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  1. P L A Y E R S
    1. ghoulprincess (Asami)
    2. EternalMusic (Kazumi, Kuro)
    3. Gabriel Heartache (Ryoukai)
    4. Kitsune (Haru)

    P O I N T E R S
    1. Demons eat humans. They get sick if they eat normal food.
    2. Demons do not have powers or weapons like Angels do.
    3. Capitalize the words "Angel", "Demon", and "Magic".
    4. Angels have powers and weapons bound to their soul. To summon their weapon, they touch a finger to the middle of their forehead.
    4. Demons are attracted to Angels' aura and will go after them (if any are nearby) instead of humans.
    5. Demons are mostly normal during the day (aside from terrible headaches and nausea), this is when they retain most of their humanity. However, during the night or when they get mad, pass out, or are very hungry, they lose control of themselves and become actual Demons.
    6. Demons have very enhanced strength, speed, and dexterity. Their teeth are pointy.
    7. Most humans are unaware of the Angels and Demons, as well as Magic. However there are a select few who know what's going on (due to a friend telling them or witnessing it). They are seen as insane or lying by normal society.
    8. The city is Saisei, the boarding school (with dormitories) is Fujiwara Academy.

    Starter Post:

    The rain was relentless, and lightning streaked across the sky. Thunder growled deeply in the distance. The air was thick and humid; fog blanketed the city of Saisei. Fujiwara Academy had just ended for the day, and it was around four in the afternoon. Most students roamed the town after school, and usually stayed out until nine or ten at night. Lately, however, there had been mysterious murders all across Japan. Everyone was advised to be in their homes before the sun set.

    Yoru Cafe was a popular place for the students of Fujiwara. Most of them could be found here after school, chatting with friends, eating, or doing homework. Although since the country-wide murders, it has been less populated. Here, Asami Mano sat alone in a booth beside the window. Rain fell in rivulets down the glass, distorting the otherwise foggy view of the street beside Yoru Cafe. Asami looked out, anyway, her journal open but blank before her.
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  2. Kazumi and Kuro had just managed to arrive to the Yoru Cafe for their daily ritual of sitting and eating a donut in complete and utter silence. Not that Kazumi was one to be sitting silently, she enjoyed talking to others even if she herself wasn't that kind or nice to the others. But today she didn't feel the need to be talking and making an item out of herself. Her new outfit was going to do that for her. The sparkly silver sequins sparkled even though there was no sun and she made her way to a table with which one corner of it was covered by shadows. Of course Kuro rushed over and sat down on the side with the shadows waiting for Kazumi as she went off to grab their donuts. As she returned, she handed Kuro a donut and bit into her vanilla donut and smiled at Kuro as he ate his dark chocolate donut. Turning her head she noticed Asami Mano sitting by herslef and gave the girl a small smile and nod before returning to eat her donut.
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  3. Ryoukai loved the rain because it would drown out the voice in his head as he walked through the foggy streets. Everyone seems to be scared by the amount of murders happening in and out of the city, he could only grin at the thought. He wasn't the only one killing the 'sheep' and he was excited at the thought. Ryoukai was nearing Yoru cafe now and this would be the best time to perhaps get another victim as his supplies of human meat are running low. Human meat to him was like drugs, addictive but without the side effects. Though he hated the fact that he can't eat any normal food because he needed to act like he could. He sighs, a breath of cold air could be seen as he exhaled but then he felt a sudden 'jolt' as he walked passed the front window of the cafe, turning towards the feeling he saw a beautiful figure with black hair, blue eyes and pale skin like a princess in that one story behind the windows of Yoru cafe.

    A sudden strong urge came from looking at her. He wanted to know her. He wanted to be her friend. He wanted to rip her apart limb from limb. That was the feeling that he had wanted to return for a very long time, but right now he needed to suppress the urges. He walked towards the entrance of the cafe turning the door knob, as he entered the bell that was attached to the on top of the door rang and the waiters responded welcoming him to their establishment. There was more than one that he needed to destroy he could feel it but he remembered something about chasing two animals and losing both.

    Surveying the area he saw his target sitting at a booth with an open book. It was time to put on the masked that he wore every day. He walked towards the girl's table and sat down opposite of her, his clothing was soaking wet from the rain. Ryoukai gave his award winning smile "Hey there my name is Ryoukai Fumi. I was wondering if I could share the table with you?" he politely asked in the most friendly tone he had ever used.

    (Is there anything else that I may need to add/rewrite or part that seems off?)
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  4. Each time the bell chimed, Asami turned her attention to the doors and watched students walk in. First it was who she believed to be Kazumi and Kuro, two people that she didn't think she'd every talked to before. When Kazumi smiled at her, Asami managed to return a small smile back, though made no move to talk to them, as her throat closed up when she thought about it. As time passed, Asami wondered if the two were humans, Angels, or Demons. Asami thought it was strange how her entire world had flipped upside-down in just a month.

    Another student entered the cafe, he was one of the popular guys at Fujiwara; a real smooth-talker that could charm the birds out of the trees. Asami was neutral to him. She was surprised when he walked over to her booth and sat down across from her. He was very wet from the downpour outside, Asami thought fleetingly of him catching a cold, but didn't say anything about it. Without saying anything, she nodded at him when he asked if he could sit at the table.

    To distract herself from the unacquainted company that was now sharing her booth, she picked up her journal and pen and began to write down her thoughts. She had a list of all classmates whose names she could remember, and in the journal she wrote down their status if she knew it. So far, however, she wasn't having any luck. Everything seemed uncertain to her, it was impossible for her to tell if someone was a human, Angel, or Demon.
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  5. Kazumi watched as a male approached Asami and sat down at her table. Watching the two chat away she found herself drifting slightly into her own daydreams and thinking about romantic situations. Shaking her head, Kazumi sighed as she knew that anything of that sort wouldn't likely happen to her. Finding romance... who has that the time for that...? When you are busy killing others.... Sighing softly, Kazumi liked her the last of the icing from her donut on her fingers and made an mmm sound. Looking at Kuro she could see that he was going to do what he usually does. Getting up, Kazumi decided that she was going to go over and talk to Asami and the other boy. New friends are good~ What am I even thinking. Who has friends in a world like this?

    Chuckling to herself Kazumi made her way towards Asami and gave a small wave and dragged a chair towards the two and sat down.
    "Sorry to bother you guys but Kuro was being a boring introvert so I decided to come over and chat to some more interesting people."
    Looking at the two she gave a smile and then looked at the boy. He seemed familiar, but why? Looking at his features closely Kazumi began to realise why she recognised him. Isn't he...
    Pointing at Ryoukai, "Ryoukai! What is the school's real clean smooth talker doing here all by himself?"
    Blinking she realised that he wasn't by himself and then looked at Asami and then back at him. Her mind going off into it's own thoughts began to make irrelevant conclusions.
    "Wait are you two an item?"


    Kuro watched as Kazumi showed all of her thoughts in her small facial movements and watched as she day dreamed about romance and other unnecessary things. People should get new things to think about... Sighing he looked around and noticed a male walk over to the female who was reading a book, Asami and Ryoukai. Strange pairing... Shrugging his shoulders Kuro looked away, what others did was not any problem of his. Suddenly Kazumi stood up and made her way to the two. Listening to their conversation, Kuro rolled his eyes at the way that Kazami was handling things. I am not going to help her though. I am going to stay here and just watch what happens.
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  6. Haru was beyond upset. Raindrops fell from the sky, diving until they made contact with something. Or, someone. The blond was, unfortunately, one of those things they came into contact with, apart of the 'someone' category. His hair was plastered against his forehead, drips of rainwater falling from it. His once dry clothes were now soaking yet. Someone would think he jumped into a pool, if it weren't raining.

    I knew I should have grabbed an umberella, Haru thought, angry that he didn't listen to his instict. As Yoru Café, the place for, what seemed to be, any and every purpose came into view, he picked up his pace. He needed to do a bit of his homework and he was also starving. The teen can't focus on work when his stomach was rumbling loudly. The Yoru Café was the perfect place for both things. Plus, it was closer than his home.

    Entering the café, smiling softly at the familiar sound of the bell, indicating a new customer. His smile widened as he heard the chorus of 'Welcome's directed towards him. Haru nodded before making his way to an empty table. It was close to the group that was already in there. He got settled and flashed them a smile before taking out his homework.

    Soon, a waitress came over to him. He didn't even look at the menu. He just looked up at her and said, "Two slices of pumpkin bread and a cup of peppermint tea, please." The waitress wrote it down quickly, gave him a smile, and then walked off. Immediately, Haru turned back to his homework, biting his lip in concentration.

    [Hope this is okay ^^]
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  7. Ryoukai shivered slightly due to the cold from the air conditioning and his wet clothing. He smiled gleefully at the raven haired maiden as she acknowledged him; he couldn’t help it, the feeling of wanting to tear her to pieces was swelling up within him, ready to pop. Snapping himself back to reality Ryoukai looked at what she was writing down with curiosity. He was curious maybe too curious and tries to read the words that she was writing from his seat. Then he suddenly realized that he still did not know her name. “Mind if I ask for your name?” Ryoukai asked in a pleasant tone.

    One of the waitresses walked over to the table and asked if he wanted anything. “I’ll just have some warm water please and a cup of coffee with a lot of cream and sugar.” He replied with the same smile he gave to the maiden. The waitress blushed and quickly jots the order down on her small notebook then proceeded to ask the maiden if she would like anything. After that the waitress left “I’m curious what are you writing down in that book there?” Ryoukai asked yet another question.
    “Everything went according to plan. She was probably the shy type of girl, it’s going to take some time but it will be worth it to know her and then break her down. It was going to be a wonderful week.” Ryoukai thought to himself behind his façade.

    Suddenly another girl pops into the scene dragging a chair and sitting on the right of the table effectively separating him from the maiden. Whoever she was she had just messed up Ryoukai’s plans but a he turns to face her, the feeling of murder that he felt increased even further. Both must be special and meeting them both like this was a sign that he needed to slice them into pieces. The feeling was overwhelming, oh so overwhelming but he kept his mask on and proceeded to smile. Just as he was about to introduce himself, she points at him while saying his name and his unofficial title; then coming to the conclusion that he and the maiden were together. Ryoukai was finding hard to suppress his urges but he did “You have me in a disadvantage here, would you mind telling me your name?” He asks the vigorous girl.

    Keeping up the act while suppressing his urges is quite tiring perhaps he shouldn’t have ordered the coffee. He needed to retreat sometime soon as there was no way he could keep this up. The scent coming from the two was quite intoxicating as well.

    (Please tell me if there are parts that is very confusing. I'll try to improve it.)
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  8. Noticing that Ryoukai was trying to read what she was writing down, she quickly closed her notebook and held it against her chest, averting her gaze just in time to see that Kazumi was approaching their table with a chair in tow. Ryoukai asked her name and what she was writing, and she answered in an awkward mumble, eyes still locked on Kazumi as she set the chair down beside their table and plopped down.

    "Mano Asami. It's j-just a l-list of Fujiwara's students."

    With Kazumi there to split Ryoukai's attention, Asami opened her journal once again, this time leaning over the paper to make it harder for Ryoukai to peek. As she began to write down the name of the soaked boy that had just entered, Asami heard Kazumi ask if she and Ryoukai were an "item". Alarmed, Asami looked up quickly from her notebook and met Kazumi's eyes for a split second before she looked back down.

    "N-no. Just acquaintances..."
  9. Giggling Kazumi looked at Asami and tilted her head to the side and then looked over at Ryoukai. As he asked for a name, Asami replied and Kazumi wondered if she had introduced herself. I don't think I did... Gosh that was rude of me... Sighing she shock her head in disapproval of her own actions and looked at Ryoukai smiling.
    "And my name is Kazumi~ Nice to meet ya~"
    Giggling she looked at the two of them and then noticed that there was another boy that had entered. Getting up she decided that she would leave these two their conversation and smiled at the two of them.
    "Even though our conversation was short and sweet I am going to go over and talk to some others. See you two~"
    Waving good bye she skipped over to the other male that she had seen earlier and sat down on the opposite side of the table smiling at him. (@Kitsune)
    "Hey there~! Sorry to barge in and suddenly strike up a conversation but I noticed that you are doing the homework that I just couldn't get in class~"
    Smiling at him, Kazumi grinned.


    Kuro watched as Kazumi chatted away and looked at Ryoukai. He didn't like him, something about the guy seemed off. He was never wrong with his instincts but he couldn't pin point what was so off about him. Sighing he ruffled his black hair and looked away focusing on the raindrops that were pattering outside.
  10. Haru blinked owlishly as he felt a prescence across from him. He looked up from his homework to see one of the girls from the other group smiling at him. He smiled back, his gaze flickering to his homework and back to the girl. "Uh, yeah. I can let you see the problems, if that'll help? I have some paper with me, too," the blond said, gesturing towards his backpack next to him.

    "Your order, Sir." Haru's smile grew as he pushed his homework over for his food and drink. "Thank you!" The waitress smiled and, maybe, cooed at how adorable Haru was before disappearing to go serve other tables. Turning back to the girl, he nibbled on his bread and sipped his tea as he waited for her response. I can't believe she's goes to my school. She's in my class, for crying out loud! And I haven't known of her existance 'til now, he thought. I'm a terrible person.
  11. Kazumi giggled at the sight of the female and then looked at the papers that he had out in front of him. Looking at the papers she noticed that thy were from many different subjects and she rattled her head around the maths questions.
    "Mind helping me out with this?"
    Point at an arithmetic question, Kazumi looked up at the blonde haired boy and then realised she hadn't introduced herself.
    "I keep forgetting to introduce myself today, my name is Kazumi. Also don't worry about introducing yourself Haru~ I know nearly every singles persons name that I have either met or heard about in one way or another. It's a gift I wish I could use for school work~"
    Sighing she lokoed at the question that she had asked Haru to help her with.
  12. Haru chuckled softly at what Kazumi said. Glancing at the question, he nodded. "Yeah, I had a bit of trouble myself with it, but it's easier once it's explained," he said as he let his gaze flicker to Kazumi. He began to point at certain parts and explain how he solved the problem. The blond hoped it helped the teen instead of confuse her even more. He could do things like that and it was the reason he usually refrained from helping others.
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  13. Kazumi nodded as she began to understand looking at Haru she smiled chirpily.
    "Gosh you are a really good teacher!"
    Smiling happily at him, Kazumi looked at the question and smiled as she finally understood what she was suppose to do.
  14. Even though Kazumi was out of the way now, the urges to murder and devour everyone in the cafe were getting almost too strong now. He turns to face Asami with ravenous eyes but was quickly snapped out of it thanks to the timely arrival of the waitress with the drinks he had ordered. Hoping that Asami didn't notice anything he quickly drank the drinks.

    The nausea and headaches were starting to return, he gave a quick smile to Asami before he got up from his seat and said happily “See you sometimes Asami. It was great to have met you.” Immediately after, he went towards the counter to pay for the drinks he had ordered after having said farewell to his prey. As he was paying he took a quick glance at Kazumi and the person she was talking to. “I hope I have enough room in the freezer for all of you.” Ryoukai thought to himself with a grin.

    Ryoukai then proceeded out of the cafe and back into the rain, though it was much lighter now much to his dislike. He needed to get back home as soon as possible or he might just pass out on the streets, maybe he shouldn't have drank that poison.
  15. Haru blinked at the comment. Him? A good teacher? He couldn't believe his ears. The compliment made him splutter as he tried to respond. "N-No, not really. But I'm glad that I could help you." The Angel took another bite of his pumpkin bread. "Want some?" He offered, pushing the plate towards Kazumi, just in case she took up on his offer.

    Eyes scanning the café, they landed on a boy who was sitting at a table all by himself. Staring at him intensely, Haru swore he looked familiar, but couldn't figure out why. Glancing at Kazumi, then back at the other boy, it came to him. That's the guy that Kazumi hangs out with, the blonde thought in a proud voice, happy with himself. But what's his name?

    Deciding it'd be better to ask Kazumi herself, he turned to her. "Hey, isn't that the guy you're always with?" Haru asked, gesturing to him. "Are you guys related or something?"
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  16. Kazumi smiled at him and took the food that had been offered to her.
    "Thanks~ I shall eat this with pride."
    As she munched into the bread she smiled happily and then noticed that Haru was looking over at Kuro and tilted her head to the side. I wonder why he is looking over at- Ah~ I guess our relationship seems a little weird.... Chuckling she smiled at him.
    "Well I am not blood related to him in anyway. My dark skin with his fair complexion nope~ He and I are family though, we grew up together. I am his siter well adopted sister anyway. He talks to me a little I guess and we have small things that we do together but yeah. He isn't much of a chatter. I would invite him over but he doesn't like the light that much, he prefers the shadows."
    Looking back at Kuro she could tell that he knew that they were talking about him but she knew that he wouldn't really care. He is probably think, "It doesn't concern me." Oh dear Kuro... Sighing she looked over at Haru and smiled.
  17. Haru nodded at the explanation. So the two were related, but only by adoptions, not blood. He wondered how it was growing up with a sibling. He didn't have any siblings. Or, at least, any that he knew of. It was him and only him for as long as he could remember. Swallowing the piece of pumpkin bread in his mouth, he brought his mug of peppermint tea to his lips, letting it slide down his throat. Ah, nothing better than peppermint tea, he thought with a small, blissful smile, eyes closed for a moment. Opening them back up, he glanced out the window, seeing that it wasn't pouring as much as before. Good, the Angel thought. Now, I won't be soaking when I get home. "You two are so different....It's strange, but a good kind of strange." The sentence spilled out of his mouth as his gaze stayed trained on the window. It was a drifting thought that he had caught and said out loud.
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  18. (Wait you do know that Kuro is actually an Angel right?)

    Kazumi gave a small chuckle and looked at him, "Our parents like to call us ying and yang. Makes sense though, we really are different in nearly every single way. But I think that's the reason why we get along so well. You know what they say opposites attract."
    Chuckling at her own reference she looked at the now non rainy sky and smiled.
    "The weather seems to have cleared up... That's good, Kuro hates to get wet not that he minds the rain though..."

    "Maa, I understand. I hate getting wet, unless absolutely necessary. Rain....Rain is cool. It makes me drowsy, though, and all I want to do is sleep all day," Haru rambled, looking back towards Kazumi. It was true. Rain sort of brought down his energy level and made him want to lounge around. He didn't mind the mood change at all. It was nice to be lazy every once in a while. Speaking of being lazy, he still had a few more questions to answer for his homework. Going back the reason that he was here in the first place, he began to scribble down the answers for his last three questions.
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  20. (haha~! Don't worry i have made it so that he acts and looks sort of like a demon. I wanted to play with that. Looks and acts like a demon but is really an Angel~ I was planning on having Kazumi a Demon but I changed her as well ^^)

    Kazumi smiled at him and began to take the last couple of bites of the piece of pumpkin bread that had been offered to her and she went to say something to keep the conversation going but then realised that she had been stopping him from doing his homework. Sitting there silently waiting for him to finish his homework she looked outside and looked at the rays of sun streaming through creating a small rainbow in different areas. Looking at the rainbows she thought about the pot of gold that she had been told when she was younger and then from there began to think about leprechauns, following one thing after the other she began to slowly drift off into her other reality.
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