The 'Angel' on the Mantle

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  1. The 'Angel' on the Mantle
    by James Caramon Harris

    The angel on the mantle,
    Sitting poised and true.
    Wax of body,
    And eyes of glass so large,
    Staring back at you.

    If you stare just long enough,
    You may be in for a shock,
    As she will blink her eyes at every strike of the clock.
    Her face will twist into an angry scowl.
    Her hands will lift to her ears.
    She'll let loose an awful howl,
    That'll send you into tears.

    She'll come down from her perch,
    And walk along the floor,
    To the little wooden church,
    At a quarter-past-four.
    She'll ring the tiny little bell,
    With a resounding 'ting-a-ling',
    Then unleash a miniature hell,
    Upon all the little things.

    She'll laugh and laugh as things go south,
    An evil grin creeping along her mouth,
    As everything you hold dear,
    Seems to vanish and disappear,
    When suddenly you hear,
    The chime of the grandfather clock,
    Saying the time is six-'o-clock,
    To which you'll hear an eerie scream,
    As the angel begins to seem,
    Less able to move than before,
    And the things upon the floor,
    Go back to where they lay,
    As in her tracks she is forced to stay.

    Yet when you snap off her head,
    And break her wing,
    Throw them in the fire,
    And hear her scream,
    Remember that she's still alive,
    As the dark soul is still trapped inside,
    Waiting for a day to seek revenge,
    For all of the things that you did,
    While she was trying to protect you from the thing,
    That she saw you were being.

    Now she waits upon the 'sil,
    Awaiting the day when she will,
    Be melted down and given a way,
    To carry out her revenge,
    And on that day,
    Your life will end,
    So listen to me, my friend:
    Melt her down and give her away,
    Make her into something that will show,
    Just what you know,
    And pray she'll never see the light of day,
    For should she find a way,
    You'll be the first to know.

    Please bear with me, my friend,
    For my tale may have a grizzly end,
    If you take my warning lightly,
    For there may come a day,
    While others are away,
    When your house will burn brightly.
    You'll scream from the flames,
    As they dance away,
    Fluttering so high,
    Into the sky,
    And then you'll see,
    What I meant, truthfully,
    Is that there's more in this world than you can see,
    And if only you'd had faith in me,
    To believe the words I'd said,
    Then you, my friend, wouldn't have ended up dead.
    For there are things in this world that cannot be explained,
    And are unable to be comprehended by the Human brain,
    Yet they exist, all the same.

    So if you choose,
    To refuse,
    My warnings about this world,
    Prepare to have your mind sent awhirl.
    As things begin to spin out of your control,
    You'll finally see,
    That what you thought,
    And what you knew,
    Are simply the ideas of a fool,
    Who fought and fought, yet all they wrought,
    In this world is no longer free,
    For the toll that must be paid,
    Is their very soul,
    On the other end of the blade.