The Altia Chronicles

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    Hoo boy, where do I begin with this?

    I should start by telling you that, while I am typing it and generally am the author of this, The original story and characters of this (With some exceptions) belongs actually to a friend of mine in the UK named Stefan Valentine. ...Otherwise known as Diamond Celestalis, Terranova, or, as I know him, Valk

    Valk created this as an RP series long ago under a different name, and one that I've been a fan of for years. The series was Space-opera Sci-fi, merged with Mythology and Fantasy, with a touch of modern-day tech. It was also admittingly Sonic-based when it started, which made sense in the place it was in (A Sonic Forum.) and would make sense to place here.

    He wasn't the kindest of fellows, (He was part of many forum-controversies around the forums I was in.) but he did have a talent for writing. He started writing a book series for a while now and posted them online, but eventually stopped for one reason or another. I don't know if he is continuing it still or not, but either way I felt rather nostalgic one day and decided to ask for permission to remake the RP series, and so I did. Needless to say, Permission was granted, and for me at least, it was a roller coaster ride.

    As such, you may consider this something of a tribute, or a homage to his work.

    I should warn you all however, that this is basically filled with anthropomorphic animals. If you're not a fan of Furries of any kind. Viewer Discretion is advised.

    Oh, and one more warning: Measurements, especially in meters, is not my quick-thinking forte, so my apologies if my measurements are bit screwed up.

    As the Prefix suggests, Any ops and what-not would be appreciated.

    So, without further adeu, let's begin.


    Accessing database...

    Welcome to the Altia Galaxy Records. We have updated the database recently with the help of the Terran Empire. Please enter your information...

    Username: 3c1/!\pse
    Password: *****

    ...Access granted, Welcome Captain. Please enter the data record you wish to see.

    >Altia Galaxy General Knowledge/Terra Analysis-----Opened

    ...Playing Video Journal...


    Prologue: Altia: The Galactic Travel Guide

    (The Prologue here was made by Valk himself... However it's been slightly modified and doctored by me (No edits, save for small spelling and grammar corrections, but things were removed.), so as to avoid any spoilers.)

    Not much is actually known about our galaxy, however from numerous satellite images, we can deduce that our Galaxy is actually a spiral. Earlier Terran beliefs dictated that galaxy was actually a perfect square. However from a distance, our galaxy looks like a gigantic spiral, spinning in the heavens. But there is a massive void with dark clouds that cuts across our Galaxy like a scar. 76% of our Galaxy is still hugely unexplored with no ships able to make it across the void scar region.

    The Void Scar is a huge region of space that we believe crosses through the entire Galaxy. It is located approximately 4,000,000,000 light-years away from Terra. It is not a recommended area to visit; the high density of the clouds in that region can damage-or in most cases destroy-ships that attempt to cross it. The Void Scar has hampered Terra's exploration of the stars, limiting how far we can explore. Scientists have been in some debate about what the scar actually is, some saying that it's a naturally-occurring anomaly but others, especially religious activists, believe that The Void Scar was put there by an unnatural force to limit Terra's exploration of the galaxy.

    ...Beginning Terra Analysis...

    Terra (Anthromorphia)

    System Name: Sol Terra
    Planet Type: Variable Climate
    Native Species: Anthromorphia (Animals with human-like features)
    Developed Faster Than Light: Yes
    Government: United Planetary Government (Based in Chentrilla)
    Countries or Divided States: 41
    Capital City: Chentrilla City

    Geographical Features:
    Terra is a beautiful paradise in most respects, Terra's has nearly every continent type known to us. An example of this would be the Chentrilla region, which is a beautiful countryside with rolling green hills and trees but rain is much more common, and Sierra region which is an absolutely breathtaking glacier and ice tundra with very few inhabitants. Terra has a very unique ecology compared to other worlds and unusually inconsistent weather ranging from hurricanes to clear and sunny days. Terra has some of the most beautiful natural formations ever seen. For example: the Sun-Weaver, a huge crack in Terra's surface that seems to produce a stream of light every morning from which it gets its name.

    Terra has a diverse species population, each with a different set of cultural and religious beliefs. Over 1,000 years of unity from the people have almost eliminated racism on the planet with only a handful of regrettable incidents in recent years. These species are listed and explained here with both Galactic Common and Original Terran names;

    Common Species:

    Wolf (Wolvar) â€" Wolves on Terra appear to have a highly developed sense of smell. Wolves are one of the most common species on Terra; they are highly adapted to any environment causing variations in color, shape and size. Wolvar beliefs center around the family, they are extremely defensive and mindful of their family's security. (The family unit in Wolf terms is usually called a "Pack".) They originate from the Sierra region of Terra.

    Fox (Foxxinaa) â€" Foxes are the most common species on Terra. Foxes on Terra have the highest birth rate, however they are usually a very separate community from Wolvar, welcoming outsiders and making them feel welcome. Fox beliefs stem mainly from no religion or idealism, instead they intend to make the best of the life that they have. They originate mainly from the Chentrilla region and all the mild to medium temperature continents on Terra.

    Tiger (Tigris) â€" Tigers are among the most ferocious and deadly species on Terra. They are purely designed for dispatching pray with their sharp teeth, quick judgement and claws. Most Tigers are very confrontational and can come across as aggressive. Tigers have a history of warfare with other species on Terra, including a war that lasted almost two hundred years against the Wolves. The Tiger's belief focuses on the hunt, they mainly believe in hunting and dispatching their pray but also for ceremonial and religious aspects. Tigers originated from the hotter continents on Terra, like for example Gia.

    Dragon (Dragonia) â€" The Dragon species are highly unusual in all their habits, most of them choose to live in seclusion, near the farthest reaches of the northern continents. The Dragon species teaches a policy of non-interference with other species on Terra, rarely getting involved or even travelling to the other cities around Terra. The most unique adaptation that the Dragon species acquired is an ability to fly which is usually uncommon to other species however during the years after the unification of Terra, more and more dragons have been seen living among regular Terrans.

    Rare and Uncommon Species

    Horse (Equinus, Horcia)
    Horses used to be common in the mild climate of Terra. However, during a dispute over grain the Chentrilla government participated in a massacre of Equinus. Specifically, the horse population centered just outside of Chentrilla. The whole event was elaborately covered up by the Chentrilla government and the survivors were threatened under penalty of death. The horse population is now divided within Terran society. The Pegasus, who are a variety of winged-horse, are extremely rare and considered outcasts of Horse society.

    Rabbit (Bunniarna)
    The Rabbit population of Terra are not actually native to the planet. During Terra's beginning as an empire, they conquered the planet Bunniarna, a world populated solely by the rabbit species. Some Bunniarna remained on Terra living among other Terran species.

    Other Species
    There are many other species that have adapted to different climates on Terra. There are many variations spread across the world. For example a Husky is an example of different variation in the wolf species usually through genetic changes and inter-breeding.

    Terra has had a long and eventful history. A world near the core of the Altia Galaxy, Terra is an idyllic world formed over millions of years. The planet has over 70% surface water and beautiful land-masses with great divergence in climate types. Life developed on all corners of Terra normally due to an unknown event and without any human life. Over a period of thousands of years, Terra developed in 41 countries that included Sierra, Chentrilla, Gia, and Aquarine. These countries all developed technology relatively early in a race for supremacy.

    Eventually tensions became high from competing for Terra's diminished resources and war broke out which drew into a massive massacre that annihilated at least 70% of the total population of the planet. The survivors of the war were forced to come together and form a provisional government to help rebuild all the countries after the war. Chentrilla became a leader in the development of this new world order and formed a united government, finally getting over the old hatreds to help cure their world poisoned by nuclear weapons.

    Several new initiatives were set up in order to help purify the air and the water and Terra slowly began to recover however during this time, Terra developed space technology and a drive that can move faster than light.

    During this time, Terra formed a vast empire that spanned through many systems to some planets like Alexandria and Paradeen, becoming the Empire we know today.


    Closing Video Journal...

    Please Enter next command...

    >Legacy of Leviticus-----Opened

    ...Playing Video Journal...


    Chapter 1: All things that you leave behind - Part 1

    The morning sun was always a thing of beauty. But it's even more so when its light reflects off the golden wood of a beautiful mansion on a relatively large estate. At least it looks like the walls were made of a fine wood, though in reality it is simply metal with a wooden plating around it. The mansion itself was relatively large; about 4 stories in height, 100 Meters wide and a length of about 235 meters. Effectively, it covers most of the grassy hill that it stands on, watching over the meadows of the country of Chentrilla, and more specifically watching over the peaceful little village of Dalia at the base of the hill. At the top of this hill, the mansion watches the sun rise as the beautiful horizon of green and blue shows itself in the light, as well as the city above a lake way into the distance.

    The inside of the mansion was just as beautiful as its semi-modest exterior, if not more so. This fact was clear the moment one enters the foyer. From the hard floor of smooth wood to the pillars and walls of marble, laced with gold and ivory, and decorated with paintings and portraits of what appeared to be different kinds of anthropomorphic animals, all in noble attire. There were two stairways in a double-helix formation connecting the first with the second, third, and fourth floor, the stairs having a beautiful red silk carpet right on it. From the moment you step into this place, it would feel less like a mansion and more like a royal palace. In fact, it'd looked a lot like a miniature version of the Royal Palace of Alexandria, and considering the vast economical difference between the two planets, it wasn't surprising if this was the only house in the world that was like this.

    Within this giant structure was a dining room just a few doors down from the foyer. Just as beautiful in design and about just as large with white rectangular table, and many dishes filled with just about anything one can think of for breakfast on it. About 7 people; a bunny, a wolf, and 4 foxes; all wearing formal attire and some wearing maid aprons in terms of the ladies, sat down to eat.

    However, the true one of a kind was the 7th one at the end of the table, looking exceptionally noble, and a Military man of high ranks by the looks of the red sash and shiny medals. But what was really interesting was the fact that he was an echidna, an echidna of ebony at that. Never mind the unusual fur (or spine) color, to say echidnas were rare is frankly an understatement. To this day, he is one of only two echidnas on the planet of Terra that are alive. It must have been fate then, that he was also a military prodigy, the only person in the armada, let alone the rank of commander, to ever be considered "Legendary" immediately after his retirement.

    His name is Leviticus Valentine, a masterful commander, captain of the UTS Erika, and said to be one of the greatest tacticians, if not the greatest, in the Galaxy. His skill in battle has won many victories in the name of Terra, and his skills off-battle has saved much blood from being needlessly shed. Despite his reputation, Leviticus has been known to always have had a heart of gold, showing much care for his people and much respect to the butlers and maids who assists him and takes care of his manor. Who was the other Echidna beside him? Why, it was his daughter of course.

    "Does anyone know when little Kes is coming over?" He asked them.

    "She is scheduled to come in about a few hours. It's still a little early, sir." the Bunny explained to him.

    "I see. It'll be good to see her again, it's been a month now. ...Well, we still got some time, I'm counting on you to get the place ready for her. Oh, and I know I probably shouldn't need to mention this, but ...try to treat her normally." Leviticus said. The 6 nodded as they ate.


    A few hours passed and up the hill comes a blue car that stops near the mansion. Considering how it looks rather normal, it definitely stood out. As Leviticus sat on the porch of his mansion modestly waving at the car, a door opened in the back, and out of it came a rather small female echidna in a dress and with a bag in hand, no older than 8, waving to her fox parents as they then drove off. The two echidnas smiled as they looked at each other and the girl ran over to him.

    "Dad!" She yelled happily as she ran up to him and he was quick to grab her, launch her into the air, and hug her.

    "Ah, my sweet Kes. How's my little angel been this past month?" Leviticus happily asked before putting her back down to the ground.

    "It's been great, Dad. But I couldn't wait to come back here!" She said, happily and filled with energy and excitement. She's always like this when it came to seeing Leviticus again, and always disappointed when she had to go for another month just to come back and repeat the process. Leviticus simply laughed at this cute expression of energy.

    "I couldn't wait either. Even with my friends helping me with this house, it's easy to feel alone. ...Now let's go in and have some lunch. I want to hear all about what you did this month." Leviticus said to her with a smile on his face. She nodded and they both walked in.


    They spent hours with each other; ate together, talked, laughed at the jokes and entertainment of the Leviticus' 6 'friends', and played the traditional child's play games such as tag. For as old as Leviticus was, he showed that he still had it in him to do the many games and activities without hassle. Oddly enough however, one of the major things that they talked about in their spare time or while they were eating was science. This was mostly because, in addition to being a commander with exquisite tactical prowess, Leviticus was also a Scientist, more specifically of biology, as well as something of an archaeologist as a side-job or side-hobby. Kes, may not be as smart on her own as her father, but she seems to absorb information like a sponge, listening and remembering all he tells her, becoming something of a prodigy in the fields her father was in.

    Then the morning star came and went, and night fell once again. Kestra was tucked to bed with Leviticus at her side.

    "Dad. ...I....I want you to be honest, ...Why can't I stay with you?" She asked. Leviticus was shocked, but was quick to recover and made a small chuckle.

    "You're not one to mince words, are you? That'll be a useful trait to have one day." He said with a smile on his face. He then gave a sigh and looked at her again.

    "...It was a promise I had to keep with your mother. A life of luxury is not something one should be born with, but one that should be experienced by his or her own hands. She wanted you to have a normal life and earn this lifestyle on your own, rather than simply live one spoiled and rich at the start." He explained.

    "...Is being rich a bad thing?" Kestra asked, somewhat confused at why this decision was made.

    "...In a world such as ours, money is power; it can lead to power, and it can ultimately be power. ...But power, no matter how much or how little, corrupts. It can corrupt you, me, ...anyone really." He responded.

    "But you're not corrupt. ...You're a hero, a protector of Terra and everyone on it." Kestra said. Leviticus tried to keep a happy face, but the smile went from being happy to showing a hint of sadness.

    "Heroism and Villainy are two sides of the same coin held at the eye of the beholder. To Terra, I'm a hero. But to anyone I had the...unfortunate circumstance of facing against in the many battles fought in Terra's name, I'm a villain and possibly a tyrant. In wars and imperial expansion, there are no heroes, and everybody is a villain in one way or another. Nobody is on the right in war...So it's really just a matter of what you think is right, as oppose to your opponent." He said.

    "So then, how do you know if you're doing a good thing or not?" Kestra asked.

    "Ah yes, a common question soldiers ask. You have two things to listen to when in war. Your superior's orders, cheesy as this sounds, your heart. By heart, I mean your conscience, your sense of good and evil, right and wrong. Though it may lead you astray, it can always correct itself with the proper hands to guide it. ...Besides, though nobody may be right, in war, there are some that are very, very wrong in their actions. Those kinds of people, whom you know are doing wrong and for no good reasons, ...those are the true enemies, and those are the ones that need to be brought to justice." Leviticus said.

    "You think...I could be a commander like you? ...Then maybe we can be together..." Kestra said.

    "Hmmm...Frankly, I would rather you do something else with your life than enter a dangerous occupation like mine. If you're mother was still here, I'm sure she would yell up a storm if you joined as well. ...But, if it's your wish to join, ...well there's technically nothing I can do to stop you, now is there?" Leviticus laughed which made Kestra smile.

    "I'll be the best commander in the universe, just like you." She said cheerfully.

    "...Here's hoping you do, my dear." Leviticus said as he kissed her on the forehead and walked off, turning off the light and slowly closing the door.

    "...Here's hoping you do..." he muttered as he walked off with a sigh.


    The next morning came quickly, and not a hour was wasted as Leviticus and Kestra continued spending their time together. For tomorrow, she had to return to her house, for another month. So the two enjoyed their time, and played together in the afternoon, until along came a certain black car through the drive way. From out of it coming a small blue fox in a suit and tie that walked over to them as they played. Kestra and Leviticus looked at him and recognized him instantly.

    "...Uncle Thorphyus!" Kestra yelled out as he ran over to the fox and gave him a big hug. Obviously, this fox, Thorphyus De'Sade, wasn't really her uncle, but rather an admiral formerly under Leviticus' command. His second-in-command, to be specific. As such he was a family friend, and helps out with raising Kestra now and again for his commander's sake. He often visits the adoptive family's household to check up on her and see her, then reports if something happens to Leviticus.

    "But what are you doing here? I'm not suppose to go back home until tomorrow..." She asked. De'Sade gave a little laugh.

    "No need to worry about that, I just have a bit of business to take care of with your dad." De'Sade said, with a rather young voice. Despite being Leviticus' second, De'Sade is one of the youngest prodigal admirals in the empire, joining the commander at the age of 13, 6 years ago. He then messed up her hair a little and walked over to Leviticus, saluting.

    "Greetings sir. I don't know how to say this, but I came under orders by the Empire. ...We...need you back for something." De'Sade said to him. Leviticus then lost that smile, and looked over to Kestra.

    "Kes, let's get inside now, it's about to be lunch time anyways. I'll be with you as soon as I'm done with this." Leviticus said. The three then got back into the house together.

    Inside, Kestra started eating her lunch while De'sade and Leviticus both went to the back to talk.

    "So what is this all about exactly?" Leviticus asked.

    "I'll be blunt, commander. ...The Emperor personally requested your assistance. We need you back." De'sade said to him.

    "Hmm...Unfortunately I'm retired. An old war horse that needed to step down." Levitacus said sternly.

    "You are one of the best leaders of our forces. If not THE best, we can't do this without you." De'Sade said, though looking like he's trying to hide something. Leviticus notices this and made a sigh.

    "I understand. But surely whatever this is, someone else can do it with just as much suce-"

    "It's Ivan, Commander!" De'sade said loudly in interruption, and, as if speaking the name of some devil, it was a name that silenced Leviticus in shock. His eyes wandered around the room, flashing back to his encounter with him many years prior.

    "...Ivan? ...The same Ivan from before? ...What about him? I thought we got rid of all of the abominations made in his name." Leviticus said, his tone gone from laid-back and down-to-earth, to cold and stern in an instant.

    "It's not one of his creations, Sir. ...I don't know how to tell you this, but... It's Ivan himself. There was no doubt about it, he ran out of the central tower of Chentrilla City, he stole a ship, threatened for vengeance, and flew off with it." De'Sade said. Leviticus looked absolutely shocked at this knowledge, looking down at the table and lightly clapping together the hands by the fingertips pressed against the mouth and over the nose, calming down and concentrating.

    "...That's not possible. Ivan's dead. I killed him myself, witnessed it." Leviticus said, remembering the final battle he had in a parasitic infestation of a ship with the echidna known as Ivan, the last battle he had before his retirement. He remembers plainly the room covered with flesh merged with metal stains of red and gore all over the walls. He remembers that moment where his sword pierced Ivan's heart and those last breaths he heard, his last attempts at saying any last word, before he died.

    "I know it sounds crazy commander, but I saw it happen, as did others, Ivan is alive, and is now evidently threatening our galaxy again. We could have another parasite on our hands, ...or worse. ...There's no evidence to support it, so it's just a theory for now, but it's possible that this may be because of 'them'. 'They' are the only ones we can think of who can do something as impossible as reviving someone from the dead." De'Sade said. Leviticus looked down at the table. De'Sade didn't need to tell him to be more specific, for he knew exactly what he was talking about, and he was hoping that that was just a theory. May the Gods help them if it was true.

    "Where did he go?" Leviticus simply asked.

    "He was heading for... for the Void Scar, sir. I don't know whether he's suicidal or knows something we don't about it, but either way, it seems like he's baiting us into a trap." De'Sade responded. Leviticus pondered on this for a few seconds.

    "...If he's truly alive, he's there for a reason, and I can guarantee it's not to go back to the dead. There's no doubt that this is a trap. But if we do nothing, I'm willing to bet he'll play his move, in an attempt of performing an immediate checkmate."

    "So you'll come?"

    "...The Emperor commands, and we obey; there's nothing I can do about that. ...I'd rather not do it with my daughter here alone, but if it's really Ivan, then I can't prolong this. ...Is the Erika still commissioned?"

    "No, it's being used nowadays as a part of the academy, but I can pull a few strings and have it re-commissioned."

    "Much appreciated, old friend. Get anybody from the crew on there as well. We're the most experienced against those monsters Ivan allied himself with. I'll be coming with you as soon as I say goodbye to my daughter." Leviticus said as he stood up. The fox nodded to him as he to got up and extended his hand.

    "It's good to have you back, commander."

    "Evidently... " Leviticus shook his hand.

    "...I was never gone to begin with."


    The sun had just past the highest and most central peak of the Terran sky at this point. As the Mansion's occupants are all outside on the front porch, divided into two groups and facing each other. On the porch was the 6 residents of the House and Kestra, and on the grass by the car was De'Sade and Leviticus. The latter two were packing up and about to head out to recommission the Erika and its crew. When they were ready Leviticus turned to them with a small, sad smile on his face, trying to make the best of things. Kestra was quick to rush at him and hug him as he kneeled down to meet her, sorrowfully, fearing what will happen to him. She didn't quite understand anything about what was going on. She knew he was called back, but she thought those days were over when he retired.

    "Now now, my dear Kes. ...One way or another, I will be back, and this time for good." Leviticus said to her.

    "...Promise?" She asked, trying to keep her tears back.

    "...Promise." He then looked at his 6 friends on the porch.

    "You all take good care of her until then. This is her estate just as much as mine after all." He told them. They all nodded as he then got up from his kneeling position and walked towards the car. He then took one last look at the house and the people by it, Kestra in specific.

    "...Take care, Kes." He said to her. She nodded as he got in the car and drove off.


    It took a couple hours, but the military pair found themselves near the city of Chentrilla. To Terrans, this city was a normal thing they'd see in posters and pictures. But to anyone else, it was an incredibly amazing sight to see. The city was gigantic and filled with skyscrapers all over the place, but any major city is like that. What was really fascinating was that this, the largest city on Terra, was actually suspended on a giant metal plate supported by pillars stretching outward in an arc. Below the city was a giant beautiful lake that seemed to sparkle like crystal under the light of day, or even of night. As if in response, the city, looking relatively new by the shine of its metal and the surface of its glass, also reflectively shines the light of the sun and moon from its surfaces. As risky as this seems, the plate seems to hold up incredibly well considering how much weight it must be holding every day. From outside the city at just about every angle of its circular shape, it creates an imagery worthy of art. To top it off, Despite it being a major city in the middle of a beautiful grassland, very little pollution, unnoticeable to those not looking for it in fact, fumes out of it. Thanks to the environmental laws that were initiated on the planet, Chentrilla was one of the cleanest cities in the world. All of these factors have made this city a crown jewel in the eyes of Terra, and as such, is the capital of the planet and the Empire.

    The pillars supporting the city serve as elevators to and from it, capable of hulling in and out about 3 semi-trucks worth of weight, let alone De'Sade's rather admittingly small black car. De'Sade drove into the elevator, paying a small fee for using its services, and waited as they were moved into the City at high speeds.

    "Did you make the call?" Leviticus asked him, the both of them laid-back in their seats, as they both waited for the Elevator to get them up.

    "Made it before we left. Everyone should be gathering at the academy to get the Erika off the ground." De'Sade responded.

    "I see. Will we have any trouble getting the Erika out of the Academy?"

    "The Erika is parked outside the academy and served as a secondary building for it. We just need to get the learning operating systems uninstalled, upgrade the military OS and get anything owned by the Academy moved out. Then all we need to do is re-activate the engines and she'll be flying again." Leviticus pondered about this.

    "…Seems a little too easy for something to be re-commissioned after so long."

    "Truth be told, while I was calling to get it re-commissioned, it seemed his majesty beat me to it. He directly ordered to get this ship up and running again about a few days ago."

    "So he went over our heads to get the ship back no matter what? ...So if I didn't join this…"

    "He probably would have sent someone else to take your place. In that regard...It's not too late to back down."

    "Thorphyus, don't even joke about that please." Leviticus said as he looks out the window at the lake.

    Needless to say, he was both more distressed than ever, and angered at the fact that the Emperor would go that far. It was understandable enough to get him back into the force for something like this, and it’s also understandable to have a backup in case of failure. But what enraged him was that, even after everything that he has done, the emperor still questions his loyalty and goes through this with or without Leviticus help. Does he truly believe someone, anyone, can take the Erika so easily into such a dangerous and unexplored region of space? If Leviticus was honest with himself for a second, he doesn't think that even he himself would be able to get in and out in one piece. The Void Scar, is a place of seemingly no return. You can either retreat once the ship starts tearing itself apart, or push on and never come back. The only hope he feels they have, the one he's hanging on to, is that Ivan knows something about it, a way to escape out of the scar that they could steal. The Ivan he knew, after all, was anything but suicidal. He would never put himself in danger, not even for petty things like this.

    As they got off the elevator, they immediately drove off it and into the city. Looking at it from up close, it was easy to tell that this place was just as busy as it was large. All of the typical things of a big city were here: the sky-scraping buildings that look stretched towards the heavens, the business seeming to boom without stop, the people and vehicles all walking or driving around heading for one place or another, and to top it off, the influence of impatience on said people. As this place was the capital city of the Empire, it was a cultural melting pot for not just everyone on Terra, but other planets as well. As such, species of Anthromorphia that are either rare on Terra or just isn't on Terra could be found here. Because there are so many different species on Terra, there are also a myriad of personalities. It’s always a lively, colorful place but at the same time, is also filled with impatience and often angry people all around. Within the center of the city, was the largest of these skyscrapers, watching over the city like a tower stretching up to about 500 meters in height. While the tower itself is rather slim in diameter compared to other skyscrapers, the top of it looking like a giant wheel being the sole exception, the base of the tower was quite fat. A hexagonal design around the tower that was about 100 meters tall and 300 meters wide on all sides; obviously it’s down there that the major functions of the government, while the top of the tower was the Office of the Emperor.

    But the car’s destination, however, was a place to the side of this building, sharing the same courtyard and nowhere near as large. This place was none other than the Terran Military Academy. …Well, half of it, anyways. The Academy was split into two parts due to how large it has to be in order to teach as many potential soldiers as possible. The one on the right was the actual academy, didn't seem like one singular building so much as it was about three fairly-sized, four-story buildings connected by bridges and walkways. Each building was showing a different shape; one being a rectangle that looked like a wall covering the right side of the center building, one being in an “L”-shape covering the back and the left of the center building. The centerpiece being a cube that makes the other two look like a shell that covers all but the front side of the building.

    On the left side, however, wasn’t a building at all, although given where it’s placed and comparing it to the others, it’s understandable to confuse it as one. While it looked like a building, with its 5-story height and almost rectangular shape that curves on the front end at about a 45 degree angle, creating a smooth slope of metal and glass. With a length of about 247 meters and a width of 100 meters, it was one of the largest ships in the armada. This was the decommissioned legendary ship of Leviticus Valentine, the UTS Erika.

    De’Sade drove towards the Erika, both of them noticing the people outside it that were putting things in and out of the ship like a moving van. Leviticus smiled as he looked at these people, for they were the original crew that helped him throughout his time as commander.

    Steady lads, some of those things are from the academy, and the headmaster would have our heads in his office if we damage them.” A fox said in a Scottish accent as the other foxes moved things out of the ship, plenty of desks and desktops specifically. Coming into the ship were the components taken away from the ship earlier to ensure that it’s grounded indefinitely to serve the task it has this whole time.

    Leviticus and De’Sade got out of the car as soon as it stopped and immediately walked over to the fox overseeing the exchange of machination going in and coming out of the ship. He shook the fox’s hand and was given a hug by the fox.

    Commander! It’s good to see you again after all these years.” The fox said.

    I see some things never change though, Private Callus.” Leviticus said.

    Major Callus now, Commander.

    I see. Congratulations on your promotion. I can see how you've earned it. Has everyone been gathered?

    Almost, we’re only missing Eric and Molly, and they’ll be here soon.” The fox known as Callus replied. As soon as it happened, a female fox and a male dragon approached the ship.

    Speak of the devil…” Leviticus said as the fox, Molly hugged Callus, to which he was seemed a little resistant about, then saluting to Leviticus with a smile on her face. The dragon, Eric, simply skipped to saluting to the echidna.

    Private Molly, reporting for duty sir.” She said with the energy of a child.

    It’s good to see you again, commander.” Eric simply said sternly, showing himself to be more of a soldier then the energetic girl he’s partnered with. Yet he did show a smile at his commanding officer, showing truth in what he says. Leviticus nodded to them as De’Sade talks with Callus.

    How long will it take to get this ship back up in the air, Major?” De’Sade asked.

    We just need to finish up getting the ship’s engines and computers online, and upgrading the operating systems. It shouldn't take too long, and once we’re done, she should be ready to go.” Callus responded. De’sade nodded then looked over Callus’ shoulder with the corner of his eye to see something he didn't expect. Six people walking into the ship, most of them being foxes and the one in the front being a horse, and all of them were wearing long white coats on them with what seems to be ID cards clipped to the chest area of the coat. It was odd enough that a horse was around in the city since the incident many years prior, but what was really off and unsettling was the fact that these six were apparently scientists.

    Hmm? Who’re they?” De’Sade asked, pointing to the group. Callus turned around and then back at him with a sigh of agitation.

    Not a clue specifically, lad. They apparently had imperial orders to accompany us on this mission. I can only guess that, since it’s Ivan we’re dealing with, maybe they’re coming to research those parasitic pricks he had at his side years ago. Hopefully so that they can make some weapons to make sure the slippery coward doesn't repeat the same plan twice.” He explained.

    Are they military? I don’t recognize any of them.

    Unfortunately no, they’re civies.” This made De’Sade’s eyes widen in shock, as he was even more suspicious of this group. Ivan didn't just have an army of those loyal to his cause; he had help from an intelligent and sentient parasitic hive-mind. The documentation and information was supposed to be classified to only the scientific minds deep within the military’s inner circle. So what was his majesty thinking, bringing civilian scientists into this? What did the Emperor know that they didn't? The more he thinks about it, the more questions he creates, the more worrisome this mission is starting to become before it even truly begins.

    Ok, she’s ready to go, Commander.” Callus said to Leviticus a few hours later. The Echidna looked at him and nodded as he walked into the now ready Erika. He heads over to the bridge immediately and takes a look around. The bridge was in the shape of a Massive Pentagon, the bottom being where the cockpit was and the top tip being where the captain’s seat resides. The ship had three levels, the captain’s chair at the top level, along with doors on both sides, and the bottom level being where the pilots and navigators were. Everything else from radar, to ship status, to weapons had a row of computers right in the middle level lined up single file horizontally across the bridge. Needless to say, it brought back memories as Leviticus touched the arm of his chair. He gave a small gentle smile before sitting down, looking at the cockpit and giving a big sigh.

    Engines are ready to go, Commander.” Molly said from her seat in the middle-level of the bridge.

    Weapons are also ready.” Eric said from his seat in the same level.

    …Alright. As many of you know, this reunion has a reason for happening. Our long time enemy thought dead, Ivan, has returned. We don’t know how he came back, but at the moment it holds no relevance. What we do know, is that he has escaped into the Void Scar. It’s possible that he is preparing for an invasion like last time, but it’s also possible he’s baiting us into a trap. We don’t know anything about the Scar, but there’s a good chance he does. We know by now that he wouldn't stumble into a place that’s dangerous for him just as much as it is for us. Our mission is to defeat Ivan one last time, terminate him for good this time, or failing that, capture and seal him away in confinement permanently. This is to be our final voyage together, to clean up a mess from our pasts, so that no one has to in our future. A last mission against our nightmare manifested to life once more. Let’s finish this once and for all, so that we may come home as happily as we leave. Start up the Engine, and let our lady Erika fly upon crystal skies one more time!” Leviticus said to them. The members on the bridge all saluted to him and got to work immediately.
    Outside, the Erika could be heard activating, the engines turning back on after all these years. The steam started to shoot out the underside of the ship. The Erika started floating in the air, support by four streams of fire coming out and replacing the steam coming out of the same area. A minute after this, a huge blast of fire came out of the thrusters on the back side of the ship, pushing this giant mass of metal forward and launching it into the skies. It left the Atmosphere of Terra and immediately into space, as the people inside watched the change of scenery. A sailor of the stars never truly gets tired of it, the beautiful stars a midst the eternal black.

    Launch successful. Given the speed we’re going right now thanks to the newly upgraded engine in the back we should be at the entrance to the Void Scar in approximately 5 minutes upon jump.” Molly said to the Commander. Leviticus looked to the side one last time as the ship turned to where the Void Scar was and made a sigh. Despite what he said, there was a good chance he may not see this planet again.

    …Good night, …Sweet princess.” He thought. He then looked to Molly.

    Prepare to Jump.” Leviticus ordered. Molly nodded as the ship finished its turn. It moved forward then immediately sped up and disappeared into the distance, thinning out to a line upon entering the jump to light-speed.
    By the time they landed, the ship finally reappearing in normal space, they looked to be in the middle of nowhere as far as the planets were concerned. That’s when they saw it, the area of space where there was no star, and no planet. There was nothing to serve as a navigating point, nothing to serve as a light, there was simply…nothing. The mythical Void Scar was right in front of them. The people on the bridge couldn't help but fear this place; it seemed like the entire bridge itself was shivering in cold fear.

    ...Alright, stay alert. The place is said to have cosmic storms that wrecks any ships that enter. Eric, you got the flares?” Leviticus asked.

    Yes sir, it was a special delivery from the Emperor.” Eric responded.

    Alright, but it wouldn't be as infamous a place if light was the only problem. Stay on your toes. We don’t know if Ivan past it, or is here waiting for us.” Leviticus said as he looked around.

    …Wait a minute. …Where’s De’Sade?” Leviticus asked. He then heard something as they all have, something that sounded like a Gunshot.


    Static was all that was seen and heard. Small fade-ins of what was happening in the Erika could be seen, and screams interrupted by static could be heard.

    “…Explosion on the… bottom area detected! There’s a hull breach!” The voice of Molly could say.

    “Engine room to… we’re being overrun by… GAHHH!”

    “It’s them! The Viro-…”

    The ship started getting torn apart, the sound of crunching and tearing metal could be heard as the static continued in the background, flesh started to paint the metal walls, scenes of people getting dragged into the flesh could be seen.

    We lost contact with Engine room! Weapons are offline! The ship’s hull is being torn apart!” Molly yelled out

    Where are they coming from!?” Eric yelled out.

    All hands, Evacuate! Get as many people as possi-” Static interrupted the commander as the Bridge could be seen next as posing the same fate; an eerie silence filled the scene as it shows the tendrils of flesh take over and pulsate. None were seen on it. Once again the scene became static.

    I’m sorry…” De’Sade’s voice echoes in the static

    No need for that, just get in.” Leviticus’ voice yelled out. As the scene showed some of the foxes being seen on the walls stuck by the flesh, and some being shown as dead, while others were trying to escape before tendril went straight into their mouths as the screams could be heard as the scene goes static again.
    The next scene shows Leviticus and De’Sade near a pod-like room. Leviticus through De’Sade in and closed the door.

    Commander!” De’Sade yelled out trying to open the door desperately.

    I’m sorry, Thorphyus. I can’t come with you.” Leviticus said.

    Commander, please, don’t do this!! Let me take your place, this is my responsibility!” De’Sade yelled.

    No, De’Sade, this is now my responsibility. A captain goes down with his ship. But if I die, I’m taking Ivan and these monsters with me. …You’re still young. You have your life still ahead of you. Too many young ones died to let another sacrifice itself for an old echidna like me.” Leviticus said. He pushed a few buttons causing the sound of depressurization to happen. De’Sade still tried everything to get out, even unsheathing the blade Leviticus gave him but to no avail. He started to shed tears as he realized he couldn’t save Leviticus. He then noticed something behind him pierced through the echidna’s gut, another tendril that Leviticus then blasted off of him.

    …I have one last request. …Please, take care of her.” He said with that same kind smile. With one last button the pod shot out of the ship with De’Sade inside watching the outside of the ship getting taken over by some kind of fleshy veins.

    COMMANDER!” De’Sade yelled out one last time in tears, as the static consumed the scene entirely again.


    DADDY!” The little echidna girl yelled out as she sat up immediately upon waking up, gasping for air. She looked around at her rather large room at the mansion, once colored all kind of different colors were now just different shades of black. She then looked at the window. It was still night, it was still a thunderstorm outside; it’s as if the weather was foretelling exactly how she felt at the time. Kestra walked out of the room, not feeling like sleeping after that nightmare. Eventually she made it to the grand halls of the manor. If the lights were on or if the sun was out, then this would be a beautiful room worthy of its name. The largest room in the mansion, it serves as a lace of meeting and conversation, a perfect place location to initiate a party or ball. But without anybody there, and without light coming in, it’s just a giant empty room, quiet and lonely. She didn’t know why she came here; it was as if she was called into this room. There was something peaceful about this place, something that made her want to come here to relax. As she looked around, all she could hear was the rain hitting the windows the echoes of her footsteps, and the occasional clap of thunder.

    She closed her eyes and prayed for her father’s safety, worried after the dream she had.

    Your prayers are in vain.” A voice said in the darkness before a massive thunderclap. The voice in question was clearly male, no particular accent, low tone and a rather dark attitude to it. Kestra looked up and jumped in fright at what she saw, landing on the floor as she looked in fear at the source of this voice. A male of an unknown species stood in the rain on an open window sail, all of his features covered in a black cloak, and his face and head covered over a black hood. All that could be seen in the darkness was his eyes, the irises of his eyes glowed red like blood in the darkness as a lightning bolt flashed behind him. Those same eyes stared at the girl who stared right back at him with a look of awe and confusion.

    Who… Who are you?” She asked. The male jumped down and walked to her, making her take a few steps back.

    …The time of Leviticus Valentine has ended.” The male said as he walked. His cape moved away as he walked, revealing his black clothes and leather shoes but nothing more.

    That’s a lie!” She yelled out. She knew what the man meant, but she didn’t believe it, she didn’t want to believe it. How could she? How would he know anything about this? He only left for his mission today after all, and he’s now suddenly gone? The man in black showed no response to her outburst, his eyes piercing through and staring at her, as if looking into her soul. He then dropped what appeared to be a medal which rolled over to Kestra. She got to her knees and looked at it, the look in her eyes showed everything one needed to know about how she felt right now.

    Dad’s…Medal of Honor?” She asked. She remembered a part of her dream where Leviticus was seen with this torn from his body. She began to cry as she realizes what this meant. If this man had it as well, that only means one thing to her, the only way it would make sense.

    You, bastard!” She yelled out as she looked at him. He seemed to ignore her as he says nothing.

    Believe what you wish, it matters not. The truth, as well as your place in fate’s web left by Leviticus, is linked to one single path. You know what you must do if you wish to find them.” He then said. As he did, he walked into the corner of the room where not even his silhouette could be seen. As the lights turned on by the servants worried for Kestra as they awoken, the person just disappeared.


    The next day, a black car came up to the mansion with a familiar fox inside. De’Sade got out of the car with a heavy sigh as the servants of Leviticus gathered around him to ask what happened. He explained that there was an ambush but it came from where they least expected it, and that he was the only one to his knowledge that survived. His pod was made for long-range evacuation, designed to enter light-speed and track Terra to land back onto. Officially, The Erika as well as the crew of Commander Leviticus Valentine disappeared on a “grand expedition” into the Void Scar, so as to not cause needless panic across the galaxy. But he knew the truth, and he didn't know how to put it to Kestra. She came over to him, to which all he could do was show her the sword of her father.

    …I’m sorry. I tried but, there was nothing I could do. His… His was a heroic sacrifice.” De’Sade said. Kestra looked at the sword, tears starting show in her eyes as she went to touch it. She felt the cold hard metal of the sword, her finger immediately then sliding down its flat surface to the hilt. Immediately her mind flashed to last night, the mysterious being, and the medal he left along with his words.

    No.” She simply said, confusing everyone around her. “My father is Leviticus Valentine, the greatest commander in the empire. I refuse to believe that someone like him is simply gone after all he’s been through. …There’s no way he would die, not like this.

    Kestra…” was all De’Sade could say. Of course she was in denial; it’s the first stage of grief, after all. Adults can barely handle the deaths of people they love, how would one expect a child to?

    Uncle Thorphyus, …I …I want to be an Admiral.” She said, much to the shock of everyone. To say De’Sade was hesitating to say his answer was an understatement.

    I will do whatever it takes to become like my father. I will become the best admiral in the empire, I will do my best to protect this planet and everyone on it, and then I’m going to find him, and bring him back home.” She then said. Thorphyus looked down to the ground in thought before making a sigh. The last thing the Commander told him was to take care of her; this would be putting her in the same danger of being lost. Still, Kestra is in denial, and seems to have a determination to this. He can’t just refuse her like this. Maybe if he makes her training especially difficult, she’ll quit and go for a safer career.

    …Very well, I’ll talk with your foster parents about this and see what I can do for the Academy. I’ll…Personally train you, when you’re off-school. But it won’t be easy.” De’Sade told her. Kestra was quick to grab her father’s sword by the hilt, the weight of the blade being too much to lift of the ground for her and barely able to keep up as it is, and made a salute with her free hand. Tears were still in her eyes, but they showed a determination like no other.

    I will do my best…Sir.” She said.


    Closing Video Journal…

    Please enter next command…
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