The Arrow's Bite

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  1. Hey all Anbu here! Anyways myself and Jukujin have been writing a fanfic based on our WoW characters so this isn't really a roleplay but I'd like to see what everyone thinks of it so far but please bear in mind this is a crummy first draft enjoy! :)

    The Arrow’s Bite

    It's dead silent, no noise not even the chirping of birds. The raptor stood there like a statue. A rustle to the left, the raptor tilts its head to the side. Suddenly a white flash and burning agony. The raptor fell to the ground with a sigh.

    Jukujin had been tracking the raptor for some time.

    May the spirits receive you with blessings brother but what a meal you shall make for me! He exclaimed kneeling before his prey

    A voice spoke out from behind him. Do you always have to do those silly rituals?

    You know as well as I do Foraf that angering the spirits is a life of bad karma. Jukujin replied

    Like I care for your stupid superstitions blech! All I know is that this raptor will fetch a good price in Orgrimmar for its hide! Foraf stated with obvious distaste

    Always so impatient brother this is why the clan named you Foraf the rash!

    Rash or not brother we have a task to complete so don't get lost in the spirit world and stay focused.

    Both hunters looked at each other, nodded, and melted into the shadows leaving behind no trace of themselves or the raptor which had been slain.

    The two gazed upon the gates of Orgrimmar, capital city of the Horde.

    It’s best we keep our guard up Foraf we are renegades after all

    Heh like any of these whelps can hold a candle to our prowess

    Regardless of our skills we must not forget our purpose here and to cause a disturbance would ruin everything, stated Jukujin as he pulled a hood over his head and a scarf around his mouth

    Tell that to the trouble headed our way, Foraf said with a smirk copying the actions of his partner

    Let me do the talking brother, Jukujin said as a calm almost terrifying gaze settled in his eyes.

    No sooner had the words been spoken when two very large and very dumb looking orcs approached the pair

    WELL WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? The larger and dumbest looking orc said

    Looks to me like some chumps who think they’re going to get into Orgrimmar without paying the toll, the other orc exclaimed

    Dear friends, Jukujin said, we have traveled this road many a season and not once has a toll been collected

    WELL DA TOLL WAS JUST PUT IN PLACE SO THAT’S TOO BAD CHUMP! NOW ‘AND ME 5 GOLD COINS EACH ‘AN MAYBE I WON’T HAVE TA RUFF YA UP! The larger orc exclaimed almost laughing as he said it

    My friend and I have no money sir we are entering the city to trade our wares, Jukujin calmly replied

    The orc eyeballed the pack on Foraf’s back and then said, YOU WILL GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR WARES THEN AND I WILL LET YOU PASS!

    I’m sorry but we cannot part with our goods you see we only- I SAID GIVE ME DA DAMN GOODS NOW OR ME AND MY BUDDY ARE GONNA REALLY HURT YOU! The orc yelled cutting him off

    The orc then walked towards Foraf and reached for the pack

    Foraf grabbed the orcs arm before it had even moved and inch and said with a voice full of poison and eyes that raged with fire, If you value your life you will go no further!

    The orc laughed and swung to strike Foraf with his free arm. In the blink of an eye Foraf threw the orc away from him.

    Jukujin then spoke once more, if you proceed to harass me and my friend we will be forced to deal with you, but if you leave now I can assure you that no trouble will come your way.

    The orc flashed to his feet enraged and yelled out GET EM! LET’S SHOW DESE PUNKS WHO THEY OUGHT NOT TO MESS WIT!

    The brothers looked at each other and nodded.

    The orcs charged forward blades drawn.

    The smaller Orc leapt towards Foraf only to be caught by a kick to the abdomen which doubled him over. As he lifted his head to gain his bearing another swift kick was delivered on the right side of his face that sent him flying.

    Meanwhile the larger orc maneuvered toward Jukujin. Jukujin stood still and looked at the orc with that calm deadly gaze of his. The orc lashed out at the spot where Jukujin stood and smirked finding that his blade found its target. His laughter soon turned to shock when the hunter before him vanished as though it was mere smoke he had struck. A sudden panic spread as he realized Jukujin was standing right behind him. Jukujin then struck the orc with his hand hitting the pressure points in the neck causing the orc to pass out.

    The orc remained silent and Jukujin turned to see how his brother fared. He found him repeatedly kicking the other orc without hesitation to the point where the orc had passed out from the pain.

    Must you always be so aggressive? He asked?

    BAH Don’t scold me because I’m not some master ninja like you these clowns asked for this and I’d say they had it coming. Either way we need to get them to shelter, even I’m not heartless enough to let them lay out in this heat.

    Jukujin nodded and the two went out to find an inn for their new “friends”.

    Hope you enjoyed this little preview let us know if you have any ideas or critique thanks!