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  1. Pain stepped off his ship as he looked around at everyone. He scoffed for a second as he watched a few people pass by. "Make sure to close the hatch." he said as a soldier nodded. "Yes sir." The soldier responded.
    "I don't know what strange place this is here I don't want the ship being stolen the Ilkhan would not be pleased!" Pain said as he walked next to a female who stood and watched everything going on around her. She had long flowing red hair, a small nose and small lips, her head was normal size as her body was a bit like an hourglass figure. "My Ilkhan Natasha Kerensky, what is this place?" Pain asked as Natasha took a deep breath.
    "It's our new home for now, it is here where we will set up to take over the inner sphere. So go, say hello to the Locals and let them know of the might and honor that the Clan brings." Kerensky said
    "Yes my Ilkhan" Pain replied as he ran off.
    (Just saying hi, I'm new here and I hope to RP with you all and have lots of fun :D)
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  2. Well done Pain! *claps* Welcome to the community! :)
  3. *curtsie!* Welcome to the community, creative Pain! ^O^
  4. Thanks. I do try!
  5. Its here... i knew this day would come. Everyone run for ya lives! Iwaku land is being invaded!

    Srs, welcome! :3
  6. "Have no fear! The Clan is not here to invade but to become stronger, you freebirths may even get a chance to fight next to our Trueborns!"

    Thanks for the welcome, oh IDK if i'm supposed to put this here i know thats how it was in other forums, but i enjoy playing SCI-FI NRP's Fantasy RPs and basically any RP really. I'm not usually a stickler for the type of Rp that I join. So if any of you have any suggestions that'd be great!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.