The Age of Chromatica (OOC)

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  1. [May contain violence, alcohol, gore, sexual references, blood and profanity usage.]

    Age of Chromatica:
    Rise of the Prism Warriors


    Out of Character Version

    The Rainbow.
    Pretty, isn't it?
    It is colorful, wide, and not an everyday sight.
    Crazy enough to see on a clear night.
    What IF a rainbow represented promised wishes to sleeping children?
    What IF a rainbow was there to shine your day, even on days where rain is unlikely?
    What IF a rainbow caused many charms to be spread out to every member based on their desires and their spirits?
    The rainbow's seen in everyday lights, and sometimes in your glasses.
    Rainbow is quite the color for teenage hairstyles now.
    We rumored Pots of Gold emerged from these things when St. Patrick's day came. Sometimes, it was used to represent our imagination, God's Creations, and the wonderment of the World.
    The Rainbow, is therfore...
    God's Happiness and Reminder of World's upbringings...

    All of the places take place in the planet called Culad. The rainbow was always illuminating against the clear and cloudy skies during the last moments of the Upbringing back in 2327 in the land of Chromia. The Upbringing forever restored the peace that was once lost in Chromia. Animals freely prounced and danced around the areas free of harm's way. Human and demon residents got along rather nicely. After the land of Chromia was found in the skies in 2302 A.D., bloodshed was quite often. It was obvious that knowledge needed to make a path for development.

    One group was determined to fight against the Rainbow Warriors. They were the fellow residents of Darkness, the Lunaria. Their power was dependent on the moon, and they never truly saw the moon illuminating by the 24/7 ray of Happiness. The Moon was since blocked away from the view of the residents. The Moon was similar to the growing energy of the Lunarians. Around that area, the Moon was always fully lit like a 24-hour sun.

    After their land emerged by 2264 A.D., they had to go through periods of eternal darkness. Nevertheless, the Lunarians enjoyed their days and eventually improvised their own lights by discovering fires and the sun. By the time the Orionites and the Desires showed up, they tried to defend themselves from them.

    Then, there was one group that went for Lunaria/Rainbow unity, the Orion. Orionites went against the long-lasting feuds between the two parties, and wished to break it up. As their bond to anger increased, the Orionites tried to prevent both sides from killing one another.

    Unknown to the Orionites and the Desires (who could have cared less), the Chromians and the Lunarians signed the Heaven's Order. This was a peace treaty that promised to unite Chromians and the Lunarians to one big city with both the moon and the rainbow.

    As a result, they thought as both groups being stupid for yearning for something that cannot be helped. They began to ward the Chromians and the Lunarians out of their churches, for they were thought as "Unholy". Their cooperation to cease such rivalries was slowly becoming slim. In fact, it was becoming to where the Orionites strictly hated both parties.

    By 2405, their hatred went to the extreme. They banished both parties out of simple hatred. They even began abusing the women of these lands, and killing them while they were still naked in chains. Their master Fausen never regretted his barbaric decisions.

    Another darker, lifeless force called the Desire, rivaled the Orionites. They wanted to rule nearly all of Culad. They didn't even care if either one force died on their bodies. They routinely slaughtered the Chromians for their colorful youth and the Lunarians in hope for the moon to be forever covered. They disliked the colorful paradise and the light provided by the only powerful source of light.

    They began feasting on the dead bodies and didn't care if they were alive. The Orionites then reluctantly joined their group for an "Upbringing" on Chromia. As promised, the Desires called up the Upbringing for both evil parties in 2413. The Orionites' master refuted to such peace orders to try to ward off the Lunarians and the real Chromians. Not knowing what else to do, the Orionites chose to side with the Desires, thinking that they would bring peace to Chromia and all of Culad.

    By 2436, The Desires then had the craving for Lunarian and Chromian souls. Without further approval by the Orionites, the souls were sucked out of both lands and put into a box labelled "Karma's Box of Life". Seeing what the Desires did, the Orionites eventually accepted their loss. By 2445, they had to unite together to defeat the two forces for good.

    After their long-time feud, the two teams have to get together to put an end to the Desire's dictatorship and free the souls of the residents. It won't be that easy, however. Many mythical monsters and villains are determined to destroy the quest to the souls.

    On 2484, The Desires threatened the Orionites as well, making them their slaves. They threatened that Earth will be flooded for day and nights to come. They also threatened that Earth will be no more, and Culad will destroy the Earth from the planets. The Orionites wanted NO part in this, so they tried to join the better team, but even that fails. The Orionites were then hypnotized by a pyramid's light called "Jackson's Pyramid". They were forced to work under the Desires' commands, and the ones who gratefully did the work became one of their subordinates.

    The year is now 2506. It is up to the Lunarians, The Good Orionites and the Chromians to stop the Evil Orionites and Desires. You must help break the spell of the Apocalypse and save Both planets from further destruction.

    Land of the Chromians-Chromia (open)
    On the western side of the planet; a colorful paradise with many animals. ONLY RAINBOW GEMS.[​IMG]

    Land of the Lunarians-Lunasta (open)
    Located in the Eastern part of Culad. Asian traditions and Spanish traditions are celebrated there. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR CHARACTERS. ONLY SPECIAL GEMS.[​IMG]

    Land of the Orionites-Vulmiere/Nantero (open)
    The north of the planet. A dark, dismal place. Warriors and poor peasants accumulate these areas. There are also several churches there. NOT YET REACHABLE. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR CHARACTERS. ONLY RAINBOW GEMS.[​IMG]

    Land of the Desires-Malkira/Malevolence/Makai (open)
    This place is located at the bottom of Culad. It would be the Antarctica of the planet. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SPECIAL GEMS.[​IMG]

    Here's the objective of this game! (open)
    Defeat the Desires and Orionites. Bring eternal unity to the Lunarians and the Chromians. Once you see Karma's box, open it without triggering alarms. This frees all the souls taken from the people and other living organisms. It would also restore the color to everything.

    The Desires are quite dark and soulless, thus their traits must be forever sealed. As they live all in Makai, or a type of Hell, expect some dark or flaming places. The people are being controlled against their will, and they must be able to snap out of it. A Pyramid called Jackson's Prayer is always illuminating by The Temple of Fate. You must destroy its pyramid and lead them to what they really want: freedom. You must also prevent the upcoming Apocalypse as a Chromian/Lunarian/Orionite.

    As a Desire, you must be able to promote it and end all humanity. You must also have all become one with Satan. Additionally, you must prevent the team from destroying the pyramids.

    As a Prism Warrior, cooperate with your team to find what you want. As a Lunarian, do your best to reveal the moon to gain eternal moonlight and eventually spread customs over to the Chromians.

    As an Orionite, you must stop both parties from killing each other with violence. You don't know that eternal peace has been settled within the two groups. If joining the good side, you must side with either the Chromians or Lunarians. If on the bad side, you can remain on the Desire's side.

    As a Desire, you must feast and kill the Lunarians and the Chromians for blood. You must also learn how to diligently trick the Orionites to peace.


    [SPOILER =Character Policy (READ, READ, READ before making CS!!)]* You must have them aged AT LEAST to be 4 years old if a purebred human to be qualifying for the Rainbow Force as an individual person. Babies are watched over by the Nurse.

    * DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR REAL NAME OR USERNAME!! This is for security reasons, since your characters may be open to anyone who wishes to opt for a provided character at any time. If you want a little bit of YOU in it, only your last name or birthday can be the same. Even some of your bio can be the same. NOTHING MORE. Anything like that will be reported or propmptly deleted. I will also tell you that you are UNACCEPTABLE. Either make another character AFTER reading the rules or don't bother coming back.

    * Accepted characters and any roles to be taken will be posted at the very end!

    * Any Nickname with Profanity will NOT be accepted and I will ask you to change it in a timely manner.

    * When doing pictures, it should also be based on your character's ability and color of charm (s)he got. It should also be what you want him/her to have.

    * PLEASE use decent grammar, punctuation and spelling rules. We all had typos and ignored it, but for this one, please try to do the best of your ability.

    * There will be 7 main spots open for reservation PER group. Since there were originally 7, this means 1 person (my be extras if it progresses) per regular charm color. There will be special requirements, privileges, and restrictions to those with special charms. When the Charm color is packed for reservations, I will let everyone know. There is one as the power of the gems eventually become part of the user's blood, so they wouldn't need it anymore after it explodes.

    * The special gem, Omnivarias is the sole exception to this rule. There are only two available. The lucky winner takes it. The one with this will be the GM (you must make another REGULAR as to be fair with the rules) and the co-GM (looking for one). They have the power to grant and take away powers. Ask and give a detailed reason why if you want this gem (something of leadership). This will also mean that you are the Co-GM for this game! CONGRATS!

    * There are four groups you can be in. It is fine if you are making two characters in different groups, but you can't suddenly say "I'm an Orionite now, I quit the Lunarians." It doesn't work like that. STICK TO YOUR GROUP, and CHOOSE CAREFULLY! Your character can't be a member of multiple teams. You can only be in ONE group. It is fine if you are affiliated with multiple groups, NOT joining. Additionally, FORGETTING your team will be a major problem.

    * If you don't like the group you are in, let me know. In case you use a special charm, you may be promoted to leader status of the group. You must also have a valid reason why you dislike your group. You may be asked to join a different group in response, stay with the group and see if things go better for you, or you may be asked to leave your gem and go. The last choice will be only if your performance was less than satisfactory.

    * You can go against your team, but you shall be aware of regular consequences.

    * Since I pictured it in both ways, I would love to see pictures of Anime and Manga--or even real life people (very much recommended!) If in real-life, go ahead. And when you pick an anime/manga/cartoon character, PLEASE NO Chibis or any cartoons with four fingers unless with reason. It just looks unrealistic. DreamSelfys and Gaia characters are allowed!

    * When doing the Bio or the Miscellaneous Info, you must use COMPLETE sentences. Appearance descriptions are not required to be in complete sentences, provided that we can get a whole sketch of who they look like.

    Rainbow Charm Colors (open)
    Rainbow Charm Colors

    (lists all the possible you can have; may be weaker than it really looks!)

    The Wonderful Blazes of Magma, Heat and Fire
    With this charm, you are enchanted with the powers of fire and engulfing yourself in fire. Resurrection and a couple of burnt clothes are possible. You may also become quite destructive, so be careful! You may become resistant to flames. After being burned, it is important to get somewhere cool (Not freezing cold) to regain healthy oxygen.

    Extreme Strength, Sense and Endurance
    With this charm, the wearer may experience the power of enhanced senses, extreme strength, and a small but long-lasting energy boost. This charm may have you tired out within an hour exherting to exercise. Also eat a lot during your energy workouts. You need LOTS and LOTS of energy to live well. Make sure you don't overwork yourself. Even if you are extremely strong, you may still be susceptible to injuries. Your immune system may also gain a lot of strength. As they see you as strong, you may have above average speed as well.

    Light and Time
    With this charm, you gain the abilities not limiting to stop, speed up, travel, and pause through the power of Time. You can also gain the power to teleport with smooth transitions. You can also compose electric energy (electrokinesis) and all forms of light (except fire). Be careful whenever you charge yourself. You may get seriously burned if you overpower yourself. You can also gain the ability to teleport and translocate yourself with your time powers. Be aware that you are still susceptible in getting attacked.

    Earth, Wildlife and Healing
    With this charm, you are able to control, create and manipulate the rate of plant growth with mental abilities. You may also be able to mentally communicate to animals and plants as if talking to a person. You can also control Earthly matter and other wild life during the process. However, you are probably just limited to that. You may need to eat lots before you compose plants, since they require energy like any other plant. You can also have the power to heal plants, animal and other people with your powers.

    Water, Liquid and Ice
    With this power, you may get the power to dive into water without the need of any equipment regardless of temperature (though you may expect injuries to develop over time). For some receivers, they may also be able to turn into an aquatic being suited to tastes. You may feel lethargic after changing back to a human. If not a human, turning to an aquatic being may weaken you or strengthen you depending on your kin. With this power, you can also cool down the temperature outside or in a small closet.

    Weather, Wind and the Atmosphere
    With this power, you may be able to manipulate the winds and manipulate the weather in any way you desire with your magic powers. With it, you may be able to bring about clouds, clear the skies, cause typhoons, or even some thunderstorms. Don't worry, you're not limited to those stuff. Based on the moon phases, you may be able to develop stronger energy. Note that you may not have qualified results if you don't use your powers accurately. Manipulation CANNOT change time of day/night! Length of desired weather will largely vary on locations. On the Full Moon, the desired weather may hit almost instantly in the entire world (Example: "Clear" will cause a clear sky. If in London, it may be clear; if in Los Angeles, it would become sunny. It depends on the time of day it is.) WILL NOT CHANGE PHASES OF THE MOON!

    Illusion and Magic
    With this power, you are the master of Illusion and magic. You can learn how to levitate, go trough walls without harm, or even learn how to conjure spell cards with this charm. Note that you are not resistant to other elements. You can also use some telepathy with your power, provided that you cannot bypass the mind barriers or carry something heavier than a boulder at a time.


    Necromancy, Astral Projection, and Eternal Youth
    Necromancy is not to be fiddled with during the time of wearing. Wearing this may grant you the power of eternal immortality, Ghostly projections, and Necromancy. You have the power to control the Dead and revive others. While at it, you can also make those scary monsters with body parts and natural alchemy! You may also be quite the replacement of Grim Reaper. You can communicate with ghostly beings and bring about the elites. Note that if you are formerly human, you may still feel the pain of dying, but you will never die. If you are formerly immortal, you will forever stay the age you are. However, you may feel stronger than you were when you stopped wearing it.

    The Echoes of Seduction
    With this charm, you may be able to manipulate sound waves, mimic echoes, and use the echoes as a man/lady magnet. Note that your scream can permanently deafen your mates around you. It is very important that your team stays at least ten miles away from you and protect their ears. Be careful! If you are in a room that refracts sound, you may end up hurting yourself.

    Nuclear Fusion
    With this power, you are able to use the power of Nuclear Fusion with whatever you choose, being your feet or your awesome control rod. Nuclear energy may cause radiation to amateurs and sometimes death. This is a very, VERY strong power! Use carefully and relax as the world goes round and round! Nuclear Fusion is dangerous as with any kind of element. Use carefully!

    Energy Mimicry, Shapeshifter and The Free-Molder
    Hate your eye color? Wish you had a power you couldn't have? Change into anyone or anything, as long as you aren't too noticeable. May wear off whenever you fall to the ground during injury or when your mind commands to stop such process. Otherwise, you may not really be "transformed". You can freely change your shape of your body to different things, and even create things of what you wear. Stretch your body to the limits. Basically, you're like human Clay/blob with this power. However, when you turn to objects people can walk on, you may still feel the pain a normal. With Energy mimicry, you are able to sip one's powers and memories. In turn you gain a power from them. Note that depending on the victim, you or the prey may feel weaker. You may experience slight amnesia from the time you gained such power. I will let you know that you can NEVER do one on a person with the Omnivaras. It can potentially harm your character--and we don't want that!! If done in less than one minute, this may last up to an hour.

    Elemental Manipulation
    With this special power, you can change radon to sulfur and plutonium to iron. The possibilities of changing elements are endless. Use this power in STRICT moderation. You may not be able to reverse the effects unless with good training. There's also a rope available for you to wear anywhere. It enable you to safely turn your skin to another element where the rope is applied. If used weakly it will turn back to the element it was turned to within three hours if used on skin or when the rope is taken off. If not, it may be up to 24 hours before it turns back to its original element. NOT recommended since this is only available for elites.

    The Powers of All Combined
    It is a gem that is all colors along with a silver gold, and bronze band around the charm with a black heart in its pink center. Like any other power, do not overpower yourself with everything. You basically control everything, and have the power of everything. Dying or severe weakness is highly susceptible. NOT RECOMMENDED for amateurs. They may die immediately after wearing.

    Chromian Prism charms are represented by either the V-shaped necklace's huge center, the clothes they wear and/or the big ring on their ring finger.

    The Lunarians do not have charms, but they DO wear something similar called Lunar amulets around their wrists. The charm color is represented by the centers of their amulets. Think of them like watches with a pretty jewel in place of that beautiful face.

    Orionites have crowns on the top of their heads. The charm color is represented by a large crystal on the middle of the crowns.

    Desires wear the charms like scarves and shoes. By the color of their shoes and their weapons, this represents their charms. If not, they will be given a colored choker called an Infinity Chain. The color of the eye symbol around their neck TRULY represents their charm color.

    Character Sheet Layout (open)
    Character Skeleton Layout Guide
    RTG= In short, "Reveal Through Game". When you use this, you do not have to write anything else. This gives you the privilege to reveal as you go. When "None" or "RTG" are not Options, you MUST, MUST reveal it here.

    Nickname/Name Pronounciation: (should be based on your power, who they prefer to go by, shortened name or a Title for them. Exclude if they don't have any or add how it is pronounced here; RTG Option)
    Real Name: (add your character's real name)
    Age: (if inhuman, add how old they appear to others and then their birthday--must be equivalent to January 1, 2506; at least four years old as a pure human to qualify as a lone member; can be unknown or ageless provided that you add how long they have been around or how old they look like to others)
    Birthplace: (either the Land of Chromia, Makai--Hell, the Underground, the Rainbow Islands, Nantero, or a place on Earth; can be unknown)
    Kin: (Species; if human or a weak creature, you may have a couple more limitations. If a human, also add your ethnicity/race.)
    Appearance/Pictoral Description: (BOTH would be lovely; if you don't wish to include a picture, describe your character's physical appearance in at least a paragraph; description if you have any additions)
    Height: (preferred: cm &/or foot, inch)
    Immortal?: (simply add yes or no; if so, then use your character appropriately or it may be godmodding if not immortal and doing near-impossible feats.)
    Placement & Charm Color: (Chromians--Prism Warriors; Lunarians--Moon Catchers; In-Between-Too ignorant to see the treaty=The Orionites; EVIL= Desires--the deadly--RTG Option) (one of the seven mentioned or one special charm; Formal permission MUST be granted in order to have the Omnivarias or any special charm)
    Abilities: (abilities that your character has; should be related to the charm and what your character can do without it; list all the possible abilities--if more than six, please use them at least ONCE in a blue moon and moderate use. Ideal if you reveal at least two of all the possible and the rest as RTG or be the only power you have.)
    Weaknesses: (What gets the character down the most?)
    Personality: (How is your character like? RTG Option)
    Likes: (self-explanatory)
    Dislikes: (self-explanatory)
    Bio: (Should be at least two paragraphs with decent spelling and grammar; RTG Option)
    Miscellaneous Information: (Optional information; should be at least a sentence or two. None or RTG Option)

    BLANK Character Skeleton (open)
    BLANK Character Skeleton

    Real Name:
    Age: ()
    Appearance/Pictoral Description:
    Placement & Charm Color:
    Miscellaneous Information:[/HTML]


    * As I am the Game Master of this role play, I will expect you all to abide by my rules. If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask! I'm here to help. My words are laws to be followed.

    * General rules still apply, so ignorance is not an excuse for breaking one or more of the rules.

    * Please don't beg or complain about anything. What you get is what you get based on charms. By the time the IC thread starts, please hurry since I will be posting the CS sheets. Begging and/or complaining will only get you nothing, so do not start.

    * You can only make at a max of three characers with no tie towards each other. If your character dies, if you still wish to join, activate your other character QUICKLY!!

    * No metagaming, Power-playing, or god-modding.

    * You must have permission to control other's characters. Otherwise, this is god-modding and you will be asked to AT LEAST modify your post. Continued violations will leave me no choice but to permanently ban you from the game.

    * Write at least a LEGIBLE paragraph per post (5-6 sentences or more).

    * I won't mind if you post a long bio, but it must not be too short or as if writing a big dictionary. It should state ONLY the most notable events in the character's life. Take as much time as you need to, and there's no need for rush (or at least not yet.)

    * You can teleport and dodge, but you can't always do so. You have to get injured in one way or another. This also counts as god-modding.

    * No messing around while in the Land of Chromia. You have an important reason to be there, don't you? Messing about means you don't know what to do. I will gladly assist you. If it looks like you're here to do nothing BUT mess about (unless if you're one of the evils or it's a habit of your character), you will be kicked out of the game.

    * If you wish to use a power, you can only choose ONE Charm. Your restrictions will be PM'ed to you.

    * Try to post at least two times a week. If you can't due to premeditated absences, PM me AT LEAST TWO days prior to your leave. If you choose not to participate, your character will be on the "Provided characters" List. If you have not notified me, I expect you to do so on the day you return to After four weeks has passed and no word has been received, you will be moved to the Inactive list. If you will be away for more than a month, please have someone else control your character.

    * No exaggerating or lying how powerful your character is. Don't try to make them extremely invincible. This is the same as trying to take steroids in real life. This counts as God-modding, and will NOT be tolerated. Your character will be trashed or if minor, I will ask you to edit it in a timely manner. You can add all the abilities your character CAN do. If more than three, then please use each in moderation or at least once in a blue moon.

    * Whenever you mind read, please try to ask permission if you go deep into the mind. Otherwise, use your mind-reading/subconscious powers in moderation and when appropriate.

    * I will not be screaming "I am the leader!" Neither should you, since everyone should have a fair place. If one is not abiding by the rules, report to me properly. If valid, I will send a report to any staff member. Otherwise, your PM report is invalid. You may receive an additional boot from the game. You DON'T have to scream all of this since this is unnecessary. Screaming this online is unorthodox, even if you ARE the bearer of the Omnivarias.

    * INTENTIONALLY killing a character will not be tolerated unless if given permission by said owner. Killing innocent people who HAVE an owner is not allowed. You will be given a warning the first time (and the ONLY warning). If against the rules, you will be killed.

    * Practice fighting using your skills without the use of god-modding, meta-gaming, or power-playing. Tutorials and tips will be given to you when you fight. Before I make the In-Character thread, this will be available for all who wish to participate.

    Available Charms (open)
    Currently Available

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    ((Special!! Must have permission to use!))
    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    1 Prism Charm
    1 Lunar Amulet
    1 Crown
    1 Infinity Chain

    (LIMITED; must give reason via PM) OMNIVARIAS
    2 Staffs and Crowns for two people ONLY​


    ONES WITH THE OMNIVARIAS GEMS (thus, your Co-GMs; Respect them)
    Chromian Omnivarias=None yet
    Lunarian Omnivarias= None yet
    Orionite Omnivarias= None yet
    Desires Omnivarias= None yet
  2. Note: If you did not see yet, Nantero/Vulmiere (whatever works best) is not yet an accessible area. UPDATE~ Rainbow and Special gems are available but you must ask me if you want the special ones. You cannot make a character for them until time allows.

    Lunarians are now available for BOTH GEMS. You do not have to ask permission to reserve a golden gem for THIS GROUP ONLY. They are unfortunately, not accessible yet.

    Chromians are RAINBOW gems ONLY.

    Desires are special gems ONLY.

    You cannot have more than one gem.

    Special gems may possess up to 50% more power than the regular gems. For example, Pink gives you Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Powers are much more powerful than the ability to create and control fire. Special gems, once they are onto the owner, they are permanently embedded into their bodies after three days of application. Due to the health effects, that is why you need my permission. It can also permanently edit your DNA and Biological Membranes.

    Special AND Regular gems take time to work, but it depends what species you are. Once a human is adopted the Gems, once they first wear it, they may feel a sticky, burning sensation where the gem's center is. Sometimes, the gems are implanted into the body, and can be more dangerous than getting a gem outside of the body. Special Gems are a bit (noticeably) bigger than the Regular gems. They can only be found in the shrines of the Culad. In order to get your powers in control, you have to practice and use your energy well. The more energy, induced or non-induced, the stronger your powers. Sometimes, within the first three weeks, you may have your powers take over you. For a special Gem, it may take up to three months to get used to. The gems absorb your energy and expel the energy exerted back as sugar for the mitochondria to use. So a Special Gem and a Charm re pretty much the same thing albeit with original colors, larger size, and heavier power.

    Culad is a blue and purple planet planet that is 1,000 miles away from Earth. it is about the size of Earth itself. As it is not too far from the moon, Lunarians always have a shining, full moon in sight.

    You can acquire your own abilities as long as the gem you chose doesn't possess IDENTICAL powers to what you already have (if you have super strength, you can't choose orange) Otherwise, you're artificially beefing up your powers, which is severely dangerous to your health. In fact, it is AGAINST the rules to beef up your own powers unless if you request a half of a gem (which is dangerous as well, as that half is PERMANENTLY implanted into your blood if you drink a very, hot substance.)

    Example: "Yamame has the power to create webs, and has super strength. Yamame can also heal herself and severe human wounds. Yamame mentally controls animals with her voice. " <--*HEADS UP!* I won't accept your character if you make something ague like that. It was made to get the idea to what NOT to do,

    (Therefore, Yamame can't choose Orange as Super Strength is her acquired trait. Neither can she choose green (as she naturally creates organic matter and controls animals.) base on the person, the effects of each gem may be different. Some people with the Indigo gem, for example, can control the weather with their emotions. Others need a Weather Rod to help with the atmospheric changes. It is IMPORTANT to know that the abilities you can have with your requested gem may vary based on WHAT YOU WISH TO HAVE, WHAT IT GIVES YOU, and YOUR ACQUIRED ABILITIES.

    If you don't have acquired abilities (or if they are too weak to use in combat) the gem can have ABSOLUTE liberty onto your body. The gem may need to have its power pump into you more often.

    A ruler may divide the gem in half if you have a small body and cannot process something in full. EXAMPLE: A ten-year-old girl may have very powerful freezing powers when she uses only 50% of the gem (which is what she was granted). She may not receive her other half until she is mature enough to use it with full power (which may be at 15). You must be mentally prepared to take the gem in FULL. An exception to this is if you are naturally large in stature. Because of your body's stature, the gem may not absorb enough if you're young. In that case, less may be taken off.

    WARNING: You cannot choose another gem or request to have half unless if yours is cut in half at the beginning. Once you choose your gem, THAT gem is what you will be stuck with your entire life. If you die, the gem has to be replaced as all (or at least 50% of it's power) has been absorbed in the previous owner. Unless if they die from power overdose, there's little chance that the gems will be recovered. Rulers have to make a new gem from scratch using rocks, the elements of the power, and a molting band.

    I'm glad that you like the fact that you're into detailed role plays such as this. I apologize if the words give you (And anyone else) a searing migraine.

    This info is important. Please make sure you know this beforehand. Those who were invited, please read this before continuing~!