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  1. Arcana & Noctrem Academy

    • Arcana Academy and Noctrem Academy are polar opposites – Arcana encourages and inspires students to be the very best that they can be, and to use their supernatural abilities to help those in need, to save those who need saving, and to just be amazing citizens. Noctrem on the other hand drives their students to be the worst they can be – terrorizing the citizens, scaring those around them, and causing trouble wherever possible. The two Academies have always been rivals, and only interact with each other during sporting events, or the annual tournament, to determine which school is the best. Every year, the winner from each school changes, so no real answer has been determined since the tournaments began three hundred years ago.

      Last month, Noctrem was set alight by someone in a black, hooded jacket, hiding their face. No-one was able to determine who this criminal was, but the fire burnt down the entire school, and resulted in three deaths – two teachers and a student. With the students who decided to carry on with their studies after the destruction of their school, it has been decided that they will go to Arcana, and study with those “goodie-two-shoes” they hate so much. They will bunk there, eat there, and study there – but how will those from Arcana accept these enemies?

      1. Have Fun - This is one of the most important rules of them all. Don't be miserable and make others miserable. Roleplaying is about creating a story with other writers and having pure fun.

      2. Respect - Please respect my decisions, roleplay and your fellow roleplayers. This is also one of the most important rules. I realize some characters won't get along, but don't make your character a bitch or a know-it-all. There is nothing more annoying. Also, please respect other people's characters.

      3. Characters - Make your Character realistic and interesting, please. Also, if someone has submitted a character before you did, make sure you read over their character sheet before submitting your own, just to be sure that they are not similar. Witches and Warlocks have flaws and weaknesses! As well as humans. Remember that. If you think anything different then this roleplay is not for you. Don't make your character one of those sad, wimpy types either those characters get boring really fast. I would love to have a few powerhouse characters but still, either they have a few flaws and weaknesses. And don't everyone make a female character please. I am willing to let you guys play a minimum of two characters, Male and Female but it is not require.

      4. Character Sheets - Fill out all of the desired areas that I have provided please. And wherever you see where it says a required number of paragraphs, I really mean that required number of paragraphs.

      5. PG-13 - I am fine with a lot of things when it comes to swearing, gore and violence but when the clothes start coming off, fade to black. Also, since I don't know everyone else's limits, try not to be as descriptive with the gore, please.

      6. Posting - This is a literate roleplay and I am expecting at least three paragraphs from each person. Please be able to post at least two to three times a week. If I am going to be gone for a minimum amount of time, I will let you know and please show us and me that same gratitude. Also, for you speed posters out there, please allow at least three people to post after your last post before posting again. If your character and another character is going to have a long ass conversation, please get together and do a collaboration post. Please be committed and active in both IC and OOC.

      7. Reservations - You may reserve a character(s) but I will only hold your spot for two days, which should give you plenty of time. If you need more, shoot me a PM and I will extend your reservation. Also, to reserve, put your favorite movie of 2014 somewhere visible so I know that you have also read the rules. Thanks.

      8. Commitment - Also another important rule. If you are accepted then please don't post one, or two posts then disappear. Stick it out till the end or just don't join at all.


      Character Skeleton:
      Place Image or GIF of character here[.IMG]
      "Insert a meaningful character quote here."

      Full Name:
      First. Middle. Last.


      16-19 preferred.

      Birthdate & Hometown:


      Arcana? Noctrem?

      What can your character do? Add limitations as well.

      Likes & Dislikes:
      3 of each please.

      At least one paragraph.

      At least one paragraph.
  2. To clarify, before I make my character: How does the magic work in this world? Given it's magic it could literally encompass everything. How do the downsides to the power work? How does one use the power? Are there any limits to it's use? One of the more interesting magics I came across once: "Magic cannot exist without risk. If a spell does not involve a risk then it will not work." For example, the risk to a complex curse might be that the curse can be broken if the cursed ones can find a certain item before the curse takes effect.

    Additionally, I don't think you should stop people making the "sad, wimpy" characters, or the "bitches" or the "know it alls". There will always be those kinds of people in real life, and theyre to an extent what makes things interesting. Sure, there might be problems between characters, but surely that's for the characters to resolve. You can't just go up to someone in life and say "you're not allowed to be a bitch because it makes things boring" or "you can't know everything cos it makes things boring". If it bothers you that much, you don't involve yourself with them or you try to stop them being that.
  3. This looks interesting~ I will reserve two character spots~! also.... I am also wondering what sort of magic they have, elemental or...?

    And I hope you don't take this as me trying to pick a fight with you @Raitoningu but...
    This is her RP so she can ask that if she wants, personally I don't really care. But since it is her RP....

    I really don't mean to be rude by saying that though! >.<
  4. Oh yeah I know it's her RP, so in the end it's her decision, I was just giving some advice based on things I've noticed happen with other RPs.
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  5. I really didn't mean any disrespect when i said that.

    But okay. ^^
  6. I didn't think you were being disrespectful :D I just wanted to say that there is a chance that characters will become almost identical if people start limiting too much. But then, I suppose people just don't join if they don't feel that the limitations allow for their kind of characters.
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  7. *sighs with relief* okay~ That's good ^^

    Also that tends to happen, when someone can't make the character they want they seem to avoid joining that particular RP
  8. Yeah. At least 75% of people I know like to do character-driven RPing rather than story-driven. Sure, the story is nice if its good, but most people would rather have the character they like in a mundane quest than a character they only tolerate in an amazing quest.
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  9. Completely agree~ I have been an RP where we wrote around a 1000 pages worth of content but most of it was characters interacting with one another. I love to get to know the characters and when the story is a little too restricting it can hurt it. Bu oh well~ ^^
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