The art of being NAKED!


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Back in the oldie days before humans had an obsession with clothing, we used to run around naked! Even in the bible with Adam and Eve, they were naked up until they ate forbidden fruit and were filled with naked shame. >:D

How do YOU feel about nakedness? Have you ever tried skinny-dipping? Streaking? Flashing? Nude beaches?
I'm totally comfortable in the nude, thing is, most people around me tend not to be comfortable when I'm in the nude, so I rarely get the chance.

I've never really tried any of those things, mostly because I'm not the type to go to new places alone and the topic is not something that gets brought up an awful lot.
I'm comfortable with it as long as nothing bad unfolds. I will complain about Deviant Art, though... It's turning into a porn site. All I see nowadays are naked people and penises. I'm getting really sick of it. D<

Because I'm super self conscious and cold all the time, I don't sit around in the nude. I have skinny dipped before, though... It was a dare. x__x;
I've skinny dipped more than a few times, I've streaked in someone else's house, I flash people and moon people, I HATE WEARING CLOTHES but I like wearing them when I'm cold, of course.

But I love being naked.
*Is not surprised by TK*

Never had a problem with it, so long as the weather's right, would be better If I worked out some more though.
^^^ Agrees. TK wearing clothes is a surprise, Lmao.

I've gone skinny dipping and hot-tubing naked before. I'm fine with being naked and such, but i probably wouldn't join a nudist club or something.
I'm cool with my nakedness.

I lounge around in my underwear all the time (so long as I know it's my day off). I try to respect other people, but if you're going to live with me or be around me a lot, expect a LOT of banana hammocks.
I like my clothes. But that's only so I don't blind people with my Adonis-like good looks and give other men six-pack envy.
I'm the complete opposite! I'm SHY about myself. I wear clothing at all times, I've been to a nude beach before but I was still wearing swim-trunks! I will rarely be naked, I want at least SOMETHING covering me. The exception is when I'm aaaaaaaaaall alone in my room or with someone that I'm very close with. Otherwise clothing all the time.
Don't care about it. It's skin, big whoopied shit. You're born naked and if you plan it right, you die naked as well. However, I'm not fond of running around in the full Monty, so wouldn't waste my time in the first place.
eh. i kinda like wearing clothes.

then again, i once tried to sleep naed, coz i heard it felt 'free-er' or something. it kinda did, but it also felt a little wierd, so i tend to always wear at least me jocks. though usually theres pants, since i hate showing off my quadruple knees. (i got these callouses under my kneecaps that look like little second knees. its a bit fucked)
I have no major issues being in my skin, though I'm no exhibitionist so it's rare with me living with people to be completely naked except in my room. I've never felt the need to take dares, so no, no skinny dipping or flashing. I did have a roommate that lived in a hippie commune growing up and she was up front about the fact that she'd likely at times be naked in the house. It worked out since she wasn't going to be naked while there were guests or anything weird. Besides when it's humid out, why would you want to wear clothing!

As a beside, I likely would try to do some of those coy, nothing on, but you aren't seeing anything, pin up style pictures when I have a permeant man.
I go naked when I can, usually when I sleep.

The only issue is the dog...

Sumbitch has a tendency to put his tongue where it is not wanted...
I am ashamed of and horrified by my body. So much so that I shower with the light off.

...that's the normal/correct response, right? >_>
I adore and revel in my own nudity! Clothing is for suckers, though I do enjoy some jewelry here and there. Tastefully done, of course.

I'd go out naked if I could. I don't think my neighbors would mind, but something stops me anyway.
I'm shy about myself, so I've never really...streaked or skinny dipped or anything like that before...
*Is not surprised by TK*

Neither am I.

The only time there's any "No Pants Time" in my house is if there's no one around to tell me otherwise. It also helps if its late night.

Even then I like being warm, so I usually stay dressed. Though I'm not above late night gaming shirtless.

Overall? Modesty is overrated.