRAP!!! CRAP!!!!" Virran screamed at himself as he scaled up the side of the building. "I completly lost track of time! I have to get somewhere where no one will notice me! Somewhere no one will see me! Somewhere no one will touch me!" Virran makes it to the roof and runs as he finishes; "I have to hurry! Before the sun sets!"

Meanwhile, Adelita walked down the hall and lets out a deep breath. Telling herself; "Ya know...all in all. I think that went well. Oh I hope they all liked me. I hope they see me as someone they can come too. I hope--"

"They don't hear you moan in ecstasy?" a voice whispered in her ear, but when she turned back the one who had said it was several feet away. The jerk who was harassing her earlier. "What do you want now...Tarkin?" She said, his mere presence ruining her mood.

The boy, Tarkin, walked up to her, answering; "Don't you remember? It's time for dessert." Adelita threw her arm up to defend herself as she answered back; "I thought that was supposed to be a cruel joke." "It was. But after I left I had such a craving. I tried to settle it myself but no matter how much i drink. I still want you. Specifically."

"What are you talking about?" Tarkin kept his hands in his vest pocket as he bent down to look directly into her face and answers; "Over the last couple of weeks I've been craving your blood. At first I thought I was just starting to get upset that you were gone. But after talking with some of the other Vampires in the school. I learned something...interesting." "Interesting how?" "Well it turns out, part of our curse is that when one of us drinks directly out someones neck for the fist time. We start...craving that person." Tarkin extends his teeth with that last part for emphasis. "Only by drinking that person's blood can the craving stop. But no matter how often we taste them. The craving never goes away. The only way to get rid of it for good..." Tarkin moves his lips to Adelita's ear and whispers; "Is to suck them completely dry in one feeding."

Adelita swings her arm to attack Tarkin, fearing for her life, but he disappears before she can hit him. "Where..." Suddenly Tarkin appears behind her and continues; "However considering our history, I'd never do something like that. Despite what you think I still have feelings for you. Heh ha ha." Adelita turns around to face him as he keeps talking; "I won't suck you dry, but I'm going to be needing a constant supply of your blood. And you know me...I like it fresh from the source."

"No! You're lying! I'm not giving you my blood anymore! SO STOP ASKING AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Adelita screamed, she had had enough of his harassment. But rather than getting mad...he smiled. Tarkin began to sarcastically speak while dramitically move his arms as if reciting Shakespeare; "Oh Adelita you're so cruel. Do you really think so little of me. I would never ask you to give me your blood if you didn't want it." "No, you'd just take it."

Tarkin stopped the theatrics then looked her dead in the eyes and said; "Fine. Lets make a deal than." "A deal?" Adelita was confused but she knew he was up to something.

"I will never bother you about blood ever again. I will leave you alone forever. I will never even speak to you without being addressed first." "Ok..." "That is...on one condition. If you ever one day ask me to take your blood even once, I'll own you." Adelita widened her eyes in shock. "What?!" "If you ever ask me to take your blood, even once, that will be you giving me permission to take it when ever and where ever I want. All i'd have to do is snap my fingers and my teeth will be in your neck. Any time, any place no matter what. You'll be my walking little lunch box." "The curse has driven you crazy." "What do you say?! it's a pretty sweet deal don't you think? I'll never bother you again as long as you don't ask me to."

Tarkin extends his hand and with a vampiric smile asks; "Do we have a deal?"

Adelita didn't trust him. She knew he was up to something. However...this could possibly be her only chance to escape his constant harassment. She could finally escape her crazy ex forever. I's not like she'd ever actually ask him to do something so painful to her again...would she?

Adelita grabbed Tarkin's hand and reluctantly replied; "Deal" Adelita instantly regretted her decision when Tarkin's smile got ever better as he reponded; "Good."

Adelita knew what had just happened. She had made...

"a deal with the devil"

After letting go of her hand Tarkin started walking away as as he left he shouted; "Oh and some final words of parting."

At that moment Tarkin appeared directly behind Adelita, whispering in her ear one last time; "If i can't drink your blood. I'll have to make due with...someone elses." With those final words Tarkin had disappeared and a tear started to form in Adelita's eye as she scaredly cried to herself; "Wh...what have I done?"
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Chapter Two

{ Inflammable }

Oxygen is our friend, the more that floods in our system the less......accidents will occur.

Milo could hear Allen's voice ringing in his head as he ran a towel through his wet curls as he opened the bathroom door letting ht mist steam out. Allen focused on the full length mirror, a curling iron gripped tightly sharp emerald gaze focused on the perfection he wanted when it came to his silky soft blond curls. Dress pants neatly pressed next to the expensive looking maroon colored vest, with out a word Milo patted along the wooden floor towards his side of the room. Marvel posters sprawled on the left side of the fall as the large window over looked the massive front yard of the school bustling with students., some wore uniforms others did not.

"How come I can't wear my uniform," Milo asked putting on his boxers.

"Because today is Wednesday. For freshman you have....combat classes, which means Uniforms are for classes like Math, Science...and what not."

Tossing his Mrs. Marvel towel on his desk, Milo began zipping his jean shorts when Allen voice called from across the room.

"I placed your schedule in your backpack, along with a few other thing you'll need for the Stevenson class. Oh," Allen stopped what he was doing and examined his handy work with a smirk on his unearthly beautiful face. "Remember the four rules. Oxygen is our friend. Keep away from flames. Always stay clam and collected-"

"And keep your friends three steps back. I know dear," Milo groaned as Allen pulled the plug from his curling iron and began to roll up the cord.

"Very good. Last thing, what do we do when we change?"

Milo paused halfway through putting on his favorite orange an blue long sleeved t-shirt. It had been a few years since had changed into....a gigantic raging beast, it was hard thinking about it as a bits of memories flooded through mind.

"Confront yourself."

Allen smiled and nodded before glancing at the clock as Milo ran a hand through his shirt. "We better get going or where going to miss breakfast."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Milo spotted Virran, Lillyanne an Adelita the instant he got his tray stacked with nine pancakes with Allen gone off to sit with his admires it felt like a life time ago that he finally got to sit and think in piece. Regardless he was secretly grateful for Allen and a weight had been lifted finally off his heavy shoulders because now he had someone to express his concerns to. Guide him down a path safely without hurting anyone else again.

"He lives," Adelita mocked as she raised both arms in the air in a sort of praise.

"Morning," Milo called as she slumped down in a chair next to Lillyanne who jumped at the sound of his heavy tray pounding against the wooden round table.

"Morning," Virran said slowly, his hair rightly pressed in a bun revealing his choke collar around his neck.

"Morning," Lillyanne whispered as she picked at her fruit salad and tucked her hair behind her left ear.

"What's wrong with them?" Milo mumbled from across the table as he pointed a syrup covered fork towards the down-in-the-dumps-lunch dorm mates.

"Just really tired, had a long night." Virran spoke up stabbing a fork into his creamy egg and stake omelet.

Adelita shoved another mouthful of yogurt into her mouth as Milo eyes gazed upon her hair now in curls before he could stop himself he focused on Allen a few rows down in the same hair style. A groan left her lips, "No again, anyone not from the school would have through we were twins-" Adelita then got up from the table and added: "I'll see you guys in Orientation. I need to change my hair style."

"What do you think Orientation will be like?" Lillyanne questioned, Virran shrugged. "A three hour speech of complete boredom."

"Or," Milo added. "A chance to see what Hunters are really like!"

Virran bobbed his head from side to side as he lifted up his strawberry lemonade to his lips. "Hunters, I wouldn't mind getting a good look at them."

Milo's grin widened as he spotted a small smile plastered on Lillyanne face with thinking he wrapped his arms around her shoulders as a butter scotch scent tickled his nose. "There's that smile that's been keeping me a wake at night Lilly," he then let go and took another helping of his pancakes. The mood dropped suddenly as Lillyanne began to speak about her home town and the places her an her mother visited as Virran and Milo chipped in about their own families.

"What did Allen have to tell you?" Virran asked then dropped his fork and shook slapped his forehead. "Forget I-"

"He told me about the thing that cursed us,"

The table grew silent as Milo continued, he wasn't sure why he was telling them what he knew. He had only just meet them yesterday but he figured they should at least know the reason for the Parent term.

"All Allen can tell me is that we call him father. Because in a sense they created up to what we are now. He also told me that once I accept my curse He'll visit me in my dreams."

"Will I get a visit from mines if-" Lillyanne started a worried look on her face as Milo touched her hand and cut her off. "No, everyone's parent is different. Allen says they have their own way of communication with us and that some of us children go as far as to not be hunters and embrace our curse."

Lillyanne clinched her fist and Virran expression grew hard and for the first time since he ate Milo wondered if letting them know was the wisest choice he's made.


Skye Range

"No. I will not accept this curse...It has caused to much hurt for me and people I....I once knew." Lillyanne said as she shook her head. She was the first to break the silence that had enveloped the table. The light chatter that was going on in the background did nothing to penetrate the heavy silence that had filled their little part of the mess hall.

Lillyanne felt tears prick at her icy blue eyes and she quickly shook her head, wiping them away. She took a breath to calm herself as she opened her eyes looking at Milo then at Virran. "I cannot speak for either of you when I say that I vow on my life to kill my "parent". Even if it's the last thing I do, I will kill IT." Lillyanne made sure to emphasize the last part of her statement.

Lillyanne felt a shiver go down her spine as she could hear the wind pick up outside. This isn't good....It seems it's going to be a windy day... she thought as she looked towards the door to the Mess Hall. I can't let anything happen to these guys...Especially not after what happened last time. Lillyanne thought to herself as she glanced around the table at the Milo and Virran.

"Can I...Can I call you friends?" Lillyanne whispered under her breath. It had been so long since she had friends, and she felt like the two sitting with her could at least have an inkling of understanding when it comes to the curse that has plagued her life for a few years before she came to this school.

"Sure!" Milo said with a smile on his face, almost disbanning the heavy silence that had filled their little corner.

"Uh...Um...Sure." Virran mumbled a bit of shock at the sudden question on his face.

Lillyanne looked up the at two and smiled a little. She lightly pushed her hair behind her ears, revealing slightly longer ears than normal.

"Ah, ignore the ears...They're a....product, if you will of my transformation. I usually try to hide my ears with my hair, which I've failed. I'm surprised neither of you have noticed, since they're hard to miss." Lillyanne murmured softly, blushing slightly.

"I just figured you'd share whenever you were ready." Virran said with a slight shrug as he looked at Lillyanne.

"Same actually." Milo smiled more as he shrugged.

Lillyanne smiled a little at them as she once again let her gaze fall on the door. No one else could hear the subtle changes in the windspeed inside the building like Lillyanne could, and she didn't like the changes. "This could be a dangerous day...I better be prepared to run if it becomes to much..." Lillyanne mumbled softly as she placed her right hand on her left arm, unconsciously rubbing it.


It was early in the day and Adelita happily walked along the campus ground, not wearing her glasses and her hair now in curls, as she headed straight for the dormitory. "Alright, first I release Milo from Allen's death grip. Then we get Virran and Lillyanne and have breakfast, then Orientation, then boom, everything is all settled. I wonder if they'll want me to continue that tour for them? Maybe I'll ask later. Or maybe they'll ask me. I don't know we'll see what happens."

Adelita reaches Allen and Milo's room and knocks on their door. The door opens up just a crack and Allen peeks through and answers; "Hello?" "Hey bro. I'm here to pick up Milo for breakfast. Is he ready?" Allen keeps the door where it is as he answers; "Not just yet. Why don't you...go on ahead. I'll make sure he meets you there." "Um...are you sure?" "Oh yeah. He's gonna be a while." "Uh...alright."

Allen starts to close the door but Adelita stops it open and asks; "Um...he is alright in there right?" "Of course. Why would you ask?" "Oh it's know, you...have a bit of a temper problem." Allen rolls his eyes as he responds; "Ugh! I rip one guy's arm off, and you just can't let it go, can you?" "You didn't just rip it off you burned it to ash afterwards. It could have been reattached!" "Yeah...well...he shouldn't have flipped your skirt." "I could have handled it myself you know." "I know you can. But I'm your brother I do it anyway. That's my job." Adelita looks down and lightly blushes and says; "Ok...but hey, make sure Milo gets down there, ok? I don't want him missing breakfast." "I'll be sure to tell him you said that "mom." ha ha." Adelita sarcastically responds; "Very funny" before starting to walk away. "Nice hair by the way." Allen announces as he closes the door, and Adelita runs her finger through her as she looks back and replies; "Oh thanks, I worked hard on it!"

Adelita walks to Virran and Lillyanne's room and there she saw Virran, sitting against the door, outside, picking dirt out of his fingernails. Adelita walked up to Virran and addressed him in her peppiest voice; "Morning Virran!" Virran looked at Adelita, with an unusual look, not one that stems from being shy or nervous, but one of anger, and pain. but even so he tried to hide it, forcing a smile and answering. "Morning Adelita."

"Why are you outside? Did things really go that badly?" Adelita questioned. Virran continues to pick at his fingernails, not even bothering to get up as he irritatedly answered; "No. I just accidentally locked my key inside and i didn't want to wake Lillyanne." "Oh...ok."

Adelita could sense the cold tone in his voice, he sounded nothing like the boy who fell over his words trying to comfort her yesterday. "Um...are you ok? You don't...seem right." "I'm fine." Virran answered, still sounding angry. "I'm just...tired is all. Just leave it at that." Adelita could tell that this was a lie and despite warning, kept digging for the truth; "Are you sure? You don't...look tired." Virran stopped picking at his nails, and started gritting his teeth, aggrivated by her pestering. "In look like you're in pain. Is your curse flaring up like Lillyanne's did? Do you want to head to the infirmary? Are you--" "I SAID BACK OFF!!!"

Virran's outburst shocked Adelita so bad that she ended up having to take a step back, her hands raised just under her face as she looked at him with a sense of fear and concern. Then, after seeing the face Adelita had made because of him Virran's look of anger changed to shock and concern. Then...before Virran could say it, Adelita said it first; "I'm sorry." Virran picks himself off the floor and protests; "N-no, no. I'm sorry. That was completely out of line." Adelita "I didn't mean to--" "I know. I'm sorry. I'm just...not a morning person, is all. i don't want to get into it."

" know you can talk to me. Right?" Adelita said, genuinely concerned. "I care." "Thanks. But...I just don't want to talk about it right now." Adelita takes a hold of Virran's hand with both of hers and tells him. "Well...if you ever want to. I'll always be ready to listen."

At that moment Lillyanne slams open the door to the room and shouts; "What's with all the racket!" Lillyanne sees Adelita and Virran together then looks down and sees Adelita holding Virran's hand in hers. Lillyanne then looks directly into Virran's eyes with a disapproving look, and asks; "Is this why you didn't come back last night?" Virran and Adelita look at their hands and quickly pull them away from each other blushing as Virran says; ""

Adelita tried to start the step past the embarrassment and get back on track. "Well...uh...anyway. Both of you should get dressed and wear something light." "Why? It's still pretty cold." Lillyanne asked in confusion. "Yes but today after Orientation you're going to have some combat classes, so you're probably going to get warmed up to the point where you work up a sweat. However until then you should probably wear a jacket."

Later the entire group sat in the Cafeteria, Virran's had tied his hair back in preparation for combat classes, his hair hung low and loose, below the tie. Virran's bad mood began to subside as Adelita had flagged Milo down to come sit with them. Then it really was the "entire" group sitting together, which made Virran felt nice. It was almost like he had his own little group...almost.

It was then that Adelita had noticed that something had caught Milo's attention, an when she turned around to check, there it was, her older borther, sporting the same hairsyle she had worked so hard to achieve, like always. "Not again! If you didn't know better you'd think we were twins-" Adelita then got up from the table and added: "I'll see you guys in Orientation. I need to change my hair style."

Adelita left the mess hall and started heading straight for her room talking to herself along the way; "I can't believe he did this again?! Is it intentional? Is he just trying to get a rise out of me? And if it is, i wonder how he did it so fast I mean he only just saw me a short while ago...maybe i should be asking him for tips."

It was than that Adelita had froze in shock. She had heard a noise.

It was a person.

A person making a sound she knew all to well.


Adelita ran to the sound as fast as she could she looked down the hall which was devoid of students. They were all most likely in the Cafeteria. Adelita ran to the source of the noise, a janitor's closet. And there, the sound was clearly unmistakable. "AH...AH...AAAHHHH" It was a girl, moaning. To some, it could easily be mistaken as a moan of pleasure. But Adelita knew all to well. This girl was in pain.

Adelita reached for the handle, afraid. She knew what was happening, but what she didn't know was what kind of reaction she's get from the ones inside.

Just before she touches the door knob, the sounds stop and the door knob begins to turn by itself. Then the door opened and out walked Tarkin, wiping his lips as he looked directly at Adelita. Then said nothing as he walked away.

"Tarkin!" Adelita shouted, getting his attention. Tarkin stopped, and grinned but only turned his head to look back at her as he responds; "Yes?"

"What did you just do?" Adelita asked, shaking as she already knew the answer. "What do you mean? I was just having myself some breakfast."

"It's against the rules to suck someone's blood without permission!" Adelita shouted in frustration. "Oh yeah. What are you going to do "Class Rep"? Get me expelled? I'll just have to take my blood sucking elsewhere. Like on that human town nearby."

"You wouldn't!?" Adelita was scared, now matter how horrible he was, she still saw him as the boy she knew. The kind of boy who was hesitant to even drink from a blood pack. "Oh really? You want to test that?" Adelita's widened her eye's in shock upon hearing those words come out of his mouth. And it was then that she heard the girl in the closet groan in pain, then ran inside to try and help the student as Tarkin just casually walked away. "Are you ok? Can you move? How much blood did he take? I'll take you to the infirmary!"

Meanwhile, inside the cafeteria, Milo and Lillyanne started talking about their families. Then when it came time for Virran's turn, he was a little hesitant. But... everyone else had done it, and he was an open book. So he told them. Virran told Lillyanne and Milo about his parents. How they were never around because of their jobs. How it had been so long since he'd seen them that he literally can't even remember what they looked like. He had practically raised himself. He never knew what they did for a living. Before he was too young to understand, and when he WAS old enough too understand, they were never around enough to tell him. Everyday he would wake up and find money on the kitchen table for food. That was really the only evidence that he even really had parents. So when he ended up coming to this boarding school, it wasn't a surprise that they didn't ask any questions, they just filled out the paperwork.

"I wonder If they actually even noticed I left."

It was then that the conversation started taking a turn from family, to curses. Milo had started talking about embracing his curse. While Lillyanne spoke of only killing the beast that cursed her.

"I cannot speak for either of you when I say that I vow on my life to kill my "parent". Even if it's the last thing I do, I will kill IT."

Virran wasn't the typ to talk much but this was something he felt he needed to put his "two cents" in.

"Embrace or kill. You two sure have your goals all set. But than again, I guess those are the only two options aren't they? Either you learn to live with it, or you go hunting for revenge and by extension, a cure." Virran clenched his fist as he continued "But what are you supposed to do when you cant do either?" Milo and Lillyanne looked at Virran even they didn't understand what he meant. "What do you do, when the curse is so unbearable, that accepting it is not an option, but killing the beast you obtained it from, was also not an option? What are you're choices then?" Niether Milo nor Lillyanne knew how to respond. what was he talking about? What kind of curse did he have?

"You either live the rest of your life suffering. Or you escape it, by ending it all." Milo and Lillyanne were shocked by what they had heard. "I could have done it yesterday. Hell I could have done it at any point after I got this curse. With the way I am, it probably wouldn't even hurt. But I haven't, but I know, one of these days. I'm actually going to jump."

Once again neither knew how to respond and Lillyanne knew that sentiment from strangers doesn't mean much, and so she asked; "Can I...Can I call you friends?"

Virran stared at her in shock as Milo let out a simple; "Sure." as if it was no big deal...which it probably wasn't to him.

Virran had never actually been asked to be someone's friend before. He could even remember the last time he'd had a friend. All he could mster at that moment was; "Uh...Um...Sure."

A few moments after everyone had finished eating. Virran stood up and said; "Well, we should probably head to Orientation." "Wait? Do you even know where that is?" Milo asked in confusion, cause he sure didn't know. "Yeah. Adelita told us before you got here. Lets go." "That's what you get for being late." Lillyanne teased as she got up herself.

Virran started walking and everyone started following, and Virran felt wierd about it. This was the first time he had spoken without being addressed, and the first time he had walked in the front of a group. He didn't know what to think of it.

As he walked out through the doors of the mess hall, "He" walked in. Tarkin. Virran and Tarkin exchanged glances as they walked past each other. Tarkin gave him a slight, menacing grin. And it was then that Virran had saw his fangs, freshly stained with blood.

Virran stopped and watched as Tarkin kept walking, paying Virran no mind as he walked, not once looking back.

"Virran you coming?" Lillyanne shouted getting Virran's attention as Milo mocked; "Yeah I thought you were leading the way!"

Virran snapped out of his shock and replied "Oh...yeah, sorry." Then took a few steps forward, before stopping to look back for a second. Then he simply started walking once again.
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