The Alien and the Atlantean

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  1. From two worlds they were born.

    One, a militant galaxy amongst the stars. Another an undersea grave for a lost civilization.

    The child of the stars was raised within a level of gravity higher than our own Earth. The child of the water lived deep in the sea, where the pressure would have crushed an ordinary human not born in such conditions, lacking the embrace of another.

    One was taught science and logic. The other, mysticism and magic. Both however, know the ways of a warrior, tactics and the life of action from an early age.

    One was sent to scout ahead to determine if it was a planet worth conquering. One believed the planet itself was not to blame, but rather the land dwellers.

    And what happens when the children of two worlds meet?

    They shall set out to learn more about the strange humans. The ones capable of such great atrocities and horrors. Yet with wonders, and a mighty capacity for good. And to stand up to their people, and realize who they are before both their new, adopted second homelands are turned to dust. Or, maybe flooded over.


    This is going to be about one male, and one female. Either gender can play one of the two different species' roles. If possible, I'd love to play a male alien.

    ALIEN: You are a conqueror from a race which has thrived off of a vast, and glorious empire. You carry with you a classic disintegrator ray, and the realization that under this planet is not the familiar level of gravity as before, granting amazing strength and agility unlike many others of your race. However, as you mingle amongst the natives and familiarize yourself in their ways, you find that for all their flaws, they can be a noble and beautiful race capable of great accomplishments in the future, prompting you to fight on their behalf. You find yourself hopelessly attracted to the local, a strange sort of human mutant or something which seems to hail from a world hidden in the seven seas, hoping to gain her assistance, and perhaps her hand in love against a possible invasion.

    ATLANTEAN: The air is only second to water for you. You lack a tail as that one surface program suggested every modern day atlantean had, but you swim just as quickly as your ancestors and honor them. You are a proud atlantean, and at that a member of the royal family as a prince/princess. You love your subjects and parents, and they all love you. The creatures of the seas are your friends, and the oceans and their floors your dominion. However, you cannot help but feel disgusted by the lack of care the surface people, the 'humans' seem to possess, feeling as their raging warfare and inability to care. You are going to need much more convincing than the Alien to love the human race. But you cannot help but be swayed by the visitor from the cosmos, having always swam up at night to gaze at the stars, dreaming of swimming amongst them once day...
  2. Le gasp!! I loooove this! I would also love to be the Atlantean. Ermagerd this is amazing. If you are still looking I would love to take this on with you.
  3. Awh yes. Spaceman X Fish is a go. :)
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  4. OKAY. I got it. So you wanna do PMs or Threads?
  5. Hokay. I can start since I want to use my idea... unless you wanted to start. XD
  6. Well, I guess if the idea sounds really good, you may go ahead first.
  7. OH OKAY. It wasn't anything major. XD I was just going to make the town be having a festival which is why she comes up from her home so that way she can go and see how the humans interact with each other and that brings the two of them together.
  8. OH GAWD OKAY. I already started. XD I will PM you the link. :D
  9. Excited just to read this one :0