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The Alternate OOC Board

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Asmodeus, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Branson - A western depicting an infamous assassination onboard a Virgin Train

    The Organisation of Men in Suites - The day to day life of a busy hotel receptionist

    The Vera of Change: Mind Your Place - The struggles of Vera Lynn in chauvanistic wartime Europe

    Journal without End: A Time Travel RP - A whiney teenager gets the power to angst in different time periods

    Crustaceans - Lobsters on a train... this time it's personal

    Parliament! - Will Guy Fawkes and his plucky teenage gang save the day?

    The War of Fedex - These guys are about to deliver the mother of all packages

    G'Day Mate: The Bloody Mental War - Australia runs out of barbecue sauce. Violence ensues.

    Black Man - The Kensington Golf Club receives an unwelcome visitor...

    Do you know what the gay nerd sings? - A serial killer who leaves clues in obscure showtunes

    Homophobia: In the Work of Metals - a blacksmith starts to distrust his new apprentice

    There is a shit - Max and Sammy will regret getting into that hot tub...

    The mild mild... everywhere - A rather pleasant post-apocalyptic tale, where everything turned out pretty okay

    S.T.R.I.K.E.H.E.R. - You shall be trained in the ninja arts of wife-beating

    The Kingdom's Hair - Two Medieval salons go to war.

    Turkish Lou: The Doofus in the Shower Behind Girls - An incompetent peeping tom tries to adjust to life in America

    V A N I T Y - Epic Fantasy Whore RP - Sequel to The Kingdom's Hair. With the salons destroyed, prostitutes of the Three Nations are dragged into a global fashion conflict

    ICICLE Scourge - George has a tough winter ahead of him.

    Nazi Farmer: Shiawase Twilight 7 - Gunter plans to make it big in the Vietnamese rice paddies. But will his past catch up with him?

    You Okay Academy - The new college girl Annie gets hit by a smooth criminal

    Dastardly - Mutley struggles to confess his secret love

    Splinter is Cumming - Raphael struggles to confess his secret love

    The future jests on your pause - A young William Shatner is given a vision of things to come

    FatGuard - The overweight city watchmen struggle to defend the city

    Iwaku: KNACKERED - Asmo's Confluence Field goes into overdrive. A rather boring Mythos installment ensues.
  3. ‚ÄčI approve.
  4. If there weren't RPs with similar titles, I'd want to steal some of these.
  5. G'Day Mate: The Bloody Mental War

    Sounds like most Saturday's here.