The Angel Experiment

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    *This Role-Play was Originally started in the Jump-in Forum. Due to size and posting issues it was moved here. If you would like to read the beginning I'll put the link here. Beware that it is 25 pages*

    {This Role-play was based on the Maximum Ride Series}

    A General Overview: A grim project funded by the US government has been going on in secret for 9 years. A secluded laboratory in southern California holds a dark secret. The scientists there are fusing animal DNA with human subjects. In previous failed attempts, they have finally found a project worth funding, they call it The Angel Experiment. In this project young subjects around the ages of 8 to 18 are injected with a type of bird DNA causing them to grow bird like wings. However some have gone terribly wrong. Some kids grew beaks, changed colors, and even grew feathers. Not unlike some of the other failed projects, but that's a story for another time.

    After a small mistake by a scientist forgetting to lock Test Subject #3754's cage for the night. #3754 discovered her cage was unlocked and crawled out. She quickly took action in unlocking the other kid's cages and together they escaped out the second story window in the break room.

    After a little flight they landed at a small river and took a quick swim. Realizing that for the first time in forever, they were free. The "Flock" as they are called are now enjoying their new found freedom until a rude awkwaening hits them. They are wanted, and the scientists will stop at nothing to get them back. Taking off towards Utah they stop at a gas station. After raiding the gas station they are in the midst of total chaos. A rumor of another successful DNA project begins to haunt them. Cat like DNA has proven some successful results. Now the flock is struggling with injuries, romantic feelings, little children, and just plain hormones. Will they ever be safe?

    Current Place: (We will be starting from when we were scattered from the gas station. A little more detail is below.)

    After a fellow angel is shot by scientist Dr. Raye Fields and his Cat like test subject Luna. Luna has been injured and ha fled the scene. Paris is in bad condition and no one knows if he will make it. Paris is unable to fly and is proving to be a burden on the flock, but they will never abandon him. Ariel is trying to cope with being a 16 year old girl and her feelings for a fellow flock member, while also trying to lead the rag tag group of teens. Jessi and Maddie have found fellow angel Coral and are in a town a few miles from the flock. Scarlet is as sweet as ever and Nicky just wants to be a little boy. Kay is holding Paris right now and is struggling with her mother like senses vs her bad ass side. Aliah, a fellow angel was just brutally murdered by Dr. Fields in a fury. Currently Mia is relaxing in a cabin over 100 miles away from the flock and Cyra is struggling with finding true self and learning to trust the flock.
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  2. Ariel was struggling to find a way to make the flock meet up. Being only 16 and handed the job of leading the flock. She let her dark brown hair blow in the wind behind her before nodding at the winged kids behind her. "Alright guys let's get out of here, we need to find Maddie and Jessi." Her blue green eyes scanned the sky before them and she gave a dramatic sigh in exhaustion. She hadn't slept in about 26 hours, well she hardly ever slept back in the lab. The cages were to hard, to confined, to shiny and cold, for her to sleep. As she started to move herself forward she was still thinking about her feelings for Liam. The raven like boy was constantly on her mind and Ariel hated it. She wondered why, why had she risked her life to save the boy out in the storm, why had he given her his shirt, why was she still thinking about this. Ariel shook her head and decided to let it go for now. She could talk to Kay about it later. She let her wings take over as she swerved and glided in the wind, her white wings lifting her above the clouds.

    Nicky was playing with his shirt as he pulled it over his head like the Scientists had done sometimes to avoid him pooping on them when he would do flight testing. He snickered and flew over to Scarlet "Scar guess who I am!" He flew back and cleared his throat. He let his shirt fall back over his toned 9 year old frame. He batted his eye lashes. "Oh I'm 16 years old, I think boys are soooo cute. I never wear a shirt. Liam why don't you love me" He said in his best girly voice, mocking Ariel as he followed her, flying backwards to keep talking to Scarlet. "Oh oh I got one!" He pretended to light a cigarette and smoke it before going into a coughing fit. "Hey I'm so cool with my red hair, Kalia is so gonna fall in love with me, I'm 18 I can do what i want." He said in a deep manly tone before laughing and looking around before picking his next target.
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  3. Jessica had brought the two little ones to a McDonald. None of them had eaten in a while an she wanted to get Maddie and Coral fed quickly. Jessica had white eyes, forcing her to pretend she was blind everywhere she went. Really, Jessica had developed excellent vision due to the hawk DNA she was given. The DNA never gave her eyes any color sadly, but she and Maddie use to practice together what they would do if they left. Maddie had I lead Jessi around while she stared straight ahead. Once inside the fast food joint she gave the money to Maddue to count while she let Coral play in the in door playground. Maddie counted the money and looks up at the menu, the at Jessica. "We don't have enough for the three of us, Jessica." Maddie said in a quiet, sweet voice that always sounded like Heaven to Jessi.

    Jessi knelt down, her eyes seeming to look past Maddie but Maddie knew she was meant to be looking at her.
    "That's fine. Wt the kids meal for you and Coral and I'll get more money, alright?" Maddie gave a slow and hesitant nod and walked to the teenage man at front and ordered two kids meals. She handed over the money, only getting 75 cents back. Once they were presented with the food, Maddie took Jessi's hand and lead her to the playground. Jessi's eyes stayed ahead, but she could tell a seemingly wealthy business man was by her. She decided to use her old pick pocking skills on that man, but not now. She needed to wait till he was getting ready to go.
  4. Kalia followed Ariel up into the sky with Paris. She watched Nicky laugh and joke around, mocking Ariel and Paris. She laughed with him, the wind carrying the sound and blowing it away. She looked at Scarlet who was carrying Paris. He wasn't as heavy now that he was up and helping them. She gave Scarlet a wink and position him so that she would be able to carry him easily before letting go and darting up into the sky before anyone could see her. She looked down at the flock and spotted her tiny target. She tucked in her wings and made a nose dive down and scooped Nicky up before carrying up high into the sky, spiraling straight up. They good thing about her and Nicky's DNA was that they were much more agile when they flew which made things a lot more fun. She leveled off and looked at Nicky, tickling him under his arms and his sides. "What do you think you're doing little one? Hmm?" She laughed and dropped him a little before catching him again. "Don't you go getting into trouble now." She gently let him go so he could fly by himself and gave him a tiny nudge. "Off you go!" She winked at him and laughed. "And don't let me catch you causing trouble again!" She narrowed her eyes in a mock angry look. "Or else." She laughed once more before diving down again towards Paris and scooping him up. "Did you hear the little bugger?" She smiled lightly and looked around the group towards Ariel. "Better be careful Ariel! He's gonna be a crazy one!" She smiled wide and flew a little harder so her and Paris were flying right next to her friend.
  5. Coral had been helped to escape from a random scientist it was strange the ones who had tortured her there was a good apple in them all. She was scooped up by Jessi, which made her feel safe. She never really practiced her wings and now couldn't fly with them. Coral had run back to Jessica "Hey oh yay food!" Coral said as she sat down and started to pick out french fries. "Yummy in my tummy, wait where is your food Jessi?" Coral said as she still stuffed her mouth with more french fries and gulped down the milk. Coral went to Jessica's ear and whispered "When will you teach me to fly" then Coral sat down and giggled like it was the funniest joke.
  6. Scarlet was enjoying nicky impersonations. Her laughter was awkward and loud like a childs, since she had barely laughed since she was given to the lab. She craved the silliness, like when they were at the river. She wanted everyone to be okay and be as far away from the horror of the laboratory. After everything that happened recently, that poor girl being murdered, Paris getting hurt, and that Crazy person who did it she needed someone to put a smile on her face. Scarlet Thanked Kalia for shifting Paris. " for someone who is so skinny, he is heavy. But don't worry i can handle it, its the least i can do."

    Scarlet was happy that the lab at least prepared her for heavy labor. She remembered all those tests to see how far she could handle pain, far strong her wings were, how far she could run. However her parents refused to taught her how to fight. She felt so useless when there was a threat to them,which seem to be happening a lot right now. "actually i have something to say" Scarlet cleared her throat so everyone could hear her. Her voice was soft, but she tried her best to speak loudly. "when we get to safety. Can someone teach me how to fight please? It would mean a lot to me to be able to help us somehow. Right now.....I just feel like a burden"

    She look away from everyone. Scarlet thought her request was stupid, but she had to at least try to help.
  7. Paris took in a deep breath of air and he looked down at the gunshot. On the outside, it was looking rather nicely. The hole was closing up, the bleeding had stopped. But that wasn't a good thing. The bullet was still in him, still buried deep within his body. Paris gave a light cough. "I could really, really go for a smoke right now." Paris looked over at Nicky's impersonation of him and he smiled. Right now, he didn't really care. Right now, all he wanted was to find somewhere safe he could rest. He was grateful to Scarlet for carrying him away, but he would much rather be in a bed or on the floor somewhere than being carried over a forest. Paris looked over at Ariel. "If at all possible I would like to find some sort of shelter sometime soon. Weather it's a cave in the mountains or a cabin in the woods. Anything'd be better than flying with an injury like this."

    Raye Fields let out a roar of defeat. The winged beasts had gotten away from him. Well, no matter. He had killed one, and was certain the one he shot would die as well. All in all, it was a pretty good day. Now Raye could go and find a hole somewhere in the woods, lay down, and wait to become a human again. Then, who knows, maybe he'd go into town, meet up with a couple girls.... The thoughts began circling in Raye's mind and he smiled. "Tonight might be fun after all."
  8. Ariel turned around when Nicky was mocking her. Her face was bright red and she flicked the small boy who was to busy giggling his head off. "Nicky not true!!" She said as she turned away. "Yeah He's gonna be a trouble maker all right.." She mumbled to Kalia. "Hmm I can try to teach you something Scarlet though I'm not the best fighter in the flock.. I think that's either Jessi or Kalia." She said motioning to Kalia. "You're not a burden Scar, remember that. you're part of our messed up little family." She said smiling to Scarlet. Ariel glided above the clouds as she looked for a place to rest for the night. It seemed like they had been flying for only a few minutes when in reality it was probably more like a few hours. Ariel saw a town below and she stopped moving forward and turned around."Well Paris I think I found a place to rest" She motioned to the town below. "Let's go guys" With that Ariel tucked in her wings and descended into the forrest a little outside of the town.

    Nicky was suddenly swept up into Kalia's arms causing him to giggle like a mad man. "KAYYY" He screamed as they nose dived down. When she let him go he adjusted his wind blown blonde hair and stuck his tongue out at her. "Yeah yeah.. mom" He was flying on his own again and didn't even realize he flew into Ariel as she flicked him. "Heyy!" He said pushing her with his small hand. He looked over at Scarlet "yeah you're not a burden Scar! I like you!" He said giving her a cheesy smile. He followed after Ariel and when she started to descend he followed closely behind.
  9. Jessi rests her head in her hand, starring blankly ahead. "I have a feeling that man in the suit will be paying for my food." Jessi winked at the little girl. She thought a little when she asked her second question and smiles, chuckling as she leaned to her and whispered "Wait till later tonight. We'll go in the woods and me and Maddie will teach you to fly." Her attention moves away from Coral and to the nicely dressed man who stood up and started throwing his things. That's was her cue. She stood up, her arms outstretched as if she were trying to find her way. Jessica walked towards the man only to trip and fall on to him. "Oh no! Ah, jeez, I'm so sorry..!" She fumbled to get off him and he struggled to help her. Through the confusion she slips her hand in his pocket, taking out his wallet and putting it in her own pocket. "I'm so sorry I was trying to find my way to the bathroom, um.." Her hands fumbled towards his face as if to identify his gender. "Sir! I'm sorry. Maddie! Please help me to the bathroom!" The man was displeased but told her it was alright and left the mcdonalds. Jessi looks at Coral and Maddie. "Common you two. Let's hurry out of here and find a hotel. Then look for the others."
  10. Kalia flew with Paris for a little just listening to conversations. She loved the feeling of the cool wind on her face as she flew but Paris was getting a little bit heavy. Her arms, as strong as they were, were starting to tire. She looked back as Ariel said her name. "Huh? Oh yeah! I can totally teach you. We just have wait until we get to someplace safe. I don't feel comfortable being out in the open until we are." She smiled at Scarlet. Her first apprentice. She looked at Paris in her arms. "Wanna help me teach her too? I don't know if I'll be that great of a teacher... I kinda have a short temper." She followed Ariel and dove down towards the little town. Finally some place to rest. She looked over at Ariel. "Where should we set up? We don't have much money and I'm sure everyone's getting hungry. We should find dinner first. If you want, I can scout out the town and make surer it's safe before we let any of the others go."
  11. Lonely Cabin ~ Central Nevada.

    Mia was just finishing with setting up one of the rooms in the building. Based on the stocks she could probably live through several weeks here. Shrugging she walks back to the living room, she wanted to try watching TV now that electricity was working.

    Eastern Nevada ~ "The Facility" ~ East Section, Neko Project quarters.

    The Neko Project subject's quarters could hardly be called cells. Each of the subjects had a spacious room with access to television, internet and free snacks. Besides the individual rooms each subject had its own bathroom, however the living room is shared. A large semicircular room with doors to each personal room , the rest of the facility and the UAV/VTOL hangar for Stella's use the straight part was covered in large windows, offering a view to the Nevada desert. The Nekos hardly ever saw the need to leave this area, besides for strolls around the entire facility.
    Stella had just finished calibrating several of her UAV's, while there were technicians for this she obviously knew what was needed the most, and as such she often did maintenance work. The hangar bay was mostly empty, Alpha had been called for some sort of meeting with the scientists, and Luna was on a mission, the two people who hanged around the hangar the most.
    She turns around and walks towards the living room, wondering if any of her sisters are there.
  12. "Okay!" Coral said in a cute and happy little tone, "I can't wait to flyyy" Coral said a little to loud but people looked at her like she was a little girl imagining or going onto an airplane. Coral followed Jessica and Maddie to the hotel!
  13. Scarlet was very happy that Kalia agreed to teach her. Paris might even help if he is up for it. She knew that He of course would not be up and moving around because of his injury, but at least there is a chance he would give her pointers. Scarlet was a fast learner, but she had never fought or had ever been in a altercation before. She avoided such things all together. Scarlet never imagine there would be a day where She couldn't fix something with a smile and her being kind to others. Then again Scarlet never thought she would actually get out into the world, or even that the lab would go so far as sending a crazied psychopath to kill them.

    Scarlet looked around what she considered to be her family. They been in that lab for years, and now here they all were protecting each other lives and freedom. She hoped jessica and maddie were okay. "Thank you Kalia. I learn fast." She looked down and realized that she still had the metal purse and journal with her. " Oh my! Everyone! we have money!" She silently thanked her parents for this last small gift. "who can hide their wings the best? I have my mothers credit card. we can get clothes, a hotel room, and food. I even have her ID" She was so happy that she looked just like her mother.
  14. Paris nodded at Kalia. "Sure thing, I'd love to help out with the training. But I'm sure you won't need my help. You'll be a great teach on your own." Paris winked at her. As the group began to descend upon the ground his stomach tightened and he felt the strong pain of the bullet once again in his chest. Raye Fields, I'm going to kill that stupid motherfucker. He laughed at the thought.

    Raye Fields took a deep breath as his body began returning to normal. His breathing slowed down, the fur on his body began to fall off, and his bones began realigning. Raye stood up and began lumbering toward the town. He figured by the time he got there he'd be back to normal and he'd be able to pick up some women. In fact, he was so confident that he was gonna get laid that he was heading straight for a hotel to get a room. Raye knew, this would be a night he would never forget.
  15. Liam came up behind Paris and Kalia and put Paris' arm around Liam's shoulder, he smiled at her. "I noticed you were having a hard time carrying Paris' fat ass so why don't you let me for awhile, I promise only to drop him a couple of times." He smirked at them, a gave a small cough, he was always coughing lately. He realized that the cold weather he got stuck in was effecting his body much more then he cared to admit. His strength wasn't weakening but he was wheezing every so often. He looked to Ariel, and smiled a warm smile. He kept having strong feelings for her, he didn't know why, was it because she saved his life or did he like her before then? He didn't really want to talk to her about it, and he figured what Paris would say. He just wanted to ignore it for now, it would come up eventually "Teaching flying, eh? I'm in as well."
  16. Ariel landed, barley missing a pine tree and she fumbled a bit on her landing. She mumbled something and then tucked her massive white wings into her back. "I've got 40 bucks cash from that creep scientist." Ariel stated as she started walking towards the town. Pulling her hoodie on to conceal her wings. She shifted them uncomfortably and looked back at the flock. "I'm thinking Scarlet, Liam, and I go into town. See if we can find the others and a place to stay. Kay you stay here and watch Nicky and Paris. Well come back for you guys within the hour." Ariel said and started walking towards town. "Scar, since you have the card you're in charge of finances." They were starting to approach the town and she sighed. "Okay.. Act.. Natural?" She said, but it sounded more like a question. What was natural to them anymore. They were freak if bird children.

    Nicky wanted to protest his staying with Kalia and Paris. He wanted to find Maddie and Jessi and see the town. He pouted and then accepted his fate. He started exploring the trees and started climbing a big pine tree. "Don't worry, I'll let you two have your cute couple time to kiss and.. Whatever you couples do." He said watching Ariel, scarlet, and Liam walk towards town.
  17. Jessi raised her finger to her mouth. "Hush, don't say things like that out loud.." She said in a hushed voice. Maddie took both of there hands and lead them out. She brought them towards a local hotel and Jessi paid. Jessi tilts her head from side to side, as if she were trying to hear where the others were. Maddie looks around, then sighs a little. Maddie already missed her flock and Jessi felt bad from her decision to abandon them to save Maddie.

    Ava was escorted by the scientists towards the Neko Project room. She stared straight ahead, her face emotionless and her eyes and ears alert. It was her first time seeing her fellow neko experiments. She felt.. Indifferent about it. Basically being a robot didn't allow her privileges such as feelings or emotions. Turning the corner, the man escorting her opens the door to a living room. Her eyes damned the room before spotting one other girl in the room. Following the orders to respect the others and do what the others tell her, she approached the girl and held out her hand.
    "Hello. My name is Ava. I am a new member if your team and I look forward to working with you." Her voice held a flat tone, having no emotion in it. Ava smiles at her but it was visibly seen that it was forced and never really made the way to her eyes.
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  18. Kalia was grateful to Liam for taking Paris out of her hands. When they landed, she looked around at her group. They were splitting up and it made her a little nervous. Especially since she would be left alone with two people who couldn't fight if someone attacked them. But she quickly pushed those worries out of her mind. She was an exceptional fighter and as long as they stayed out of the open they shouldn't be seen.

    She gave Nicky a little shove for his comment about her and Paris being a couple and then nodded to Ariel. "Please be careful. Don't let anyone we're here. We'll be fine here. I'll try to teach Nicky how to really fly." She looked to the boy and winked. "How does that sound?" She smiled and looked to the other group. "Hurry up though. I'm absolutely famished!" She waved to them and turned back to Paris and Nicky. "So. What should we do now?"
  19. There weren't any of her Sisters in particular in the living room, however she did not have to wait long for one to arrive. Stella had never saw her before and by logic that means it could only be #002. The girl approaches her and greets her in an obviously emotionless manner.
    The girl also seemed to have some mechanical improvements, like Stella, but probably more then her. Stella took her hand and shook it, no reason to be rude to her sister after all.
    "Its nice to meet you, I am #003, though you can cal me Stella"
    She then looked around the room, she was wondering why Alpha was taking so long with the meeting...
  20. Scarlett followed behind Ariel. " She should buy supplies too. We could get backpacks for everyone, and get first aid kits, and Maddie needs owl food since her owl can't fly or hunt. I can check to see how much money is on this card before we make big purchases." Scarlett was Planning out all the things the group would need so they wouldn't have to keep going into public view. They could buy camping gears and they needed heavy duty shoes and hoodies for their wings. Everyone needed a blanket. She mapped out how much all of it cost. " She also need weapons, but i don't think its safe to have guns around the children, we can get tasers and hunting knifes."

    Jenna skipped into the living room. She was on one of her many devices. She was typing vigorously on her tablet. " Hola! como este? ahhhh I apologize! I'm on a spanish cooking forum. Hello there. welcome to our home. It's so nice to have another sister. I am #013 but i prefer the name Jenna." Jenna noticed the girls' mostly mechanical body. " nice upgrades, you probably don't need it but if you have any need to talk or want to hang out I'm your girl. Alpha is the one you should go to with any questions" Jenna looked up to Alpha like a big sister. She couldn't wait to see what she was going to say at this meeting.
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